Four-star guard Jordan Poole to announce decision on Friday

Dylan Burkhardt

Four-star class of 2017 guard Jordan Poole will announce his college decision on Friday, according to a report by

Poole’s announcement is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. eastern time at his high school.

Poole is a 6-foot-4 combo guard known for his smooth shooting stroke. He’s visited Michigan twice in the last month, most recently for the Wolverines’ football game against Michigan State over the weekend. He also holds offers from Illinois, Marquette, Indiana and others.

Poole is the 247Sports Composite No. 92 prospect in the class of 2017 and was the first prospect that Michigan offered in the class of 2017.

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  • Very well think this could be good news naturally as Poole has visited twice in the last month. Would be a terrific early get for Michigan. Love his highlight film.

    • A2MIKE

      Dylan – Who would you compare him to most amongst recent Wolverines. Reminds me a lot of THJ.

      • I think he’s a little more skilled offensively than Tim and a little less athletic. Think he’s just a perfect fit for the two position with his ability to create space for his shot.

        • gobluemd16

          He actually reminds me a lot of Caris from his film. Shorter, but similar build and shooting stroke, and can create off the bounce.

          • Yeah, if I had to go with a comparison to a Beilein-era Wolverine it might be Caris. Doesn’t look quite as slippery with the ball though.

          • DingoBlue

            I like his film too. Agree he’s perfect for the 2. His shot seems like he pushes a bit more forward than your “pure stroke” shooters, but he knows how to get his shot and feels confident in it obviously. Would love the pickup if this is indeed true.

          • If U-M can land Poole and Bailey then suddenly you are starting to see the future of the backcourt and wings over the next few classes from 2016-2018 with Xavier, Poole, Ibi, Bailey. Still room to add between them as well.

          • Corperryale

            Agree that Bailey would be a game changer. I think he’s on a different level (in terms of upside) than the recruits we’ve landed since 2012?

          • mattD

            My take is the exact opposite. Think Bailey is a high floor/low ceiling type player. Can come in immediately and make an impact with shooting ability at that size at the college level, but don’t necessarily see him a pro-type player based on the lack of skillset, motor, and athleticism.

          • I’d agree that I would be more excited about Poole’s future than Bailey’s. Kid looks like he has the tools to be a big time scorer in the backcourt.

          • mattD

            I think Bailey is a bit overrated with Rivals and Scout (Inside the top 50). Think ESPN/247 are bit more accurate with their 90-100 placement. Bailey is what we *wanted* DJ Wilson to be……….a legit 6’8 – 6’9 kid that can stretch the floor and alter shots.
            On the other hand, I think Poole is underrated at the 75-100 range. While’s he’s never going to be athletic enough to be a top 30ish type player, I definitely think he’s a top 50-75 type player in that class right now……….and you will see his stock rise and probably see Bailey’s stock drop (at least on Rivals and Scout).

          • Corperryale

            You would know better than I. Obviously the length and shooting touch (especially with his high and quick release) are attractive attributes. You’re right to point out the similarities to Wilson’s game — though Bailey may be even skinnier than Wilson was, if that’s possible.

          • Webbdog

            DJ Wilson *will* be that and more, but at 6’10 – 6’11 250.

          • mattD

            I HIGHLY doubt it, at least with respect to spacing the floor……….just doesn’t have enough arch on his shot. Beyond that he doesn’t handle the ball well enough to be a perimeter player, and lacks the footwork to be a post player. I can see him altering shots on defense though………and that would be a welcome addition. Question is will he get enough meaningful minutes to make an impact this year……………….I say no.

        • Webbdog

          Looks to be the second coming of one Walter Ray Allen IMO.

  • Corperryale

    Few questions: Would he play alongside Watson? How do their ceilings compare? If they complement each other on the court, how hoes a Simpson-Poole-Watson backcourt compare to Walton-LeVert-Irvin?

    • I would say that Poole is more of a two and Ibi is probably a three.

      LeVert is a pro and I wouldn’t say that X, Ibi or Jordan are pros right now, but then again no one would have said that about LeVert either when he was in high school.

      I think you can certainly see the potential though and you are looking at mostly top-100 Big Ten starter quality players eventually which is what you want to see.

