Report: Five-star wing Jaylen Brown down to five schools

Dylan Burkhardt

According to a report by’s Evan Daniels, Jaylen Brown has trimmed his list to five schools: California, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan and North Carolina.

Brown eliminated UCLA, Georgia and Georgia Tech from his previous list of eight.

The 6-foot-6 wing is a consensus five-star prospect and he’s visited all five schools remaining on his list. UCLA was considered one of the favorites in Brown’s recruitment according to the 247Sports Crystal Ball, but the last seven predictions have all been made for Michigan.

ESPN’s Paul Biancardi had previously reported that he was hearing that Michigan and Cal could be the favorites in Brown’s recruitment.

“[Jaylen Brown is] the best finisher in the class,” Biancardi said last week. “When he gets in the paint and at the rim you can’t stop him. He can go over you, around you. He has a great second jump and a jumpshot that needs work. Sources close to his family told me it could be Cal or it could be Michigan for his final destination.”

Brown refuted reports that he had trimmed his list at that time.

Brown has not set a formal date to make a decision, but the five-star wing had previously discussed making an April announcement. He’s one of just a few top prospects uncommitted in the class of 2015 including Brandon Ingram (who will announce tonight) and Cheick Diallo.

Michigan now officially has a scholarship available with the news that Austin Hatch is moving to a medical scholarship.

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  • Cory

    A lot seems to be happening in a short period of time: Hatch announcement opening up a scholarship, Brown trims his list to five and the last nine Crystal Ball predictions over at 24/7 are for Michigan. This would be HUGE for the program! Go Blue!

  • UMTigersWingsLions

    Jaylen..UM baby! This is your home.

  • Dr_ZC

    I remember right after the fab 5 days, Michigan recruited some pretty good players. Travis Conan, Maurice Taylor, Willie Mitchell and Maceo Baston were newcomers. Nobody expected that May 1st, Michigan was going to get the top recruit, McD All American wing Jerrod Ward. Does it look like May 1st might be the day another top recruit might make the same decision? Sure hope so.

    • UMTigersWingsLions

      Dont forget tractor traylor, and luis Bullock. I think he is coming here or UK…his best bet is here though, and I would choose here if I were him. More reasons to com here here than UK

      • psickert1

        Also don’t forget Albert White…all American and Michigan player. He was our jasean tate before he was kicked off the squad. I wish he would’ve finished his career. We play Obstetrics in a scrimmage when I was a freshman at Redford high…..he was a man child at 6ft5…

        Also Lavell Blanchard, Kevin Gaines and Jamal Crawford was a good class. To bad they couldn’t t all stay with the program because Crawford was nasty and even though he regressed Gavin Groginer had a great freshman and sophomore season.

      • Dr_ZC

        Like psickert said, Albert White, Bullock and the Tractor was right after the second fab five. Two loaded classes back-to-back, right after the original fab five, that put a balls-eye in Fisher’s back. Everybody was after him for his recruiting luck (some will say thanks to Ed Martin), but the second class was what did Fisher in. White, Bullock, Traylor and Taylor (and his explorer) had Ed Martin’s bank account. White went to Missouri, and Mitchell transferred to Detroit.
        The interesting part, is as loaded these two classes were, they managed to win only the first ever big 10 tournament and the NIT. They had shooters, and rebounders, but no discipline and coaching.

        • Indiana_Matt

          I thought Mitchell went to UAB. But I could be wrong.

          And I wonder what current day Steve Fisher would do with that crew. I think he’s gotten better and better as a coach. Give him Mo, Maceo and Tractor on the frontline and Brandon Hughes and Bullock in the backcourt and they’d cut down the nets. His teams really defend these days.

    • bobohle

      I mentioned the Jerod Ward scenario a few weeks ago pertaining to the recruitment of Jaylen Brown. I’m glad someone else remembered also. Go Blue!

      • andygoblue

        and every time he scored, they’d do that “hot rod” graphic on the old scoreboard.

  • The outdoor venue is pretty cool, anybody know what that is?

  • Nick

    Trying so hard not to get my hopes up.

