Caris LeVert says NBA decision coming ‘pretty soon’

Alejandro Zúñiga

Caris LeVert’s future could depend largely on his NBA draft evaluation.

If the junior guard is projected to be selected in the first round, he’ll consider declaring. Otherwise, he said Wednesday at Michigan’s postseason award celebration, it wouldn’t make sense to leave.

Though LeVert was among the first to receive his draft grade, he requested a reevaluation in order to get an accurate prediction given the number of underclassmen who have declared from other programs in recent weeks. He said the initial projection was “a little” in line with what he had expected.

“I don’t think it really makes sense to go early and be drafted in the second round,” he said.

When will the final decision come?

“I’ll probably have a decision pretty soon,” LeVert explained.

The guard added his injury will play a major role in the process. Until Tuesday, he had been in a walking boot while recovering from surgery on a fractured bone in his foot.

If he returns, LeVert said he’d consider an insurance policy to protect himself financially in the event of further injuries.

“Hopefully, in a couple weeks, I’ll feel better, but that’s tough to gauge right now,” he said.

LeVert said he’s factoring his health and his education — he’s “a couple more semesters” away from graduating. And, he admitted being part of the program next winter could be special.

“We’d be a really good team if I came back,” he said. “There’s pros and cons both ways.

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  • Mattski

    Alright, I’d bet that leaves most of us feeling he’s almost certainly back. I don’t see it as a dead certainty he’s as dominant next year. The rest of the team has continued to develop, and I’m sure that, too, has played a part in his thinking. But I do think Michigan will be an upper-echelon B1G team and, as has largely been the case with Beilein teams, fun to watch.

    • Champswest

      I thought during the season, after his injury, that he was probably 50-60% coming back. It is probably higher now, but I am not in that “almost certainly” camp just yet. Who knows what goes on in the minds of these young men.

  • bobohle

    Well gang the domino effect should start falling next week.

    • Mattski

      The ‘domino effect’ may be that nothing more happens on the recruiting front.

      • bobohle

        That could be.

  • Wayman Britt

    With the large number of quality underclassman declaring for the NBA draft, I would say the chances of Caris playing as a Wolverine next year are very high. I would assume his reevaluation will lower his draft order.

    • Anthony

      I think it’s important for him to do pre draft workouts which is where some guys will pass him for example zach lavine last year.

    • bobohle

      It just boggles the mind to the large number of underclassmen on top of the quality seniors and foreign players also. They must be happy to receive a D League or Overseas paycheck.