Austin Davis says Michigan is a perfect fit, commits within an hour

Alejandro Zúñiga

Michigan earned its second commitment of the 2016 class Thursday night when center Austin Davis pledged to the Wolverines.

Davis, a 6-foot-10 big man from Onsted, Michigan, received his offer from the program Thursday afternoon on his way home from school. He called John Beilein back within the hour to accept.

“I waited for my parents to come home, and together, we called coach and talked to him,” Davis told UM in a phone call.

But the center explained it wasn’t a rushed decision. Throughout his childhood, Davis and his family frequently made the hour-long drive to Ann Arbor for Michigan football and basketball games, and he has been a fan of the maize and blue for years.

“I’m a Michigan kid through and through,” he said. “I don’t think there could be a better fit.”

Davis said receiving an offer from the Wolverines has been a lifelong dream.

“It definitely wasn’t a decision that was made in an hour,” he said. “We’ve been talking about it and thinking about it for a long time. We had a really great visit about three weeks ago, and we’ve been talking about it ever since.”

Michigan was Davis’ first high-major offer, according to the center, though Indiana and Michigan State have shown interest in the prospect. He also holds offers from Central Michigan and Toledo.

Davis joins center Jon Teske as the two verbal commits for the Wolverines’ 2016 class.

How does Davis plan on celebrating achieving his lifelong dream?

“I have a paper due next week,” he said with a laugh. “It’s going to be a late night working on that.”

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  • broekie25

    I don’t understand this signing when space in this class is somewhat limited and I feel like they absolutely need a PG like Winston/Thornton in this class. I trust Beilein, but what am I missing?

    • Justin Hoff

      Donnal will be transferring after this year.

      • Q

        Is that a guess, or have you heard something?

        • psickert1

          He knows NOTHING… just speculation.

      • psickert1

        You don’t know anything. Stop spreading rumors. Posters like you are irritating me. Very irritating.

      • MAZS

        If Donnal intended to transfer, this would be the logical year to do so. Beilein has made it pretty clear that he doesn’t expect any transfers this year. You don’t sign someone for a position on the possibility a player will be unhappy 12 months down the road.

      • Tyrell

        It makes no sense for a red shirt player to transfer and sit out another year!

  • Wayman Britt

    Still trying to understand this. I hope UM still has room if Town, Langford or Battle want to sign. I wonder if there is something else going on with the roster we don’t know.

  • Justin Hoff

    We must not be doing good with the guards…but I think JB knows we will have some attrition from the current crop of forwards…i.e. Donnal won’t see his JR year.

    • Redshirt freshman Donnal did not live up to practice hype but I think you’re making a premature prediction. In the one and done era, some fans have become impatient and forget that experience matters. His nominal stats are unimpressive but the advanced stats show that he was an efficient player in limited minutes.

      I’m taking a wait-and-see approach because I think the tandem of Doyle and Donnal will make significant strides this offseason. Motivation should not be a problem.

    • psickert1

      I hope you become attrition from this board.

    • Tyrell

      You are an idiot for hating on Donnal. He showed good offensive skills last year without any offensive plays for him.

  • BrianU

    Reading some of you guys comment is rediculas. With transfers and guys leaving for the NBA, and injuries signing another 6’10 big man isn’t a bad thing..I’ve read these comments about Burke and Dawkins for example, not high end recruits doing just fine. Get a grip we will get a point guard, we will get shooters and pick up transfers. We will pick up another 1 or 2 really good recruits to add to ’16. Need to stop constantly bashing the players we get, the players we have and the coaches, our program is growing and doing fine. Our year wouldn’t have ended as bad as it did if 3 people were not injured

    • Wayman Britt

      BrianU – You say we will pick up another 1 or 2 good recruits in 2016, if nobody transfers where does UM get those ships? Besides LeVert who will go to the NBA before 2016?

    • David Remmler

      I don’t see any bashing here although I see some on mgoblog. I’m happy to see Michigan pick up a recruit and welcome him. And I wouldn’t question Beilein’s talent evaluation. But this commitment raises big questions about our ability to pick up elite recruits. We have been hotly pursuing elite recruits in 2015 and 2016 and still haven’t picked up a top 50 guy in this country for either class. This is after we struck out on almost all our top targets in 2014. Now the numbers say we’re full for 2016 and have no room for even one of the elite recruits we’re still in on. At the same time, our rival MSU just picked up two 5 star big men in this class.

      I’m still optimistic about all our current players and new recruits. And I think we will have tourney teams going forward if we’re healthy. But I would be more optimistic if we had more success with higher rated recruits.

