John Beilein to visit four-star prospect Kenny Williams

Alejandro Zúñiga

Kenny Williams, a four-star prospect who recently decommitted from VCU, will have a visitor in town this weekend.

The Chesterfield, Virginia native confirmed to that John Beilein plans to meet with the shooting guard now that he has been granted his release from the Rams.

“The plan is for him to come down this weekend,” Williams said in a text message to UM Hoops.

The 6-foot-3 guard, considered one of the best shooters in the Class of 2015, added there’s “nothing specific” he’s looking for from the meeting. He also said he hasn’t set a timetable for determining his college decision.

News of Beilein’s visit was first reported by’s Evan Daniels.

“He’s started the recruiting process,” Kenny Williams Sr. told Daniels. “Right now he’s trying go gather information and see what’s available to him and try and create some relationships and try to make some decisions in the near future.”

According to, Kenny Williams is considering Georgetown, North Carolina and Virginia in addition to the Wolverines, and the prospect has already spoken on the phone with coaches from the latter three schools.

Before committing to VCU in August, Williams had expressed interest in Michigan, but didn’t visit campus. The Tar Heels and Hoyas were also finalists in his decision.

  • bobohle

    Coach B must know ways to free up scholarships by still beating the bushes for 2015 talent. I am very happy he is covering all possibilities. Remember Jaylen Brown is still in the mix also. Does anyone know if Moritz Wagner has been cleared by NCAA for this year. I just remember there was a problem a couple years ago with another German Recruit that didn’t get clearance.

    • ZRL

      IMO, he seems like more of a contingency plan in case Caris goes pro and Jaylen Brown goes elsewhere and/or is taking a long time to decide..

    • Wayman Britt

      Good point about Moritz, that could be a problem, but I would think Beilein has investigated Moritz after going through Benzing’s ordeal.

  • Nick

    I feel awful for saying this, but I’d rather see Levert go pro (even though I don’t think it is his best interest) and Kenny Williams committing than Levert returning.

    • EchoWhiskey

      I don’t think it’s an either/or situation, but I disagree with the sentiment.

    • Wayman Britt

      I don’t know – Nick. LeVert is an established great player I would love for him to come back for one season. Don’t judge him by just the first two months of this season.

      Kenny Williams is a nice player, but UM could pick up a similar player in 2016 recruiting and not miss getting him this year.

    • psickert1

      Lever is rare talent. 6ft7 handles, shoots mid range, three pointers and free throw well , athletic with the potential to defend 3 position and people said I was crazy because I wanted Wagner or Edwards more than a one and done rental in Jaylen Brown but what do I know I am crazy I suppose. I want good players that will stay at least 2 to 3 years and leave us enough time to replace him. Anyways, it is what it is..

      • Nick

        And that’s kind of how I’m looking at it: 3/4 years of WIlliams > Caris Sr year. I just love his game. He just has a certain toughness and competitiveness about him that I think this team has routinely lacked under Belein.

        When Swanigan picked State, I saw some people post that MI needed a big recruit to keep pace. If you want to keep pace with State, get some kids who can play intense defense and don’t back down from anyone. I feel like Williams fits the bill.

        • MAZS

          We don’t have to play MSU’s style to compete with them. We have done just fine (until injuries this year) against MSU playing our far more enjoyable style.

          • Mattski

            Thank you. Not gonna happen anyway. Williams does look scappy, though.

          • MAZS

            Like you, I am not saying Williams isn’t good or that we don’t want him. Far from it. I just don’t want to emulate the screaming, pushing, ugly MSU style.

          • Nick

            I am not saying they should play their style or emulate them. But I think occasionally you need to add a guy with an edge to the mix.

      • Tyrell

        Yeah your crazy.

  • Leslie Hoerwinkle

    John Calipari told Beilein he should pull Mark Donnal’s scholarship.

    • Tyrell


    • mikey_mac

      That’s more of a Crean move.

      • bobohle

        That’s a stretch about Calipari,but that maybe how Wiltjer ended up at Gonzaga.

  • Corperryale

    Williams looks fine but like many I would prefer one more year of LeVert. It’s unfortunate that the window on other quality recruits may close while waiting for LeVert to make his decision, but I guess that’s the way it goes. Extrapolating from the Freep article, it doesn’t look like we’re still trying for Brown. (In short: we would only take him if LeVert’s scholarship opens up — won’t reassess Hatch’s status — by which time Brown will have likely made his decision; and anyway, we’re clearly focusing on Plan B SGs like Williams, not jumpshot-averse 1-and-done forwards).

    Better get a serious talent haul in 2016. Two more 16-16 years absolutely will not cut it.

    • bobohle

      I hear you.

    • Tyrell

      What evidence do you have to support your statement out us being done with Brown? He wants to go to an Addis school so I see it either being (Kansas, UCLA, or UM).

      • David

        Brown squashed the adidas rumor last week, said he was misquoted.

  • Frank Chuck

    Many seem to be forgetting that LeVert and Williams does not have to be an either/or scenario.

    Austin Hatch might take a medical redshirt since he’s unlikely to ever play meaningful minutes for Michigan.

    • Tyrell

      Disagree. I can’t see JB doing that.

      • John

        JB is a really good guy but he is not a saint, with no regard for competitive necessity. If the scenario comes where we need that spot to open up it will open up.

        • Anthony

          I think Austin would understand as well he is a team guy and I think he would take the medical redshirt to help coach belien

    • MAZS

      Thee are even other options for Hatch that don’t include a permanent medical redshirt.

      • camblue

        there are? what are they?

        • MAZS

          going non-scholarship for a year, for one

    • ChaseGoBlue

      So potentially if Hatch does a redshirt for a season we could have both brown and levert?

      • Frank Chuck

        Once Hatch does a medical redshirt, he won’t be able to play at Michigan. It would be permanent.

        But if Hatch takes the medical redshirt, then we can have Caris LeVert and another player (Jaylen Brown or Kenny Williams).

        • ChaseGoBlue

          Man that would be terrible for Hatch. I can deffinitely see that happening though.

  • Tyrell

    What is the difference between this year and last year (in regards to not going after Bleuitt and going after Williams)?

  • Webbdog

    He is referring to Robin Benzing.