Video: Inside Michigan’s Media Day Practice


Michigan opened the doors to the first hour of practice for the second time this season, providing the media with a glimpse of how much progress has been made over the first 15 practices. Our cameras were rolling during practice to give you a glimpse inside with the season just a couple of weeks away. Watch the full practice video in the embedded media player above.

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  • Champswest

    That was fun.

  • mattD

    Few observations:
    Chatman – shot looks noticeably better, appears to have better balance and cut out all the extra motion, much more clean, decisive looking shot. Also had a nice finish over Mo at the 6:28 mark where he actually extended himself and used his full length……..this was not happening last year at all.
    Albrecht – looks damn good for not being at 100%
    Donnal – not buying some of the JB hype, reaction time still appears to lag behind, and balance/strength needs major work
    Wagner – well let’s be honest, he certainly wasn’t a top 40 level recruit. He needs a RS year to add strength and adjust to the speed of the game………….he just reacts far too slow at this point. That being said, I think he’s going to be a REALLY nice player 2-3 years from now because he has an attribute that a coach can’t teach………….motor. Wagner’s motor doesn’t stop, he pursues the ball and runs the floor excellent for a kid that size. Appears to be a good shooter for that size as well.
    Robinson – bringing down any expectation level I had for him; his effort in the shot-fake then 1 dribble drills ran by Coach Meyer left a lot to be desired. Check out the footage from the 3:15 mark to the 4:00 mark of that drill. Dawkins clearly gets the ball above the head on the shot fake (which is drilled home at every level so that the defender actually bites), while Robinson does not, and then at roughly the 3:50 mark Robinson essentially doesn’t do the drill at all…………….all that being said, that lack of effort manifested itself during the 3 on 3 transition drills at roughly the 6:00 mark where Robinson received the ball on the right wing, tried to get DJ to bite on half ass shot fake, couldn’t get good separation, picked up his dribble (traveled as well), threw an off balance pass that resulted in a TO. At the 6:38 mark Walton is able to get by Robinson a bit too easily for my taste.

    • nswan

      I agree with most of your points especially on Chatman, Spike, Mark and Moe. Robinson on the other hand, I am 50/50 on your eval. I agree that I am not as impressed with him as I wanted to be. His shot looks fine but next to Dawkins, he almost looks pedestrian (Dawkins is looking quite good). I think the lack of athleticism is very apparent compared to Dawkins which looks like a lack of effort. In the shot fake drill, his first few rounds were just as intentional as Dawkins IMO with the last rep being a throw away. It was still not impressive, but I dont believe he was just running through the motions. Duncan in the 3v3 drills definitely left something to be desired, but how much can you expect a 6’8″ guy with limited athleticism to stay in front of Walton with a full head of steam. He also wasnt completely beat on the play. MattD has much more trained eye for this type of thing so I could be way off base but I think there is still some hope for Robinson as a niche role player. The expectations that he might be Nik are just a bit too lofty.

      • Mattski

        Various signs that Robinson isn’t living up to some of the hype. And I wonder whether he’s feeling a little dispirited by where the rotation minutes are pointing. But if they get the offensive pump primed I still predict he will help us feast on some teams.

      • mattD

        I’d also note that when Robinson had an attempt to knock down a pull up jumper in transition………….he literally shot an air ball off the right side of the backboard. This brief bit of film may suggest his role may be that of catch and shoot from a stagnant positions (meaning he may not have the ability to shoot coming off screens or on the move in general at this level).

        • nswan

          I completely agree. I guess the point I was trying to make in a roundabout way is that it is a bit tough to tell Robinson’s effort in the video and I would personally hold judgement on that. The skills, I think, speak for themselves and your evaluation of them are spot on.

  • Corperrayle

    Hard to say anything concrete from that small (but much appreciated) sample, except that LeVert looks like a pro.
    A few grain-of-salt observations:
    -Not going to write off Robinson just yet.
    -Although Chatman had that nice finish, he still looks a bit wobbly and uncertain with his movement, as though he’s overthinking things.
    -Spike looking good — nice when he disrupted Walton a bit — like he’s gunning for the starting spot.
    -Wagner needs a lot of work but agree that his motor is good. Saw him take a few extra dribbles on the fast break and thought, “that’s something McGary would do!”
    -Wilson is ahead of Donnal.

  • Indiana_Matt

    fan – an enthusiastic devotee, follower, or admirer

    Can’t wait for the season to start. While I appreciate analysis and criticism, I do hope the principle characteristics of fandom (per the definition above) are also readily apparent in the comments this season.

    It is second nature for me now to have this site up during games and share the ups and downs of following the Wolverines with you all from my remote outpost in Noblesville, IN. I can’t wait to do it again and think this year is going to be special.

  • MrLG

    Guys,don’t miss the interview with Donnal and Lonergan in player interview part 2. Donnal doesn’t really say much (figures), but Sean has some interesting insight. The two players that Sean singled out for showing improvement and snagging minutes are Duncan and DJ.

    As far as the practice video goes, I agree that Duncan looked a little soft. But, jeez, JB never stops raving about him, he has to be pretty good. And I liked Mo’s dribbling (thanks
    Corperrayle for pointing that out). Otherwise, I hesitate to draw any conclusions from such a short segment.