Video & Quotes: John Beilein at Big Ten Media Day

Zach Shaw

ROSEMONT, Ill. – John Beilein addressed the media again on Thursday afternoon during the roundtable session of Big Ten Media Day 2015.

Beilein assessed Michigan’s big men in Ricky Doyle, Mark Donnal, DJ Wilson and Moritz Wagner and also discussed his thinking style and his tendency to prepare for things that could go wrong leading into games.

Watch Beilein’s interview in the embedded media player above or read assorted quotes below.

On Ricky Doyle: “I love that Ricky Doyle is a workout … He just loves to work out. He is in the gym and in the gym and in the gym. He was a young 18 year old freshman, now he’s a 19 year old sophomore. He has made great strides. Can shoot jump shots, he’s not a three-point guy but he’s comfortable with that. Comfortable with keeping his game simple in the post. I love the progress that he’s making.”

On the big man rotation: “It’s very undetermined right now. Everybody’s making great progress. Mark Donnal has really done well. He’s understanding that he has to play really hard every minute. That he has to be a Tyler Hansbrough type of mindset when he plays. He’s not as gifted athletically as some others as far as jumping, he can run, he can be a very good passer, but if you never get the ball because you’re not getting rebounds …”

On DJ Wilson: “DJ Wilson is a full 6-foot-10 right now. He can play a couple of positions and right now its great play, my bad, great play, my bad. So we have to continue to work with him to understand that less is more and these great plays will come.”

On Moritz Wagner: “Moritz is a guy that you’re just going to watch over time. I don’t know where he’ll play, all I know is I’m watching his talent develop and he’s as quick of a learner as we’ve ever had. He’s in a Zack Novak type of area where his application of terms, even though he doesn’t understand them all the time, is immediate. I don’t know when he’ll play. He might play a lot, might not play at all, we’ll see.”

On feeling like he’s not doing enough:  “I’ve talked with people in leadership positions, or advising leadership, that some great leaders they’re always trying to plug the holes before they decide what they’re going to do. They’re always worrying what the enemy is doing so that they can go that. I may be one of those guys that thinks about all of the things that could go wrong before you decide what to do.

“Because you’re less likely to make a mistake even though you are not out there being brash and we’re going to find a way. Yeah we’re going to do it, but we’re going to be educated to find a way. I try to educate teams and myself on how we’re going to win.”

“I don’t think I overthink, I think I over-inspect maybe but I don’t overthink. I think it’s necessary for me to feel good going into a game I want to know every possible way what we have to do to win the game. Which means ‘how do we stop the enemy?’”

On preventing injuries: “No not really, the injuries that we have had. Spike Albrecht’s injury is basically based on DNA that he’s inherited through his family. Caris’ injury is probably overuse in the summer time leading into the year, Zak’s was a summertime injury. Derrick has never been injured and that was one that the injury led to another injury. I don’t think there’s big changes there. I think of all the injuries that we’ve been able to prevent and knock on wood we haven’t had anything in the knee area – tendinitis and maybe that’s it.”

  • MrLG

    Nice article Zach!

    It’s disappointing that DJ is still inconsistent. Actually, very disappointing.

    OTOH, I am encouraged by the Mo Wagner remarks. Maybe he gets serious playing time in the second half of the season.

    Donnal, looks like another weak season coming up.

    • Always find it interesting to see how people read into his quotes… Donnal is the first one Beilein mentions as having improved, yet you read into that as a negative?

      • MrLG

        I read these things carefully. After starting with “Mark Donnal has really done well”, he throws in “He’s understanding that he has to play really hard every minute” and “He’s not as gifted athletically as some others as far as jumping”. And then he finishes it up with by saying that Donnal doesn’t get to show his passing skills because he doesn’t get many rebounds.

        To my reading, Coach B is saying that Donnal doesn’t hustle that much, not the best athlete and he needs to work on his rebounding. So if Donnal improves he might get a steady 10 minutes a game. Just confirmed to me that Donnal is a likely transfer at the end of the season. OTOH, I feel sorry for Mark because he’s really a 4 who is stuck playing in the 5 spot that doesn’t really suit him. And it’s not likely to change over the next few years, barring a mass exodus.

        On the other hand, maybe JB just threw out a few things and I’m stupid to overanalyze.

        • Chillax

          MrLG, I kind of agree with you. I hope he doesn’t transfer, he just needs to wake up on the court. He needs that fire in his belly to go after rebounds and he just hasn’t shown it yet. Who knows maybe it will click in his brain mid season that he needs to be more aggressive under the basket and it’s ok to bump someone every once in a while. The comparison to Tyler Hansbrough made me laugh because when he first came onto the team that’s who I was hoping he would turn into. Time will tell….

  • Champswest

    He has me greatly interested in watching Wagner grow and develop.

  • bobohle

    I thought his comments about Donnal were kind of encouraging. Lets just wait and see over the course of a few games. I hope he gets better each game like Jordan Morgan and not be stagnant like Horford.