Report: Tyus Battle taking official visit to Syracuse, opening recruitment

Dylan Burkhardt

Weeks after committing to Michigan, it appears that five-star guard Tyus Battle is back on the market.

The five-star guard picked the Wolverines on May 11th after an official visit to Ann Arbor, but now will take an official visit to Syracuse this weekend.’s Evan Daniels reports:

Battle had previously visited Louisville and Duke in April. His originally scheduled trip to Syracuse was on May 22nd, but it was canceled after his commitment. Battle is ranked No. 20 in the class of 2016 according to 247 Sports Composite rankings and was the centerpiece of Michigan’s 2016 recruiting class.

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  • Alo

    Yep I figured

  • Anonymous

    It’s sort of funny. MSU get’s hit UM. I guess Beilein can’t recruit. :)

  • I just want to win

    We need to offer Miles Bridges ASAP. I’m not worry about this. He might recommit. He is probably being pressured to stay home with family. Put the full press on Bridges and Langford. Thank God that we have identified with multiple players. LET’S not panic yet. DON’T GET upset at the kid because he has to do what’s best for him and he hasn’t announced anything on twitter. There is till a chance that he might return.

    • Alo

      We Gotta Keep Our Composure!

  • Anonymous

    Here is how I see it. It’s part of the business of recruiting. Happens to everyone. Glad it happened early. Kids sometimes make rash decisions. Kid is a fine young man and can’t go wrong at any of these universities. I wish him well but hopefully he takes his time to make the right decision. Hopefully this doesn’t hurt UM with other guys….Langford.

  • bobohle

    Well isn’t that just swell. It seems that more recruits nationally are backing out of their verbals each year lately. I guess that’s what happens when dealing with kids. They change what they want to do quite often or are under pressured influence to do so. Maybe Ty will recommit eventually. Lets hope so.

    • JimmyBiden

      forgetaboutit. He’s going to the CUSE. Nobody recommits after un-committing. The team could never trust him and neither can the fans. It’s like your girlfriend dumps you because she looking at anther guy and then se comes back to you.
      Dude, it’s over.

      • Indiana_Matt

        James Blackmon did.

      • Tony DeMaria


  • Liam

    With all of are incoming sophmores and how well they did last year for freshman, we don’t need Tyus. I mean it would be nice but Dawkins, and Muhammed should step up. By the time we would get thus Irvin and Walton should still be here if they don’t go pro, besides we still might get 5 star Josh Langford

  • David Remmler

    Just when it looked like we had finally broken out of our recruiting slump. Now I’m even more pessimistic about our chances of landing highly ranked recruits. But we should be just fine if we pull in talented coachable players who aren’t McDonald’s All Americans. We need top 50-100 type players who will stay around at least 2-3 years. We have that already but need a couple guards of that caliber in 2016 to replace players who are moving on.

  • Coach Jordan HS teammate

    Everybody saying we don’t need Tyus doesn’t know basketball… the ultimate goal is to win an NCAA title…ur not going to that without NBA caliber players…Michigan as of now has 1 player on that level (Levert)…in to days game you need at least three…Beilien n staff are not getting the star caliber like they was before…Its this simple NBA PLAYERS=NCAA TITLES…SO all this “we’re OK” crap needs to stop

    • Indiana_Matt

      We need him for sure. But UCONN didn’t have 3 NBA players when they won in 2014. Other than that I think every team lately has had 3 guys that were at least drafted. But just wanted to point out that it isn’t 100% of the time.

    • bobohle

      I hear you man!

    • Bigrange

      Beilien and staff were not getting them before. They landed players that Mitch and GR3 were excellent grabs for us, but GR3 is barely an NBA player. Burke was overlooked by every other school and Beilien grabbed him. I agree, we need to land some high ranked players and get that “big fish” to come to Michigan. I just believe that no matter what players we have this coaching staff can turn them into better players.

      • Carl

        GRIII “barely an NBA player”, but an NBA player nevertheless. If GRIII is your 3rd or 4th option I’d say you have a dang good college team and those are the teams that make runs in the NCAA tournament. Also Trey was a top 150 Recruit, this wasn’t a rags to riches sort of deal. You need to recruit well to win. You need top 100/150 talent.