Video: Austin Davis Adidas Gauntlet highlights

Dylan Burkhardt

Three-star big man Austin Davis committed to Michigan this spring and has impressed during the AAU circuit. Here’s footage of Davis in action at the adidas Gauntlet courtesy of PrepHoopsTV.

Davis is averaging 11.4 points, eight rebounds and a block per game with the Michigan Mustangs during the first two stops of the circuit. He’s ranked 184th nationally in the class according to 247 Sports Composite rankings.

  • winners choice

    Those are some pretty great skills for a 16 year old! I know that some were not happy with this offer but I BBC ant wait until he is on campus we need post defense, rebounding and scoring….. this guy will be our Grahmn Brown!

  • W3

    Well, that tape is more encouraging then not. Not a huge fan of the kid as it stands, but if he can get his body together, and keep improving, possibly preping a year, Beilein could have a fairly skilled big man with some touch in the post.

  • bobohle

    This guy was a real find for Beilein. Could develop into a beast. The more you see of him the more he impresses. Also hearing Teske is hitting the weight room also. Both bigs are working hard in advance of arriving on campus.

  • Steve2081

    Kid is a horse!

    Also gotta credit his teammates for getting him the ball.

  • Champswest

    I was noticing how Austin is already skilled at getting his body into the bigs guarding him. That is impressive for a guy his age. Sign of good coaching and hard work.

  • William Simpson

    He has a good base, good foot work, great up and under moves around the basket. He had to have been to some big man’s skills camps. 3 star big man is on his way and will be a 4 star before he enrolls at michigan.

    • Wayman Britt

      I agree his drop step and up and under moves look college ready. We won’t see Davis playing much above the rim, but he uses his body very well to get easy baskets.

  • A2JD

    He looks a little softer in the middle than I thought he looked in the previous videos I’ve seen but he does have very nice footwork and good size.

    • winners choice

      I’m Sorry but I don’t see anything soft about this kid at all. He is tough as nails for his age. He has better good skills and he has a motor.

  • A2JD

    Dylan- 24/7 has Davis rated #82 overall in their rating. Did they update his ranking more recently than the other sites they use for his composite? I’m just wondering why there’s such a disparity.

    • William Simpson

      A lot of these rankings use the summer AAU circuit and summer camps where players compete against other elite players across the nation for the bases of these rankings. Some of it is subjective. If a player doesn’t compete or isn’t invited he could easily be overlooked. I wouldn’t doubt if a 3 ranking for Davis Is heading into the summer. The ranking services do compete. If Davis jumps off the radar; 24/7 can make a claim for being 1st to notice his rise.

  • Fab 5 Legends

    Davis & Doyle will be a problem for opposing defences…i like his motor…i can see him finishing off his prep career as a 4-star recruit

  • Mattski

    Davis clearly a player of serious promise, Battle in the fold, Teske now at 7 feet and working on his rebounding. Things are looking good. They could also pull in one more guy for THIS year, right?

    • Mattski

      Must say I find it weird that people who spend many hours staring at highlights like this and profess to real expertise were railing about how awful this kid was–it was the biggest outpouring of negativity I’ve ever seen about an M recruit. What am I missing? Was it just the timing–bad season coupled with the impending (then) Brown announcement?

      • winners choice

        ??? truth.

      • JohnNavarreIsMyHero

        I agree the reaction was completely ridiculous. I took no part in that, but it was definitely not one of brighter moments for the forum. Not going to even try to guess why people do that stuff.

        Its worth noting that Austin and his family became aware of the negativity. Sad and embarrassing that it came to that. Hopefully he is motivated even more to prove (mostly clueless) people wrong.

        • section13row15

          Agreed whole heartedly. Think of reaching your dream that probably none of us on this site have reached (getting a scholarship to Michigan) and alumni and fans of that school bad-mouthing you based on one video against Milan H.S. when you were 16. Beilein has proven his recruiting skills and player development, I’m not sure why people keep questioning it. Austin…get pissed and keep working hard and prove everyone wrong when u get here.

  • Him Paino

    I hate when they slow down dunks in videos. Especially when they are weak ones.