      • Corperryale

        It is a solid, tough backcourt for sure but somewhat undersized and less athletic than what we’ve become used to in recent years. I guess my hope is to see big improvements from Dawkins and MAAR so that the trajectory of this guard-based program continues upwards and these young guys don’t have to shoulder too much weight in the early going.

        (Getting ahead of myself since Poole hasn’t committed yet!)

        • The current sophomore class would be seniors when ’17s arrive. So any 2017 commits would have a year to play behind Aubrey|MAAR|Duncan and the 2016 kids will have two years to play behind/with that group.

          If you can lock up Bailey and Poole then you are looking at a situation where you have almost 1 for 1 replacements for all of the sophomores by the time they graduate. Replacing Dawkins, Chatman, Robinson and MAAR with Ibi Watson, Poole, Bailey.

  • UMHoopsFan

    I would be very happy with this pickup. Excellent shooter, great body control, nice handles, good passer. Best suited for the two but could have positional flexibility to see him as a combo in a two-guard lineup. Not a pogo stick, but in that film he’s a sophomore. Would be a great fit in the program and with the other commits and targets, and seems likely to have a ton of success at Michigan.

  • bobohle

    I think wrapping up a 2017 top 100 recruit this early would be really great. I think we’ve learned what happens letting top recruits hold us off till the end is not a good thing.

    • JohnNavarreIsMyHero

      Yes. Its not worth it to wait around and then have someone try to screw us over right at the end.

      • MChem83

        Unfortunately, as we’ve also learned, a verbal commitment means nothing until they’re actually signed.

        • Do decommitments happen? Sure. Are verbal commitments worth nothing? I’d argue they are worth at least something. Michigan has had essentially 1 decommit under Beilein — not really a common occurrence at this point.

          • mattD

            History suggests that guys who commit early to UM usually stick. That being said, I think Poole is likely to see his stock rise…….and that may pose a threat IF he chooses UM on Friday (fingers crossed).

          • MChem83

            Well, we’re certainly not the only ones who have had kids bail after saying they were commiting. But the fact remains that a verbal “commitment” is really no commitment at all. The kid can trash it any time before he signs, for any reason or no reason, with no penalty.

          • UMHoopsFan

            I have to disagree. A verbal commitment is a commitment — and often a very public one. Sure, there’s no recourse by UM (or other programs) if a recruit breaks a verbal commitment. But many, if not most, people don’t feel good breaking promises, especially to someone they have an extended relationship with. It increases the likelihood of him coming to UM games this year, to feeling bonded to the team and coaches, etc. Consider how we’ve done with players who made commitments (all but one came to play) as opposed to players who we were in the lead for. Just because it’s not everything doesn’t mean it’s nothing.

            Also, unless Poole’s athleticism takes a jump, I don’t see him becoming a top 25 type recruit. I really like his game and think he’ll rise in the rankings, and certainly there will be some interest from other programs along the way, but my guess is he won’t be a recruit that Kentucky or Duke put the full court press on even though he’s already committed. In sum, I’ll be quite happy if he announces for the good guys on Friday.

          • MChem83

            With a real “commitment”, there is a cost when you back out of it with no valid reason, and there is none here. There is no cost, either social or practical, if a kid ditches a verbal commitment and goes somewhere else. No one thinks worse of a kid who does that, except maybe some fans of the school that lost him, and everyone else just looks at them as sore losers. And no kid ever says, “I’ve changed my mind about wanting to play for XYZU, but I’m still going to go there because I made a verbal commitment”. Doesn’t happen.

          • UMHoopsFan

            I’m not sure about “real” commitments, but I don’t think you’re using commitment as it’s used generally or specifically in recruiting. I also don’t think you are appreciating the real cost of a verbal commitment who breaks that promise. And I do think there are athletes who end up going to the college they committed to even if other attractive options pop up partially on the strength of their verbal commitments and all that goes with that. Anyway, I hope we get the verbal on Friday :)

  • Leslie Hoerwinkle

    Love those velcro shoes.

  • section13row15

    Poole looks like he has a great feel for the game, spaces himself well, plays unselfishly, etc. Initially, I thought his shooting motion was a bit slow but it’s clear if you watch all the way through that he has a quick release when he’s in traffic, and a more pronounced, slower motion when he’s wide open. He even hits some shots from well beyond the high school arc which is great. Overall, he seems to make great decisions with the ball, plays within himself, uses his teammates when that’s the best play to make, etc. I can see why Beilein likes him.