Report: Five-star wing Jaylen Brown cuts Kansas, down to four

Dylan Burkhardt

According to a report by 247Sports, Jaylen Brown has removed Kansas from his list and is now down to four schools: California, Kentucky, Michigan and North Carolina.

The 6-foot-6 wing is a consensus five-star prospect and he’s visited all four schools remaining on his list.

Michigan leads Brown’s Crystal Ball with 56% of the projections. He’s Michigan lone remaining recruiting target in the class of 2015 after Kenny Williams dropped Michigan earlier this afternoon. The Wolverines have one scholarship to give in the class.

ESPN’s Paul Biancardi had previously reported that he was hearing that Michigan and Cal could be the favorites in Brown’s recruitment.

“[Jaylen Brown is] the best finisher in the class,” Biancardi said last week. “When he gets in the paint and at the rim you can’t stop him. He can go over you, around you. He has a great second jump and a jumpshot that needs work. Sources close to his family told me it could be Cal or it could be Michigan for his final destination.”

Brown refuted reports that he had trimmed his list at that time. Brown has not set a date to make a decision.

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  • Alo

    Please God!

  • JosephG

    3 more to go!

  • Nick

    lol excruciating

  • bobohle

    I”ll keep saying it until the end. Jaylen Brown come on up to Michigan. YOU WILL be the FINAL PIECE to a CHAMPIONSHIP contender along with playing for the BEST TALENT DEVELOPER (Coach Beilein) in the country.

  • Wayman Britt

    Mr. Brown come home and play with family, join the Wolverines.

  • JVS

    This feels like survivor… A bit dramatic, but I like the unconventional approach. Would be really annoying though if that unconventional approach yields a conventional selection.

  • Justin Hoff

    why doesn’t he just pick already? lol He sure takes his sweet time!

    • psickert1

      That’s what he is suppose to do. He has to make the right fit. Duh. Lol

  • bobohle

    Just keep the faith people. I’ve had a good feeling about Jaylen and the Maize and Blue for awhile now. Those who wait……

  • Mark Worthley

    Kentucky is so ridiculous in this process. I can see the allure for the players, but for fans, the way Calipari lands all these top players is obnoxious.

    • psickert1

      He is just a great recruiter. People claims that he pays players but that’s mumble jumble as of now. He has had some violations bit kids go to Kentucky for the spotlight, coaching and early chance to be a pro. All of prospects get insurance policies there.

      I seriously don’t think that he is cheating. He has a Hollywood thing going on there and plus they win.

      • dv_arete

        The bit about insurance policies is very interesting news. I wonder if other readers can provide more information. If indeed a top recruit will get a substantial insurance policy in Kentucky, I do not see how we can compete without matching it. I wonder what the NCAA rules, which are generally anti-player, say on this point.

        • psickert1

          Yes apparently that is how he got the respect to stay for this season and that’s why seven are in the draft now even if the won’t be first Rounders. He said it himself when The one kid got injured for the season… he said with way he would be a “millionare ” Alex Pothenesss or however you spell his last name

      • MAZS

        First, “some” violations is a tad gentle. These violations caused UMass and Memphis to forfeit whole seasons. Now, Calipari’s claims his role was minor and that they were done without his knowledge. But he is, of course, responsible for that which goes on under his leadership. Plus, this wasn’t a one time outlier. Finally, Cal’s long-time relationship with World Wide Wes belies any claim of innocence.

        Second, UK can’t buy insurance policies for recruited players any more than any other school. Individual players may, of course, purchase such policies. Now if UK’s recruits aren’t actually paying for the insurance themselves, then see paragraph 1

        • psickert1

          Yeah, you are right. I meant to say that so far he hasn’t cheated at Kentucky for what we know lol. My bad.

        • psickert1

          Well it is known that most of the players on his team that has a NBA future has Insurance policies . Look at Alex Poyrhress (or how Every spells it) he has one and Calapari said it himself ” that if he doesn’t recover from his injury, he still would be a millionare ” how they pay it I don’t know and don’t care. They have them.

          As far as the violations. He has not been charged with anything at Kentucky and someone he got coaching jobs at a major university despite the violations. Regardless all he has done is won and get kids in the NBA and recruits like that… not everyone think that’s he pays recruits.

          It’s just me I suppose. I worry about Michigan. That’s it. No other program concerns me.

          • MAZS

            Webber had one. I suspect alot of players who come back do. What I do know is that UK can’t pay for it. And Calipari ain’t drawing attention to an impermissible benefit.

          • psickert1

            I agree. Maybe I should’very reworded but I am sure that he suggest to the players to get one imo…

  • UMTigersWingsLions

    Stay loyal to an Adidas school Jaylen. That leaves us only :) We would love to have you. Be a part of a great team this year.

  • Bigrange

    Even if we don’t land him, it’s nice to see that the #1 player is taking a serious look at the program. He’d be a huge land for Beilein, showing those who doubt he can recruit that he can.

    • Justin Hoff

      We’ve been close many times…People don’t remember who finished second. As Ricky Bobby once said, if you aint first your last.

      • Mattski

        Then I hope you personally are always taking home the gold, because otherwise life–with that attitude–would suck fairly powerfully.

        • psickert1

          Lmao, at least I am not the only one who sees how this guy operates.

        • psickert1

          I thought that I was the only one who felt like that about this house attitude. Seems to only think the worse would happen.

      • psickert1

        We also got our fair share of the the recruits we wanted… but we also has plans a, b and C players who turned out to be Damn good. Stop being so negative.

      • psickert1

        We also got our fair share of recruits and our plan. B and C options are Damn good as well.

  • psickert1

    Lmao @ my post being deleted lol. I’m not even saying anything wrong. Oh well. Anyhow, let’s go Harlem Brown come win us a championship!

  • UMTigersWingsLions

    We all know that UNC will be cut too. Cant believe he cut Kansas before them. The only reason why he would go to Cal would be Rabb and academics. But we will be better than Cal, and academics comparable. So, since he has family here, and he has preference to an Adidas school, along with our great coach, I think it obviously only comes down to us and UK. Right now 247 crystal ball has us at 60% and UK at 34%

  • Champswest

    I wouldn’t start celebrating as long as Kentucky is still in play.

    • bobohle

      That is true. It happened with Booker last year,though not this late in the game. However I still have that good feeling about Jaylen Brown coming to the Maize and Blue. I had the same feeling when we were recruiting Mitch McGary and farther back with Jerod Ward. The only negatives about those guys was rotten luck injuries. GO BLUE!

      • psickert1

        Booker went because Ulis went there and they wanted to play with each other. I’m glad that it worked out because we got MAAR and Dawkins and not a one years rental of Booker.

  • JosephG

    Nice write up at sports , pertaining to how Jaylen would fit into remaining schools rosters …

  • jemblue

    Putting on the lucky shirt…