Report: Nik Stauskas traded to Philadelphia 76ers

Dylan Burkhardt

According to a report by Adrian Wojnarowski, the Sacramento Kings are trading Nik Stauskas to the Philadelphia 76ers.

The trade makes Stauskas the second Wolverine to be traded in the last week after Tim Hardaway Jr. was dealt to the Atlanta Hawks.

“Sacramento is trading Jason Thompson and Carl Landry as part of a salary dump to the Philadelphia 76ers. The Kings are sending Nik Stauskus to the 76ers as part of the deal too,” Wojnarowski tweeted on Wednesday evening. “Sacramento is clearing the space for a pursuit in free agency, league sources tell Yahoo. Stauskas had been pursued by several teams. 76ers sending the rights of oveseas players to Kings. Philly wanted Stauskas and will take on Thompson/Landry salaries.”

Stauskas averaged 4.4 points, .9 assists and 1.2 rebounds per game while seeing action in 73 contests for the Kings last season. He was drafted 8th overall in the 2014 NBA Draft.

Here is Stauskas’ shot chart from his rookie year via Shot Analytics:

stauskas rookie


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  • Jordan Anderson

    His poor percentages are because of lack of minutes. Say he plays 5 minutes a night and only takes one shot a game and misses that one shot, it adds up fast and is hard to get a decent percentage when you don’t get many shots up in games. His percentages will drastically increase as his volume of shots increase!

    • I definitely think he needs more of a chance… He was in about as bad of a situation as you can get in Sacramento. Philly might not be a lot better… but I think anything has to be better than 3 coaches in one season.

      • MAZS

        Plus Brett Brown did a pretty darn good coaching job last season with what he had to work with.

      • Chazer

        Right on Dylan…..SAC is the biggest train wreck in the league!

  • This is a much better situation for him. I am happy about this.

  • Webbdog

    If Sixers were Smart they would trade Stauskas immediately to Boston for Marcus Smart. They are in need of a Pg.

    • MAZS

      Why would those teams do that–if you see Nik as a bust?

    • I just want to win

      You are one bitter dude. Smh.

  • David Remmler

    As others point out, his subpar shooting numbers likely stemmed from a lack of minutes. His minutes in Sactown were so paltry it was impossible for him to find any rhythm. It was an incredible waste of his remarkable talents. I still think he will be very good at the NBA level if he is given a decent chance with adequate minutes within a well-coached offense.

    • Webbdog


      • David Remmler

        So not being given a chance to succeed is an excuse? An interesting perspective on life.

        • Webbdog

          He had every chance to succeed, admit it, he wasn’t ready and was overrated. You pick a Top 10 Lottery pick to play them not ride the bench. He was on the bench for a reason. It will take him time to develop into a quality NBA player.

          • Found this interesting… Not a lot of instant impact guys.


          • David Remmler

            “Every chance to succeed?”

            Averaging 4 shots a game off the bench? For a shooter?

            And he’s “overrated” based on such flimsy evidence?

            Again, you have an interesting perspective.

            If you were talking about Burke, you’d have a point. But not in this case.

            As for Stauskas, I don’t think it would take much time for him to be a “quality NBA player” in the right situation – decent coaching, a well run offense, adequate minutes and shots. Think Curry. I’m not saying he will be that good but if Curry was in Stauskas’ shoes last season, he could easily have had similar stats. But given a chance, he’s the MVP.

          • Webbdog

            A Top 10 Lottery pick should not need the right situation, he makes his own situation right through his abilities. Stauskas wasn’t capable of doing that his rookie year. He didn’t live up to his pick. Sacramento made a mistake selecting him so high. You’re using every excuse in the book. Coaching, coaching changes, minutes played, available shots, right situations, mannnnn. Again, Excuses. Burke?? If I’m not mistaken Burke lived up to his pick his rookie year, was he not All Rookie 1st Team?

          • I just want to win

            How many high impact lottery player were there? You know what let me stop Lol…

          • David Remmler

            It doesn’t matter how high a player is picked if he doesn’t get a chance to play significant minutes. Period. Even Lebron would be a bust taking 4 shots a game.

            And Burke shot 36.8% from the field last year (Under 32% from 3) which is a regression from career averages of just over 37% and 32% respectively… On just over 13 shots a game. That sucks. I love Burke but he has seriouśly underperformed despite every chance to succeed… In contrast to Stauskas. I still believe In Burke’s potential but somehow he needs to up his game.

            Your irrational arguments against Stauskas seem to reflect hostility towards him. Why? And why post here if you irrationally hate former Michigan players? Are you a Buckeye or Sparty fan?

          • I just want to win

            BURKE STILL PLAYED WELL OFF THE BENCH. He isn’t overrated either. He isn’t done with his rookie contract .smh

          • David Remmler

            I still believe in Burke’s potential but his shooting numbers are pretty bad despite a lot of minutes and shot opportunities. He really needs to up his game.

          • I just want to win

            Lets see if you can win Big Ten Player of the year and Make a All American squad. Lets see if you play well in pre draft and get picked in the lottery. Let’s see if you can play for a NBA team. Overrated ? After one year? Even Kobe didn’t have the best rookie season. Look at KCP. Look at Reggie Jackson. A change of scenery is what he needed. Stop being a hater. I bet you couldn’t touch him one on one . You probably didn’t even play high school ball. Stop it.

          • I just want to win

            Think about it … he was on a team with Rudy Gay, Ben Mcclmure Demarcous Cousin….. all high volume shooters with no I treat in passing the ball or no concept of team. Lol…..

      • sane1

        If you look at his last 17 games, when he started regularly getting more minutes, he shot 41% on threes. If you look at game by game for the season, he had a lot of 0-1 and 0-2 games shooting threes. He’s a lot better than what we saw last season.

        • MAZS

          I had Dan Patrick on this morning. They shared that Nik hit 50 of his last 117 threes–that’s 43%–when he finally got some regular playing time and Andre Miller actually gave him the ball. Throw in that the Kings may have been the worst ball movement team I have ever seen–this side of AAU ball–and you couldn’t find a worse system for Nik. Having Cousins and Gay on the floor is like having two Melos with one ball–kicking the ball out was not something they ever did. This isn’t intended to suggest that Nik was blameless, but rather that last year probably wasn’t much of an indicator one way or another.

  • In Okafor, Philly just picked up the best inside scorer in the draft, actually in many drafts. They are going to throw him the ball at or near the block where he will score buckets in buckets and open the floor up for everybody.

    Stauskas’ problem at Philly will be Embiid and Noel who will take up a lot of space. Depending on what the 76ers decide to do with their two remainder big men, this could be a great spot for Stauskas or put him in another holding pattern. One of those guys, likely Embiid as Philly already has experimented with Noel at 4, and possibly both of those guys has to go. Who they go in exchange for will tell the story for our boy Sauce.

  • MattBuckets

    I don’t know if anybody watched a game of the Kings last year but this is what happened everytime I had a chance to watch Stauskas in the game. All the offense was ran through cousins and Rudy Gay, Stauskas was always waiting for his shot and he never was passed the ball. It happened over and over. With more chances he could do a lot of damage in the NBA. What if you put him on the Cavs, with Lebron drawing all the attention. Replace James Jones with Nik Stauskas = Huge Upgrade. You hear the Praise James Jones was getting in the finals when he hit a few three’s and he is not even any good. Webbdog – I honestly think you have no clue what you are talking about.