Notebook: Five-star wing Tyus Battle set for official visit

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan will host five-star guard Tyus Battle for an official visit this weekend as the wing guard moves closer to a decision.

Battle recently took official visits to Duke and Louisville back-to-back in April and he’s planning to take his fourth official visit to Syracuse on May 22nd. Battle’s father, Gary, is pushing for his son to make a decision by June.

“I’d like to see him get this over with by June,” Gary Battle told “Tyus is undecided on that.”

Duke is the heavy favorite in Battle’s Crystal Ball, but Michigan will have a chance to make an impact as Battle makes his second trip to campus. The five-star wing also visited during Michigan’s College Practice Camp last June.

2017 wing Kris Wilkes wants to visit Michigan

Michigan has been tracking Kris Wilkes, the No. 19 prospect in the class of 2017 according to 247 Sports Composite, and the dynamic wing wants to reciprocate the interest with a visit.

The 6-foot-7 Indiana native averaged 17.4 points, 5.5 rebounds and 1.2 assists per game as a sophomore while shooting 58% from the floor.

Wilkes has already visited Indiana, Ohio State and Butler for basketball games during the season and told Inside the Hall that he wants to visit Michigan, Illinois and Ohio State soon.

While Wilkes has impressed this summer, he’s focused on adding weight and rebounding ability.

“I’m 6-7 and 184 pounds. It’s a little bit hard (to put on weight),” he told Inside the Hall. “I eat a lot, but it doesn’t show. But I’m lifting weights, so hopefully I can get bigger.

“I need to get bigger, rebound more and get my jump shot better.”

Cumberland rising quickly

Tyus Battle and Josh Langford are Michigan’s priority targets at the off-guard spot, but the Wolverine staff stumbled upon a few new targets in April. One of those is 6-foot-3 Ohio guard Jarron Cumberland. Cumberland is described by many as the best scorer in Ohio and he’s put up big numbers on the spring circuit – playing with both Ohio Basketball Club and King James Shooting Stars.

Cumberland is reportedly looking at visiting Michigan and thinks an offer could be waiting.

“They really like me and they want me to come there on a visit because they can’t offer over the phone, but they’ll offer in-person,” Cumberland told MLive. “I could see myself there as a two guard who can help them score a lot.”

Cumberland averaged 16.5 points per game during the second session of the Nike EYBL and made 10 of 26 three-point attempts. He was also one of the top performers at the Spiece Run-n-Slam Classic in Fort Wayne last weekend and his composite ranking on 247Sport is up to No. 95.

Point guard radar expanding

Cassius Winston is the top target on Michigan’s 2016 recruiting board, but the 6-foot point guard is also in no hurry to make a decision. Talking with Winston at the Nike EYBL in Lexington, it was clear that he’s focused much more on basketball this summer rather than advancing his recruitment. He didn’t want to name favorites and wasn’t sure of any plans to take any visits in the short-term. To be fair, the focus on basketball has led to him leading the Nike EYBL in scoring at 22.1 points per game.

We profiled two potential point guard targets in Bryce Aiken and Bruce Brown in recent days and another target on the radar is recent Purdue decommitment CJ Walker. Walker is a small, but quick guard who has heard from John Beilein in recent weeks.

“It was really exciting to hear from coach Beilein,” Walker told MLive. “I mean, he’s one of the best coaches out there. That’s exciting. Getting an offer from Michigan would really mean a lot to me. I feel like I could be the next Trey Burke or something in that area. I feel like I could go there and be something special and really do something for that program.”

Michigan also has an offer outstanding to Quentin Goodin, a four-star point guard from Kentucky, who has played very well this spring. Goodin would check all the boxes for the point guard position at Michigan and provide the Wolverines with a skillset more similar to Darius Morris with his size and ability.

Other Notes

  • David Remmler

    Nice of him to stop by on the way to Duke. It’s always good to be on the radar of 5 star recruits but we probably only have a shot at moderately ranked 4 stars guards like Winston, Goodin or Bruce Brown. And even they seem like long shots lately.

    • A2JD

      McGary picked Michigan over dook. It can happen again. I think any wing player should see Beilein’s track-record with wings (Manny, THJr., Nik, GR III, Caris and Zak) and think that this would be a great team (and school) to come to.

      • David Remmler

        Possible but not likely. McGary was the exception to the rule, the only top 20 player (at the time we recruited him) Beilein has landed.

        And we are not having much luck with targets in the top 50 for the last couple years.

        That being said, with our basketball tradition, recent success, one of the elite coaches in the game and all that Michigan offers, we should be an attractive option to all these top players. So we should continue pursuing the very best. And it only takes one or two elite players to put us over the top and also attract other elite recruits.

        I honestly believe Beilein’s integrity (and lack of integrity by competitors) is the only reason we’re not landing many of these top players. He definitely puts the work in on the recruiting trail and has had excellent rapport with his players.

        But I’m not getting excited about any recruit until he commits.

