Spike Albrecht to play, Zak Irvin to sit in Michigan’s exhibition opener

Dylan Burkhardt

Spike Albrecht will play in Michigan’s exhibition opener on Friday evening while junior wing Zak Irvin will sit as he recovers from back surgery.

Albrecht underwent surgery on both hips this offseason and has been improving steadily.

“It’s tough to tell right now,” John Beilein said at Michigan Media Day two weeks ago. “He’s not where he probably was when he was playing at his best. The hip surgery is still maybe restricting him a bit more than it will in another month. It’s not injury it’s just flexibility and soreness that he’s getting rid of.”

Beilein admitted today that Albrecht still isn’t 100% and is “further away from being fully healthy than he probably wanted to be” at this time, but he’ll get at least a few minutes on Friday.

Irvin underwent back surgery in early September and was expected to miss 6-8 weeks. He’s been practicing in limited capacities when media or the public has been allowed into Michigan practice over the last several weeks.

Michigan opens the season next Friday against Northern Michigan at 7:00 p.m.

  • gobluemd16

    Definitely not the best injury news to start a season. I have heard that Irvin fully practiced the last day or two, and has not looked good at all. Back injuries are very tough to come back from. Our depth will be much needed, especially early. Hopefully the guys (Kam, Duncan, DJ, etc) are up for the task.

    • It’s just an exhibition, so probably want to be cautious… but that Xavier game isn’t far away now. Big chance for guys like DJ, Kam, Duncan though… This is their chance.

  • Indiana_Matt

    Tangent: got to see the Pacers last night and GRIII looked good scoring 10 points in his first action of the year.

  • MrLG

    Wow, Spike actually looks vaguely muscular in that picture!

    It was funny to see him up close at the selfie night. He actually has a very solid physique. He just looks scrawny next to all the other big dudes.

    • Champswest

      He looks like a young Micky Roony.
      But, Roony could never hit the three.

  • bobohle

    As I have mentioned before,Spike is my favorite player he will be just fine. I agree with Dylan on Irvin for being cautious the first few games. They remember what happened with Mitch when he landed on the backboard support and aggravated his back injury.

  • Mattbuckets

    Spike is close to looking like Robby Reid in that picture! GO BLUE