  • bobohle

    Jaylen Brown come on up to the Maize and Blue. A Championship Contender with the best Head Coach and DEVELOPER in College Basketball. Go Blue!

  • Wayman Britt

    Mr. Jaylen Brown and Ms. Michelle Brown:

    As you are making your decision about which university to attend next year, please keep this in mind:
    1. Beilein will develop you for the NBA
    2. You are a great slasher and rebounder, but you may need help with your outside shot. Nobody in college teaches players how to shoot better than Beilien. He is second to none.
    3. The UM program will treat you fairly and with respect. The coach will not berate you in public and constantly scream in your face.
    4. Lastly, out of your top five schools, UM is the better academic institution. No disrespect to Cal, but UM will open doors for you beyond your playing career.

    • Dr_ZC

      Well said Wayman. Beilien has perfected the two-guard offense, and the wings are always the prime option in his scheme. If Brown comes over, then there we will have the flying Wolverini, playing above the rim (and hopefuly rebounding like crazy).

    • bobohle

      You do a great job with your open letters Wayman. I’ve had a good feeling about this for awhile. Come on Jaylen. GO BLUE!

  • psickert1

    Now williams and brown is realistic.. either one would be special but brown would give our first all american…. this team will have so much skill and size

  • Justin Hoff

    Who do we feel is our stiffest competition for Jaylen? KU or UK?

    • Wayman Britt

      I am always scared of the UK bagman.

      • Mark Worthley

        yep….they seem to get all these guys

    • countourzealous

      KU because they are an Adidas school.

    • Brandon

      UNC… he would come in and start in Tokoto’s spot, they would be the hands down favorite to win it all, and don’t forget he’s been a huge Carolina fan from birth! Come to good ole Carolina, Jaylen!!

      • section13row15

        He would start no matter what school he goes to and would make a few teams the favorite for winning it all. Michigan is two years removed from the national title game and they bring a lot of guys back next year.

  • AADave

    Still five schools in play? I thought he was down to two. Oh well. Hate to be a downer but it doesn’t look very promising when you look at it objectively. Kentucky, Kansas and UNC are all much better than us at the recruiting game. Even if odds were even (they’re not), we would probably only have a 20% chance. But when you factor in prior recruiting performance, I would peg our chances at 5-10% at best.

    But getting Brown would be a bonus. I like our current players. And I would be happy if we add another top guard like KW this year or somebody else in 2016.

    • bobohle

      It was the 2 favorites from a supposed insider I believe. Officially 5.

  • UMTigersWingsLions

    I would say 60/40 chance to get him…at least. He wasnt lying when he said Michigan will be the front runners…

  • Justin Hoff

    As Ricky Bobby said…If you aint first your last…We have missed out on some big-time recruits the last couple years. Keep my fingers crossed we finally get lucky. Either or KW isn’t a terrible consolation prize.

  • bobohle

    Dylan: is reporting that 4 of the 5 schools(all except Kansas) are visiting in home with Jaylen this week. Do you know which day Coach Beilein is visiting?

  • Mitchell Olis

    I have done a lot of research and I believe it comes down to Kentucky, Kansas, and Michigan. UNC is not getting any all-americans until their academic sanctions get figured out. Cal has a minor shot but I just don’t think their program is established enough for brown to take the risk. Jaylen loves Kentucky and I think he would go there for sure if it was not for his family who apparently hates Kentucky. Kansas just lost kelly oubre so jaylen could fill in his spot right away, but Kansas was reported to be the only one who did not make an in home visit to brown so that should hurt them. Michigan is really the only team that has received all positive news with brown’s recruiting process. They are adidas (I saw a video where he denied adidas had any influence), his family loves michigan and is from there, and crstal ball has completly shifted towards michigan in the past two days. He is by no means a lock to come to Michigan, but there is more than a chance.

    • bobohle

      Thanks Mitch. Come on up Jaylen Brown. You WILL be the final piece of a Chanpionship contender. GO BLUE!

  • UMTigersWingsLions

    UK and KU just got top players today. I think Jaylen is coming here to UM now :) You have a great home at UM Jaylen. You would really look great in Maize and Blue unies. Lets win it all this year. Um=2nd national championship :)

    • bobohle