Class of 2016 big man Austin Davis commits to Michigan

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan added its second commitment in the class of 2016 this evening as Onsted, MI big man Austin Davis committed to the Wolverines.

Davis, a 6-foot-10 240 pound big man, averaged 26 points, seven rebounds and five blocks per game as a junior for Onsted, building on averages of 21 points and 15 rebounds per game as a sophomore.

He averaged 12.5 points and seven rebounds per game over the first weekend of the Adidas Uprising circuit. He shot 65% from the floor and blocked six shots in the tournament.

John Beilein had scouted Davis several times throughout the high school season and most recently at the Adidas Uprising session in Dallas last weekend. He offered Davis a scholarship on Thursday, which the big man accepted.

Rankings & Offers

Davis held five mid-major offers — Buffalo, Central Michigan, Georga Washington, Kent State and Toledo — before last weekend’s adidas Uprising event, but was drawing significant interest from Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Purdue and Michigan State.

He’s regarded as a three-star prospect by ESPN, Rivals and Scout.


Fit & Outlook

Davis is Michigan’s second commitment in the class of 2016 as he joins fellows big man Jon Teske in the class.

The Wolverines remain focused on several guard and wing prospects in the class of 2016 — as well as in the class of 2015 — but the addition of Teske and Davis should bolster a front line that was a weakness in 2014-15.

Teske and Davis will arrive in Ann Arbor when Ricky Doyle and Mark Donnal are juniors, which would provide some time for both players to develop behind the older bigs — a luxury that Doyle wasn’t afforded as he was Michigan’s primary starting big man as a true freshman.

The addition of Teske also means that Michigan’s roster continues to be over-weighted in the frontcourt. There will be four traditional centers out of 13 roster spots in 2016-17 along with other fonrtcourt players like DJ Wilson, Moritz Wagner and Kameron Chatman.

From here, Michigan’s recruiting focus has to be on adding perimeter scorers and weapons to the class. The Wolverines have offered several guards and wings including Quentin Goodin, Tyus Battle, Cassius Winston and Josh Langford among others.

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  • Justin Hoff

    This is it for forwards…We need guards badly… We sure do well with recruiting 3-stars… Onsted is a very small school, played against them growing up. I’m going to be pessimistic with this one until I see more highlights.

    • psickert1

      This kid can play and the fact that he played at a small school doesn’t means anything. He played well against big time comp and out played higher ranked players. Just be Happy that the kid wants to play here.

      • Leslie Hoerwinkle

        Saying that playing at a small school doesn’t mean anything is downright illogical. While it doesn’t mean this kid can’t play well, it’s a better indicator and aids development playing against stronger competition. Go watch some of the Class B Detroit schools play and you’ll get a clue.

        • psickert1

          I have and look at Goodwin’s height destroy Henry Ford, a team a friend of mine coaches. Go see teams play and Stop looking at boxscores. It’s not wear you from it’s Where you at and Davis has outplayed a few higher ranked players on the A.A.U. circuit . I recall Gramhm Brown not playing competition but giving us 4 great years. This kid was recruited for a reason.. talent is talent period. I hate when people judge and disaster a kid before he put on a Damn Jersey..

        • psickert1

          Look at Goodwin Heights beating Henryford.for the state championship. Milan. Country Day. RIVER ROUGE and many other schools. There is some good players and talent in a class B school district. It’s not like he played class D and I believe that he still would’ve played well in class A. It’s not Where you from it’s were You’re at. Chris Webber and Shane battier played class B. The school Michael Talley coached is class B. Austin Davis can play point blank period. He performed well against top players in aau. Come on now. Give the kid a Damn chance, let him wear a Jersey and then judge him. There have been plenty of people with the best highlights videos that actually sucked in college.

          Look at Florida’s roster. Enough said.

      • Mattski

        Dude, it is okay to question Beilein’s moves, especially when the questions are backed up by analysis. Please don’t tell people to shut up.

