Video: Inside Michigan’s first practice of 2015-16

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan opened the doors to the media for the first hour of practice on Friday afternoon and here’s a first look at some of the returning Wolverines as well as incoming German freshman Moritz Wagner. Watch 10 minutes of practice footage in the embedded media player above.

More from practice:

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  • Fixing a problem with the video now… Background music in warmups set off a copyright flag.

    • Should be working now… Please let me know if it isn’t.

  • gobluemd16

    Moe looks faaaar from ready to play. I wouldn’t pencil him in for any minutes at this point. Too weak and slow laterally. Doyle looked pretty good, as well as the usual suspects (Caris, Derrick, Spike). Duncan’s shot looks like it will live up to the hype. Will be interesting to see how he can defend and rebound in a game setting.

    • GTFOmycourt

      Yes gobluemd16, I agree 100 percent unfortunately, Wagner might be good down the road, but he will not be playing much this year.

      Wilson impresses me every time I see him. I expect a lot of playing time for DJ.

      Doyle and Wilson look a lot stronger.

      Robinson’s shot is a thing of beauty and he shows athleticism, I did not realize he had.

      Caris looks focused and willing to injure teammates who get in his way of a 50/50 ball:)

      I wish there was more footage of Chatman.

      Great to see Austin helping with the practice!

      • UMHoopsFan

        JB has talked about fans being happy with Wagner “down the road,” so I wouldn’t be surprised if he agreed. Mo did make 12 of 14 jumpers though…

        One potentially interesting thing: Kam seemed to be working out with the bigs, Dawkins with the guards. Where was Robinson? I’m sure they switch around, but it might suggest where people are earmarked.

        • Indiana_Matt

          I agree, seems like Mo can shoot the ball. Don’t need him to be ready yet. In the future I think he could be great.

      • Champswest

        That’s funny. Beilein was raving about Wagner.

    • J Dre

      I think some of that is likely culture shock. Keep in mind this is a young guy who not only has to adjust to a new system, but also a new country. He looked fine in the shooting drill, but was tentative in the drills. I don’t expect him to be a contributor this year, but I’m not going to judge him based on his first practice with the squad.

    • Bard76

      He doesn’t look ready to play but you can see his potential. His frame also looks a lot more adequate than on his recruiting film. He’s going to be able to get a lot bigger and stronger.

  • bobohle

    Wilson looks far better than Donnal at this point. I like the way Spike ,Derrick and Caris are moving after their injuries. Dakich looks like well—-Dakich!

  • NorthernBlue

    Derrick looked very good mobility wise and isn’t looking like he is playing tetnatively in any way. Caris also looked good in that regard and looks like a pro out there. This is an exciting team. 1-4 they have so many options and I think at the 5 there is reasonable optimism with Doyle’s improvement, and much more size on DJ.

    Loved that drill where the 4 guards went at one another.

  • Wayman Britt

    Wow, great stuff. Thanks for sharing this video. This is a perfect example of why Beilien improves a player’s fundamentals.

  • Real Talk

    Don’t mean to sound crazy but how can anyone gets who is a better / improved player from on hour of practice. People are saying that No Wagner is slow and weak and will not contribute but how can you tell that from one practice .How can you tell that Wilson is better than Mark Donnal? Lol, you guys kill me. Message board gurus like Matt D Lol….

    I can’t wait until next years class get here and come to this particular comment section and read all of these message board coaches. I still laugh at the people who have given up on my Kam Chatman after one season and one practice.

    I also think that the walk on Brent Hibbert is going to play. He is too good to be a walk on. I do like the message board gurus who are better at judging the teams talent than the coaches. Haha.