        • winners choice

          We gotten 3 top 50 players recently. No including Wagner who some say would’ve been top 50 . We have Chatman, Irving and Walton. I just don’t see why people are quick to dismiss our current talent. We have cs one talented players that if reevaluated after last year would’ve ranked higher. We will be fine.

          • David Remmler

            I agree, we do have plenty of talent. I’m not dismissive of our current talent. We have elite talent in the back court and on the wings (a high 4 star PG in Walton, a solid and often elite backup PG in Spike, a borderline lottery pick in Levert, a borderline 5 star in Irvin, another elite high 4 star talent (in retrospect) in Dawkins, another solid guard in MAAR and a 6’8″ ultra elite shooter in Robinson). So we are absolutely loaded from the 1-3 spots (probably the best in the country) if we stay healthy. In the front court, it’s another story. We don’t have any proven elite front court players. But we have lots of potential in the front court. We have a solid developing big in Doyle who is only a sophomore, a 4 former 4 star recruit in Donnal who may yet reach his potential, another 4 star recruit in Wilson who also may be very good with time, a 5 star recruit in Chatman who was disappointing as a freshman but is also still young and a possible top 40ish German forward in Wagner. They are all question marks but if only one or two reach their projected potential, we will have a good or great front court.

            So I am excited about this coming year and the future. But I’m not banking on landing top recruits. Beilein will find great players regardless of their ranking.

          • winners choice

            Truthfully, I believe that we will get a elite player or two in 2016. Also I’m happy with the Davis offer and I think teske brings us that defense factor in the post. I’m banking on us getting a elite guard but just know that because they are McDonald AA’s that doesn’t meant that it would translate to college… Kasey Hill and Chris Walker. The Harrison Twins , Keith Applings. Kelvin Tolbert , Patric Young Brandon Cotton and many others. I u dressed Where you are coming from however. I am optimistic about 2016. We already have pretty good Big Men.

          • David Remmler

            I hope you’re right. I do think we’re off to a fantastic start in 2016 with Teske and Davis. Both could end up elite big men with some further development. At the very least, I think they will be solid all-around big men. We really only need to add a good PG in 2016 to fill out the roster. I don’t think we need a 5 star like Battle though. A 4 star with potential who may stay at least a couple years might be best. Beilein has a habit of turning unheralded guards into top NBA picks.

        • A2JD

          Time to get excited, Remmler!

  • Wayman Britt

    Beilein should continue to recruit 5 stars, but I think getting Battle to chose UM over Duke will be difficult. It’s getting frustrating being in early on all these 5 stars to see them go some place else. Who knows about Langford. Winston is going to be near impossible to pull away from Izzo, so UM should pull out all the stops to get Goodin. I agree with Dylan, he would fit in nicely.

    • bobohle

      We need to get the initial 5 star. As we’ve said before: Talent brings more talent. Go Blue.

      • winners choice

        We have two 5 stars on our team… Kam Chatman and Zak Irvin and Walton was borderline. I think will be fine.

        • bobohle

          I know that. They were 4 stars when recruited and moved up the ranks to 5 star after committing verbally.

          • I keep seeing statements like this as if they are a bad thing?

          • bobohle

            No not a bad thing at all Dylan. I just think to win the National Championship we just need one All American on the team to put us over the top. Just my opinion is all.

          • winners choice

            I believe Zak Irvin and Caris Levert has All American potential. Even Derrick Walton, if they stick around for their senior years, which I think is very possible. We have talent. I understand your statement about All American, because we did get to the championship game with a AA. We did have 3 5 stars. I’m hoping for a McDonald’s all American. If Mcgary wasn’t disqualified because of prep school. I believe that he would’ve been Beilien’s first All American.

          • bobohle

            I meant McDonalds All American. Thank you.

          • winners choice

            Oh ojay, Apologies. Yes our last one was Trey Burk and Nik I believe.

          • Chris

            You don’t follow along at all if you thought Burke n Stauskas were McDonalds All Americans. Ha. Our last was Daniel Horton.

          • winners choice

            I’m talking about College All American. TREY and Stakus were. I’m not talking about McDonald’s High school All Americans. They became college All Americans by their sophomore years and if Caris, Zak or D Walton can perform, they have potential as well. I would like to say as far as high school all Americans, I believe that Mitch McCarthy would’ve been. One had he not been disqualified because of prep school.

  • bobohle

    Breaking News: Swanigan decommits from MSU.

    • UMTigersWingsLions

      Yeah, he’s probably going to Cal now…hehe

  • UMTigersWingsLions

    Lets not settle for a decent point guard. With DW and Spike leaving, we need and should be able to land a very good PG.

  • bobohle

    Dylan: Do you have any updates on Moritz Wagner? I know Beilein can’t say anything publically until Wagner signs. Thanks.

  • Leslie Hoerwinkle

    If they can sign him, or that other dude, it would be nice.

  • Jake

    Is Winston our best shot at PG? Would much prefer someone a bit more athletic…

    • winners choice

      I would love to get Goodin. I believe Battle is considered a combo guard. I think that we will get a good player at guard……