        • psickert1

          He is trashing the kid… it irritates me when people always have some negativity about a kid who really wanted to play here. He hasn’t even played his senior year and people are complaining..there are some fans that are never Happy and they aren’t really fans..if the kid isn’t highly ranked he can play, that is how people a major Michigan fan I take it personal when someone uses forums and comments to trash kids. Freaking trolls. I miss the days back when recruits were welcomed here. Arrogant posters is somewhat the norm now.

          He has to be a four star, five star or. Have the best offers to be any good. Some of the negative people needs to SHUT up with their negative vibes and freaking welcome a 16 year old who is living his dream. HIS DREAM.

          I BET POSTERS LIKE JUSTIN have never played high school basketball or any organized sports and if they did they probably sucked at it.

          • Mattski

            I don’t think Justin’s remarks are very negative, Psickert. There has been quite a lot of negativity about Davis, but–let’s face it–we’re not pulling in some of our top-most targets. That’s perfectly okay with me for about 20 reasons, including that I love seeing our David & Goliath teams battle the big boys, often to a standstill, because of Beilein’s great coaching and GREAT RECRUITING of less-known players. But–hey–let them squawk. Beilein is the coach for as long as he wants to be, and their sound and cyberfury signifies absolutely nothing.

            I would also note that there are a lot of frustrated ballers out there gnashing their teeth with jealousy that they CAN’T alter the team’s trajectory. My wife knows more about soccer than I do and I played the game–years of coaching my daughter have done that. Howard Cosell never played a minute of football. And a lot of internet savants have been heavily critical of Beilein diamonds-in-the-rough who have already earned their keep.

          • Corperryale

            The oft-repeated meme that JB is coach as long as he wants to be is nonsense, having its origins in a Dave Brandon statement following the NC game. Last I checked, Dave Brandon — who, in his infinite arrogance, probably thought he would be A.D. as long as HE wanted to be — is history. Two more .500 seasons with home losses to cupcakes and no NIT bid would, or should, change that pretty quickly. Rick Barnes made the dance 16 out of 17 seasons at another football school – eventually that was not enough. Like most people, I would like Beilein to coach the rest of his career at U-M before handing the reigns to Jordan, but it doesn’t mean that fans — as stakeholders who watch their TVs, buy tickets and overpriced adidas sweatshop gear — shouldn’t have standards and expect results. The fans, after all, are the reason the U-M coaches make the big bucks — much bigger bucks, I might add, than the coaches at many other so-called “basketball” schools. Let’s hope the recruiting strategy works on the basketball court and the coaches get to stay indefinitely.

            Now, Psickert can flame me in all his autocorrect glory.

  • Wayman Britt

    You cannot take too much stock in these clips, but does he have enough vertical jump to play in the Big Ten? He does have excellent footwork. Is he explosive enough to play against MSU, Duke or Kansas in the NCAA tourney?

    • Mattski

      Well, he’s a junior in these clips. I’d say he looks damned promising. Nice hands and really knows his way around the rim. Can also shoot from outside. This guy will be a four-star eventually, I will bet. Great, typical Beilein get–it will be interesting to see what Camp Sanderson does for him.

      Know I’m going over to the forum to listen to what I expect may be a lot of pi**ing and moaning. :)

      • Justin Hoff

        his competition level is bad. I’ll say that much… But ultimately I think people are just worried about our ships being limited and lack of guards…That’s where the moaning is coming from.

        • Mattski

          Well, if you just look at the IPS Big Man footage, as I did at first, you can get stoked about the guy and his potential! And he’s still only 16, from what I hear. But I’m not sure that second video is a very good advertisement.

          The piece of this that I have the hardest time processing is that Beilein has such a perimeter-oriented approach to the game. There have to be some roster moves just ahead that make this move look more sensible.

        • psickert1

          I really dislike posters like you. Always trying to find something bad out of good things. If our coach think that he is good then he can contribute. Smh.

          • Leslie Hoerwinkle

            Dude, you are drunk on Kool Aid. The poster makes one comment about the level of competition in mid-Michigan Class B basketball and you get defensive.

