Tyus Battle commits to Syracuse

Dylan Burkhardt

Two months after committing to Michigan, Tyus Battle has committed to Syracuse.

“I wanted to be closer to home,” Battle told ESPN. “They told me I could be a versatile guard who could have the ball in my hands a lot.”

Battle took an official visit to Syracuse in June, the same weekend that he decommitted from Michigan.

Michigan remains focused on landing a point guard in the class of 2016 with Cassius Winston as the top prospect on the recruiting board. Michigan also has an outstanding scholarship offer to point guard Quentin Goodin.

The Wolverines are evaluating a number of other wing targets in the class including Kevin Huerter, Miles Bridges, Bruce Brown, Ibi Watson and Karmari Newman. Michigan has yet to extend a scholarship to a new wing target in the class.


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  • JRose5

    Will be glad not to have his Dad around anyway! Someone will appreciate the opportunity he passed on…have fun with the mess at ‘Cuse!

    • CZGuy99

      Amen to that. Dad would be chirpin’ in the coaching staff’s ear, either directly or indirectly, the entire time

  • Jake

    Sometimes the best deals are the ones you end up not making.

  • bobohle

    I figured as much. Would be happy with Winston or Goodin to play the point. Bridges,Brown or Huerter for the wing

  • Corperryale

    Maybe Langford will decommit from State now… hey, it could happen!

  • David Remmler

    Best of luck to him!

    He might need it. On paper, the only plus compared to Michigan is proximity to home. Otherwise, he just chose inferior coaching/player development, inferior academics, inferior integrity (with the recent huge Boeheim scandal) and from what I hear, a much inferior college town.

    Basketball recruiting is puzzling.

    But we’re better off with a player who really wants to be here. And if we pick up a less hyped recruit, they will most likely become an elite player under Beilein and stay longer.

  • I just want to win

    Yeah, go figures that he will go elsewhere when he screwed us over. I have no love for this guy period. His father is going to be a big problem. I am confident that we will get a player that is just as good . His Sega is the reason why I hate high school recruiting. He made that commitment to stop other players from coming here . Kind of ticks me off but I am confident that we will get a good player!

  • Corperryale

    As a post-mortem, is there anything that the staff could have done differently in this situation? I have no idea. There’s always more than meets the eye. If there had been any doubt re: Battle and his family in the first place, they could have been a bit more cutthroat — i.e. giving Langford right of first refusal before accepting Battle’s commitment. With Winston and Goodin next up for the PG position, I wouldn’t want to see such a deception happen again. “Fool me once…”

    • bobohle

      Yeah the situation was the coming back of Alex Legion!

      • I just want to win

        Great comparison. Absolutely.