Report: Caris LeVert to announce NBA decision on Tuesday

Dylan Burkhardt

According to a report by the Michigan Daily, Caris LeVert will announce his NBA decision on Tuesday.

The Daily, citing a representative of the Order of Angell, reports that LeVert was invited to and accepted membership in the campus honor soceity, but his standing wouldn’t depend on his decision. The representative added that LeVert’s future plans would be announced on Tuesday.

LeVert is projected as a borderline first round pick. Most recently, ESPN’s Chad Ford wrote that he could still play his way into the first round.

“LeVert began the season ranked in the teens, but a so-so junior season combined with an mid-season stress fracture hurt his draft stock,” Ford wrote. “LeVert is skilled. He can handle the ball, defend multiple positions and can shoot the basketball. If he’s healthy enough to workout for teams, he should be able to move his stock back up with great workouts.”

LeVert told reporters at Michigan’s banquet that it wouldn’t make sense to enter the draft if he wouldn’t be a first round pick.

“I don’t think it really makes sense to go early and be drafted in the second round,” he said.

The deadline for underclassmen to declare for the NBA Draft is Sunday, April 26th.

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  • Nick

    Prediction: He gone.

    • JVS

      He Back

  • jakelam2116

    Oh, boy — big day! I won’t even try to predict. I’m putting this at 50-50. The good thing is that once this decision drops, Beilein & co will have time to work on the remaining possible pieces and how they would fit in or not with or without Caris.

    • Champswest

      We might finally be able to settle both the 2015 & 2016 roster and recruiting needs (if any options are available).

  • Manny Fresh

    I need to know what time this is at…

  • “We are hopeful to have some more information tomorrow,” the U-M spokesman said.

    • gobluemd16

      Any idea what that means?

  • Corperryale

    Those who stay will be champions.

    • bobohle

      Very true indeed.

  • bobohle

    Whichever way he goes,the dominoes will fall tomorrow then. I will be checking this site all day tomorrow. I too believe its 50/50. I also believe if he stays,room will be made for Brown and/or Williams if they want to come.

    • Tyrell

      Love your optimism.

  • Tamir

    Interesting how DeAngelo Russell declared yet….

    • Tamir

      Hasn’t declared…