Final Horn: Michigan 88, Elon 68

Zach Shaw

Despite early struggles on both ends of the court, No. 24 Michigan regained its composure and cruised to an 88-68 win over Elon.

Junior wing Zak Irvin returned to the court for the first time since his back surgery, but missed all five shots he attempted from the floor. Friday’s stars of the game, Caris LeVert and Aubrey Dawkins, had more pedestrian performances and combined for just 18 points, but Derrick Walton Jr. and Duncan Robinson picked up the slack. The duo combined for 43 points on just 16 shots and combined to make 11 of 12 three-point attempts.

Most Valuable Player

Derrick Walton seemed to drift through Michigan’s season opener, but he made his presence felt on Monday night. Walton scored 24 points on 8 of 10 (6 of 7 3-point) shooting, handed out seven assists, and grabbed six rebounds in a stellar 30 minute performance. Statistically it was probably Walton’s best performance in a Michigan uniform, but the way that he controlled the game from the point guard position might have been even more impressive. The 6-foot junior was superb in all three factors: half court offense, defense and transition.

It was over when

With 3:21 to go, defensive blow-bys and a failure to convert on offense had Michigan tangled up with the Phoenix, with the Wolverines clinging to a 31-30 lead. But a Robinson 3-pointer sparked a 12-3 run to end the half, and Michigan never led by single digits again. The Wolverines used the momentum to shoot an impressive 69 effective field goal percentage in the second half and coast to a 20 point win.

Stat of the game

After going just 6-for-16 from 3-point range Friday, the Wolverines depended more on the long range shot against Elon. It worked, as Michigan went 13-for-24 to keep up with the 3-pointer-friendly Phoenix. Duncan Robinson knocked down five triples in five attempts on the night and 42% of Michigan’s field goal attempts were from long distance.

Four Factors

four factors - elon
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          yea, i like the box score. Also maybe a “what to watch for next” type thing. As in… Moritz Wagner’s energy is palpable and certainly brings some excitement to the 5 position, watch for him to see more playing time…


          DJ Wilson’s shot blocking skills evident again tonight, with a block from 3/4 court, watch for him to be more of rim protector going forward…

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    The sky is the limit for us :) Duncan Robinson is like Nik Stauskas. We should move up rankings fast

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  • John miller

    Junior wing Irvin. I am so praying the two centers that are going to be rotated are Doyle and Wilson. I don’t think watching another game with donnal out there is fair to Michigan fans. It’s getting a bit ridiculous that a junior can’t make damn layups. Beilein please bench this guy, I’m begging you.