          • psickert1

            HOP. Off my n*T’s and you obvious haven’t been reading this board yourself. He has been trashing a 16 year and being” pessimistic ” be case the lack of videos. He himself said that will continue to be pessimistic towards this kid and he never seen him play or anything. So don’t worry about what I post, worry about your own thoughts. I hate fans who trash recruits. It’s bowline trolling and when grown men act like trolls, it is immature.

            Why is it so freaking hard to welcome the kid instead of disecting the kid before they have seen him play or pit on a uniform. Damn, is it that hard?? They did the same thing with. WAGNER.

            NOW people are so I love withstand ranking instead of freaking talent. Look at what DeoyntA Davis did when he played against top competition. Class B is a weak league and you and that chump post crap about this kid should know that. Take the bullchit elsewhere, my opinion is mine.

        • Champswest

          And the last few years fans have been moaning about lack of bigs. Fans are never happy.

          • psickert1

            Thank you!!!! Realist post.

    • psickert1

      So you need a vertical leap to play in the big ten? Especially being that the kid is only 16 years old…Wow. I swear. I swear..

    • MAZS

      Change the name and you literally just described Doyle.

  • Frank Chuck

    I was not expecting Coach Beilein to take a second frontcourt player in the class of 2016 so this commitment surprised me.

    The following is a recent write up on Davis from the Rivals MSU site that was posted on 247Sports:

    Austin Davis was a reliable low post presence for the Mustangs in Dallas, averaging 12.5 points and 6.5 rebounds per game.

    Davis was one of the most efficient interior players at the Adidas Gauntlet. He shot 65 percent overall. He did not shoot less than 50 percent during any of his team’s four games in Dallas.

    He notched a double double against the Compton Magic with 16 points on 8 of 10 shooting and 10 rebounds.

    That performance was among the best of the weekend for Davis, who outplayed rising Corona (CA) Centennial center Ike Anigbogu, who scored just seven points against the Mustangs.

    Anigbogu’s had offers from Cal and SMU before the weekend. UCLA offered Anigbogu on the basis of his performance in Dallas.

    Davis counts scholarship offers from George Washington, Central Michigan, Toledo, Buffalo, and Kent. Michigan State, Michigan, Notre Dame, Indiana, Iowa, and Purdue are among the bigger programs evaluating.

    Davis is a skilled big man with good footwork, solid post moves, and the ability to finish with either hand. It is only a matter of time before the small school standout begins pilling up major conference

    Look for Davis to improve his recruiting stock with a another strong weekend in front of coaches when the Adidas Gauntlet moves to Indianapolis in two weekends.

    • Mattski

      A LOT of dubious fans are going to be watching those next games closely.

  • psickert1

    This guy has potential to be Grahm Brown with a jumper…. he outplayed some high majors. Do you DDR msu, Duke or any other school complaining about the competition or the amount of players with size look at Louisville and UCONN. I just wish some people Stop looking at videos and making judgement. Coaches have seen this kid in person and he is good player especially for a 16 year old.

    We need more size, rebounding, shotblocking and defense. Damn, just enjoy your size and talent.

  • Corperryale

    Surprising pick-up. Looks OK, I guess. Ricky Doyle-esque (not a bad thing) although I strongly doubt he’s even a hair taller than Ricky. A little slow/unathletic but he seems to to be more coordinated/have better hands than Teske (and is thankfully not a stick figure). Sanderson should be able to do something positive with this guy.

    The scholarship situation is not good. After this development, I assume Hatch is taking a medical (whether that was what JB originally intended or not). Otherwise the guard outlook becomes dire.

    Based on our success with Morgan I am fine with taking these four-year role-player bigs but in terms of guards, we now need a true stud. Thornton/Smith-level or bust. Or at least Appling-Level. Only problem is that you don’t get 4 years out of them (unless you’re Izzo), but that’s the name of the game. Since we need a PG I guess this does not bode well for our chances with Langford (add him to the pile of nice might’ve-beens with Looney, Brunson, Booker, Tate, Brown, etc.) If we pick up a 2016 guard from whose only attributes are a 4.0 GPA, a heart of gold and a great work ethic, I may have to picket the Crisler Center.

