Video: Michigan commits at Lima scrimmage


Xavier Simpson, Jordan Poole and Ibi Watson were all in attendance at Lime Senior High School’s mega scrimmage over the weekend. The trio of Wolverine commitments showed off their improved skills with their high school teams at the event.

Simpson and Watson signed letters of intent last week while Poole is Michigan’s first class of 2017 commitment.

Video via HWBD Hoops.

  • nswan

    They all look good, especially poole being 1 year the junior of simpson and ibi. These guys may not have the sparkle that comes with high rankings but I think they will all do very well for themselves at michigan and out play the ranks

  • Wayman Britt

    These three are all nice players. They have nice dribbling skills. If UM wants to make the final four, one of these players has to play in the NBA. Can one of them do it?

    • bobohle

      Good question. I suppose we will find out. I know where you are coming from though. Example: JAMAL MURRAY!

  • Fab 5 Legends

    all 3 look good, if they continue to develop – i can see them contributing their freshmen/sophmore team…glad to get these signings

  • Kenny

    Poole easily the most impressive of the three and can contribute immediately.

    • Chillax

      you owe me 100 bucks!

    • EchoWhiskey

      Agreed. Hard to tell that he’s a class younger than the other guys. Impressive.

  • DoubES

    All look like good additions. Really excited about Poole. I am trying to think if we have had a player recently that has his combination of dribbling, passing and shooting ability.

  • GTFOmycourt

    Xavier looks smaller than 5’11” but he has tremendous leaping ability. Nice block and dunk by Xavier.

  • theSAABlife

    Wow, Jordan Poole looks great!! Can’t believe he’s a class of ’17 kid.

    • geoffclarke

      I think he’s going to move up in the rankings. Will we see an Irvin- or GRIII-like rise in the rankings? Possible. I think moving up into the top 50 is definitely reasonable, though.