Four-star wing Jarron Cumberland to visit Michigan on Monday

Dylan Burkhardt

Four-star wing Jarron Cumberland is set to visit Michigan on Monday. The 6-foot-5 guard tweeted his visit plans on Friday afternoon.

Cumberland is ranked No. 62 in the class of 2016 according to 247 Sports Composite Rankings.  He holds offers from Purdue, Cincinnati, Florida State and Xavier among others. He’s a strong bodied 6-foot-5 wing that is known for his ability to score the basketball. He averaged 17.8 points per game and shot 39% form three-point range this spring on the Nike EYBL circuit.

The talented Ohio guard had previously discussed a trip to Ann Arbor, but those plans fizzled after the Wolverines landed a commitment from five-star guard Tyus Battle last month. With the news that Battle decommitted and is visiting Syracuse this weekend, the Wolverines appear to be expanding their recruiting board as well.

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  • I just want to win

    Ugly jumper but strong bodied guard. Man, I hate the Tyus decommitted. U want at least one Me all American.

    • sane1

      Ugly jumper goes down at a 39% clip on threes.

      • David

        I don’t trust that stat. I’ve never seen a real 39% three-point shooter without smooth form–and his J isn’t smooth.

        • sane1

          Never? Walton shoots that percentage and his form is anything but smooth.

          • NbobBis

            Beilein can fix a jumper.

        • Jvs

          Kevin Martin?

          I’m not giving up on tyus until he says something formal. Certainly wishywashy but I’m not above still being happy if he solidifies with us after visits. Ppl bashing his family (on other sites) seem a bit eager to go through the phases of grief before anything is formal

  • Anonymous

    Battle is a great kid. Never know what goes on in college basketball recruiting. See Swanigan and others and I am not implying anything less than standard behavior. It’s basketball recruiting.
    Everyone move on and Cumberland would be more than a nice prize. Plus, nobody knows how these kids will pan in college. Guy looks like he brings a Novak type toughness so hopefully he commits.

  • Wayman Britt

    Wow this will get interesting. With Battle looking elsewhere, Beilein doesn’t waste anytime in looking at someone else. Let’s not kid ourselves though, Cumberland is no Tyus Battle. I wonder if Tyus is getting outside influence to stay on the east coast. Man I would like Tyus to play for Beilein.

  • Mitchigan

    I guess you haven’t seen Reggie miler’s jumper. Very poor form but the results are amongst the best ever – especially in the clutch.

  • I just want to win

    Man Battle really screwed us…Langford is going to MSU now. SMH…im ticked . Hopefully now , we get involved with Miles Bridges and put full court on Winston who we might lose to MSU!!! We on good standing with Langford before battle screwed us!

  • I just want to win

    Cumberland reminds me of Revonte Rice .

  • bobohle

    I wonder if other schools are using negative recruiting tactics on us to our targets. If they are, it sure would be nice to know what they are using. This seems to happen with the elite targets.

    • I just want to win

      We have be elite talent on our team. We just don’t have any McDonald’s All Americans. We have highly recruit 5 stars and four stars and some very good unherald players. Talent isn’t our issue. People missed the bus on Caris Levert, Spike Albret, MAAR and Dawkins IMO just like Burke, Hardaway j.r, Morgan, Daruis Morris and Nik Statkus. I actually believe that all of our players will improve the second year just like all most of our players do. We have tons of talent …don’t let rankings and last year fool you.I just want us to continue to sign good player like battle to even out the talent levels on our recruiting classes.

      • bobohle

        You are missing my point. I am talking about recent targets where Michigan ranks at the near top of their list,then suddenly they are not. Re:Jaylen Brown,Battle and Langford.

        • I just want to win

          Chit happens. We have talent on our roster currently . I understand your point but we can sit and dwell. I am happy with our current roster and I am confident that we will get will get good players. All of the major programs miss out too. It happens.I wanted Langford and Battle just as much as the next man but i’m not going to have but i’m high blood pressure or anxiety over recruiting . We have talent . Yeah we mussed out some talent but we have our share.

    • Wayman Britt

      Bobohle it is not always negative recruiting, sometime it’s other thing$.

      • bobohle

        Oh yes. I didn’t want to be the one to suggest it. Not LOL when that happens.

      • I just want to win

        He hasn’t even committed to Syracuse and you assume that he is being paid? You don’t know what the case is and that assumption is not good. Maybe the kid want to stay home. Keep the smear campaign elsewhere until we see what happens. Smh.

  • UMTigersLionsWings

    I think our main concern is a PG for 2016-17. I hope we get a good one. As far as guards and wings we will have Zak, AD, Maar, Duncan. Thats excluding DW as a PG. A senior and 3 juniors. If we get this kid or someone else thats 4-5 star, its a good addition. But, we arent hurting for guards, unless someone gets hurt, or goes pro early.

  • Wayman Britt

    With Gary B. meeting the bagman at Cuse, MSU upping the ante in the arms race with getting Langford, it’s important Beilein get Winston. With MSU being the favorite for Winston, UM has to swing him to Ann Arbor. Beilein has to get his fair share of the top 2 or 3 players in the state. It is extremely difficult to get national top 15 players not from MI or a state that touches MI to Ann Arbor, too many outstate distractions.

    • JohnNavarreIsMyHero

      Beilein does a lot better job getting to most out of his Point Guards. The recent history shows that.

      Hell even Spike was a late add and has a hell of a lot more to his name than many others ranked higher.

      Then again, I don’t have a clue what pitches some of these kids are being sold behind closed doors.

      Winston as of last week was a slight lean to Michigan according to a insider close to the program.

      The player development at Michigan has been a lot better in the last 4-5 years.

      I do wonder what myths are being sold in recruiting regarding us – because our guard and wing development have been significantly.

    • I just want to win

      Why are you assuming that Gary Battle is being paid? You shouldn’t assume that. Don’t let the bitterness of a decommit make you assume such a thing, everyone isn’t currupt. I don’t like that assumption.

  • bobohle

    Anyone hear whats happening with Jamal Murray as far as 2015 goes? If he stays with 2016 he will probably go directly to the NBA.