    • MAZS

      You do know there aren’t nearly enough scholarships available for ” a point guard, shooters and transfers”. Without our own transfers, there may be only 1 opening–Levert–and with two big man commitments already. This is an offer that could have been made later. This handcuffs going forward for 2016. Plus, with Doyle and Teske, we have bigger needs. I trust Beilein’s instincts, but I’m missing this one.

  • After the loss to Kentucky in the Elite 8 (where the Wildcats outrebounded us by 35-24), Coach Beilein said he would look to address our rebounding struggles through recruiting. He also suggested shot blocking as one of the skills his staff would target.

    Since then he has gained verbal commitments from German forward Moritz Wagner, Jon Tekse, and Austin Davis. This is by design.

    After Michigan shifted toward a ball screen offense in 2011, we’ve been a guard dominated team. Mitch McGary’s emergence during the 2013 NCAA Tournament was a fantastic surprise but he has been the exception.

    I think Coach Beilein recognizes the need for a more balanced offense and better defense (which is inextricably tied to effective defensive rebounding). Therefore has adapted his recruiting strategy to build a taller, stronger, deeper frontcourt.

    But the angst from some Michigan fans is understandable. We had 3 major needs in the 2016 class:
    1. a big man
    2. a small forward
    3. a point guard

    Jon Teske’s commitment addressed need #1. But what about the other two? Austin’s commitment limits our options.

    Without departures Michigan will be unable to take Josh Langford, Tyus Battle, or Seth Towns as a small forward. And we still a need PG, right?

    Perhaps Coach Beilein believes he already has the necessary players on the roster. Aubrey Dawkins and Muhammad Ali Abdur-Rahkman showed tremendous promise as true freshman in conference play.

    Lastly, perhaps Coach Beilein is anticipating one or more of his players to explode onto the scene in 2016. Zak Irvin may declare for the 2016 NBA Draft after his junior season if he picks up where he left off to end his sophomore season. Hence, a scholarship may become available for an elite prospect such as Josh Langford.

    • psickert1

      Thank you for your post…. I can’t believe people are complain about having too much size. It is very annoying. I hate these ” a player isn’t good until he does well and then they say ” I knew this guy would be good” . Posters. People can’t see past star rankings!

    • JosephG

      Like mentioned .. My gut says JB really believes in MAAR n Dawkins .. Besides if we truly are fans.. Let’s stay positive and trust in the moves/ acquisitions being made.

  • psickert1

    I am really starting to hate coming around these parts. Some of you guys are the worst kind of fan. People complain. People speculate.

    Everyone mianed and complained about no having size and now they are complaining about the size that we have now. Smh
    This one poster who rarely post. Is going on a want about him not being good enough due to competition and is saying that a player will transure.

    It just freaking annoy’s the heck out of me.

    Mortuary Wagner commits and people complain and now this kid does and people complain and you wonder why kids don’t come here, everyone is still in love with freaking star ratings. Beliein offered thinking because of talents and who’s to say teske is any better because is ranked higher ?

    I’m really annoyed and is considering not coming to this board anymore. Yeah, I know I don’t matter blah blah blah. Some people are so disrespectful to this program and student athletes and you call yourselves fans.

    Even if you don’t like the committment at least respect the kids and despite you not liking them our coach staff did and you are not a Damn coach.

    I’m not saying that you have to like the kids game bit respect the child

    • Tyrell

      Personally I will not fault the player. We should be happy to have a guy who wants to play at UM (committing within the hour). My issue is wondering why JB offered. We clearly need a PG/SG more so than another 5.

      • psickert1

        Yes but do you recall fans complaining about not having e’er bought size, rebound and height to guard the post but now when we get size people complains about lack of guards. Just pisses me off. All of the schools in the conference areally getting bigger and experience and yet we question Every darn recruit. Look at Maryland and Indiana. We need size!!! We need skill!! We lost a ton of game because we couldn’t guard the post or rebound. Beilien is realizing that.

        • Tyrell

          Recall when we had an extremely limited guard bench – only Matt Vogrech and had too many 4-5? JB has a history of making questionable recruiting moves.

    • Chillax

      Dude, relax…It’s just basketball and speculating about incoming people is one of the fun parts during the offseason. Its not disrespectful to critique the coach or the team, and I’ll share some wisdom with you, no college coach is perfect. Beilein even admitted he’d made the mistake of relying on his vets too early in the season not getting the younger guys enough exposure. He’s a great coach and I respect him, but I’m not going to stop wondering why he made certain maneuvers. The fact is he’s right more often than not, but he’s not always right.

      As far as the new players we are going to find out who’s got the drive to get better, who’s doing the sanderson camps, who’s going to be a bust. I would love for everyone to be great but it’s not gunna happen. Horford and all of these other players transferred for a reason. So relax, have a beer, and enjoy the next season

  • Webbdog

    A good Pick up.