    Somehow I get the sense that JB hated the unexpected attrition after getting to the final four and is now dead-set on ensuring it never happens again. Not great for us fans, unless you like football.

  • A2MIKE

    In regards to scholarships, what if Donnal is not offered a 5th year? That would make him a Junior next year, and open up a scholarship for the 17 class, which would be the first year after Derrick graduates. I am thinking that Rahk will probably be the starting PG that year as a Senior, with a freshman back up. I like the roster balance that we are building towards. I don’t like the roster balance now.

    • Mattski

      There are really a great host of possibilities, all of which make the hysteria look just a little. . . hysterical. I think I lot of pent-up Beilein anger and angst has just found a focus, not a great one but

  • Brandon

    Dylan, I think he averaged 17 rebounds per game as a junior, not 7.

  • yinkadoubledare

    Given the logjam in the frontcourt I don’t think Beilein offers him if he wasn’t confident that he’s a contributor. This smells like one of those cases where a guy flew under the radar a bit (not surprising as a small school guy) and Beilein pounced before he starts moving up the charts.

    And to be honest, given this coaching staff’s track record with finding guards, I think some significant frontcourt depth is a good thing. It will be nice to have upperclassman size in the future rather than getting stuck playing freshmen again.

  • Corperryale

    My hypothetical question now: what happens if Brown calls JB today and says he’d like to come to Michigan. Is there any chance the coach turns him away? If I were Hackett, I would intervene to say Brown gets a spot if he wants one. I do not want to be rubbing shoulders in the standings with Northwestern next year. Bad for business.

    • No and they are still recruiting in both classes. I can’t think of a single way that signing Davis would affect Jaylen Brown — who will be in the NBA before Davis sets foot on campus.

      • Corperryale

        Granted, but even if Brown is the most one-and-donnest player ever to play college ball, I strongly doubt that JB would ever pencil a guy in for just one season, due to risk of injury etc. So if Brown gets that last spot (i.e. Hatch’s spot), the PG question in 16 becomes even dicier, cause we would probably wait till this time next year to get serious on a PG pick-up, by which time most good 16 recruits will be off the table. I would say, tough deal, we still take him and just hope MAAR can run the point. Staff created the situation but no reason to turn away real talent at any position.

        • There’s nothing wrong with planning for one and dones. And after the last few years, I think they would definitely do just that.

    • Jeff Pancake

      Hackett Intervene??? Come on bro. That makes no sense. Do you really want an Athletic director “Intervening” on coaches decisions? Especially a coach that has been to the finals and the Elite 8 in 2 of the last 3 years? On top of that Hackett has only been on the job for 6 months. He has bigger issues to concentrate on.

  • Corperryale

    Some follow-up questions for people more knowledgeable than I:

    I don’t really follow any other B10 teams’ recruiting, so I don’t have a sense of how Davis as a HS junior compares to other respectable, workmanlike B10 bigs like Costello or Olah when they were his age. I would hope his four-year ceiling is no lower than Costello’s. Besides Doyle (who seems similar), what is a good comparison to a current B10 player in terms of expectations? And how does Teske match up with these two?

    • MAZS

      Costello was highly recruited. Teske much higher recruited than Davis. Davis wasn’t recruited on the Edwards level. Doyle is the right comparison.

  • Mattski

    Brian’s article about this at mgoblog, for my money, gets everything right. Would love to see a candid appraisal from Dylan.

  • Nick

    Re people freaking out about lack of guards: I think Kam will start to transition to being more of a 2/3 than a 4.

    • Kenny

      totally agree

    • MAZS

      Jeezus–sometimes I felt like I was the last one defending Kam. But he’s not likely to play much 3 next year and I don’t ever see him playing the 2. While he purportedly has good vision, it is not something we’ve seen as yet. But that may come–a good passing 3 or 4 would be great. But Kam simply doesn’t have the quickness to play the 2, offensively or defensively.

  • Kenny

    Davis looks like a catch to me. Solid body type, good footwork, a lot of poise and confidence in the paint. May not be a high impact player right away, but he can be as good as Jordan Morgan.

    • psickert1

      He can ball… mature gale for a 16 year old.. I love our size now!! Nimitz 6ft6 or 6ft5 power forwards but we will keep the option!

  • David Remmler

    I think the disappointment with this news is really the surprise factor. All attention has been directed at the recent pursuit of an athletic 5 star wing (Jaylen Brown) and a sweet shooting 4 star combo guard (Kenny Williams) who were expected to make decisions in the next couple weeks. Then out of the blue, we get a commitment from a generic 3 star big man without any other major offers, a player that nobody has been talking about.

    Once the surprise wears off, it will probably make a lot more sense. He’s still quite young and improving. He’s already 6’10” with a big body and likely still growing. He was on the cusp of other major offers. Recently, our lack of interior toughness and height has been exposed as a major weakness. And a lot can happen roster wise before Davis even steps on campus in 2016 – we may have a transfer, an early NBA entry or other roster losses.

    So I think everything will work out well with a few surprises along the way.

    • bobohle

      Yeah. Other BIG Schools were just starting to watch him including Izzo. This may prove to be a wise move. He will move up the star charts fast his senior year.

    • NorthernBlue

      I am guessing staff is thinking that the strength and conditioning program over the next few years can really make a difference with this kid. Seems to have good touch from that limited video and if he rebounds, plays hard, and thinks the game at a high level they may be right. Still way too early to tell.

  • Because of his young age, Austin Davis may be willing to reclassify to 2017 by going prep for 1 year. This was suggested in one of the new updates for a pay site. If this is the case, then this move makes sense because it allows Beilein to separate Teske and Davis into consecutive classes.

    Furthermore, Austin’s trajectory of improvement has been astounding. In the aforementioned update, a coach detailed how Austin had grown and transformed his body which should come as no surprise given the great genes/bloodlines Austin inherited.

    Give. It. Time. Coach Beilein has proven to be an exceptional evaluator of talent so he have confidence in him.

    Mitch McGary, a late bloomer, exploded onto the scene after dramatic improvement as a high school upperclassmen. McGary also went to prep for one year.

  • Indiana_Matt

    There are 351 college basketball teams. Last year ESPN writers ranked their coaches. Coach Beilein was ranked 9th. We have a good coaching staff. Certainly folks can discuss the merits of their decisions. But I am not going to stress about it. When people are good at what they do and have proven track records I trust them. Doesn’t mean they never make mistakes. But if there are any questions that we, as fans, ask ourselves about these prospects we can be sure that they are questions the staff also considered in much more detail. And they offered him.

    • Corperryale

      For better or for worse, the proof will be on the court. Supporters and detractors alike need to accept this, and in return, should expect accountability just as at any good program.

    • Corperryale

      Also, while I am sure that the staff considers such recruiting decisions very carefully, I somehow doubt they devote more time and energy to the topic than MattD from the forums. Cause there are only 24 hours in a day, and he is on there pretty much full time.

  • Retiredat23

    Austin is a nice pickup and all, but he’s ground-bound and will get destroyed by Deyonta Davis. Just saying.

    • psickert1

      You don’t know this at all. You are just looking at star ranking. BTW, is a year behind him. Just enjoy the fact that we have a recruit that wants to be here. No one can never just be Happy with a darn recruit…. we don’t know who will destroy who especially if too haven’t seen the kid play in person. He wasn’t offered because he was a scrub. Smh.

      • Retiredat23

        I’ve seen Deyonta Davis in person and based on these clips of Austin, Deyonta would destroy him. He’s ground-bound with no lift. I know John Beilein can find a diamond in the rough, but I don’t see it in Austin. I hope I’m wrong. I should know better than to say anything disagreeable with you, great fountain of basketball knowledge psickert (sarcasm emphasized).