Report: Michigan meets with Cornell graduate transfer Shonn Miller

Dylan Burkhardt

According to a report by ESPN’s Jeff Goodman, Michigan was one of four high-major teams to meet with Cornell graduate transfer Shonn Miller.

Goodman reports that UConn, Illnois and Boston College met with Miller on Thursday while Michigan was in on Friday. Goodman added that Miller met with Marquette and will also meet with Cal.

Miller averaged 16.8 points and 8.5 rebounds per game last season for Cornell and will have immediate eligibility at his new school.  The 6-foot-7 forward shot 49% on twos and 28% on threes last season, but had the 6th best defensive rebounding rate in the country. He’s also an above-average shot blocker with a top-100 block rate.

According to Synergy Sports, Miller is an above-average post-up scorer. He’s also effective finishing cuts at the rim and in transition, but his jump shot still appears to be a work in progress.

Miller is transferring because of an Ivy League rule which prohibits graduate students from competing. He previously used a redshirt year due to injury. If he wanted to remain eligible at Cornell next year, he would have needed to delay his graduation and remain an undergraduate student. Instead he can transfer anywhere in the country, on scholarship, and play out his final season of eligibility.

Here are some highlights of Miller in action during his senior season at Cornell.

  • Quick off the floor.

  • Nice NYTimes story on Miller

    First impression from watching a few highlights is that he would add a lot of things that this team lacked (baseline finisher, defensive rebounder) and could fill that GR3 role pretty well.

    Also seems like a kid that should get a lot of interest.

    • ChathaM

      It would also be nice to have an “old” player who contributes.

    • Mattski

      That was my take: several missing pieces of the big puzzle. Could help make next year’s a more complete team. If anyone could integrate him quickly, Beilein and co. . . .

      • Mattski

        People should read that article.

    • Lanknows

      Well put, GR3 is the best Michigan comp. Michigan could clearly use another wing player if Caris goes pro. I don’t think Beilein feels completely comfortable with Dawkins/Irvin at the 4 and would rather they were at the 2/3 positions along with Robinson. I think they like Chatman and MAAR but those two are still a year away from being assets as rotation players. Miller could push those guys to end-of-bench roles for the year and give a much need dose of athleticism and good size (for a Beilein 4).

      Walton/Irvin/Dawkins/Miller/Wilson is lineup that could bring Michigan’s defensive athleticism to unprecedented levels under Beilein. Buttressing the frontline with size and shotblocking would also allow more Walton/Albrecht backcourts, letting two of Michigan’s best offensive players run without compromising defense too much.

      • Lanknows

        It also makes Robinson more playable if he complemented by a more athletic and physical player.

      • psickert1

        Did you see MAAR play? I don’t know what games you were watching because I saw a super talent..none attacks and finish difficult shots like he does and is good defender as well. CHATMAN showed some flashes as well. All of the freshman will be at camp sanderson, so who’s to say that they won’t improve?

        I hope that we recruit big men and big guards….Winston or Thorton (sp?)would be my exception.

        • Lanknows

          I’d be shocked if they didn’t improve…but there are reason Michigan didn’t even make the NIT this year and MAAR and Chatman playing major roles were some of the biggest. It’s likely that if Walton, LeVert, and maybe Robinson are in the rotation in 2015-16, those guys will be marginalized. Bad for them, but good for Michigan basketball.

          Michigan has traditionally played an 8 man rotation. Spike, Derrick, Caris, Zak, Aubrey are (IMO) clearly the top 5 and then you have to account for the center rotation (Doyle and Wilson/Donnal), which leaves room for one or two more at most. Robinson and Miller are probably better fits for team needs than MAAR and Chatman right now….but that says nothing about their junior and senior seasons.

  • The question here is how does everything fit together?

    Michigan looking at a lot of frontcourt help. Obviously there’s Brown and Wagner — seemingly at the top of the pecking order, but how do you compare 1 year of Shonn Miller to a Mike Edwards or a Levi Cook?

    • Wayman Britt

      UM needs to get at least Brown or Wagner to stay competitive against that team in East Lansing and now Maryland since they got Stone. But, if that doesn’t work then you take Miller for one year. He brings defense and rebounding. Still not sold on Edwards and Cook. I would hold off on Edwards and Cook and aim for a top 50 recruit(s) for 2016. Don’t rush to fill roster spots.

      • psickert1

        I am so glad that you are not any part of our staff. Didn’t you learn from banking scholarship. Put it this if we didn’t have MAAR and Dawkins this team wolves had a worse record.

        The Same people who want you bank scholarships are the same ones complaining when another players that we recruited performs well at another school.

        Coach Beilien knows what he is doing. ANY recruit that he consider a fit is a fit. That’s that.

        You have never seen these guys play other than videos. I’m not calling you out, I just wish that people driving being message board gurus

        • Corperryale

          “I’m not calling you out.” [Preceded by calling him out.]

          Not calling you out, but this “don’t you dare question the coach” nonsense is getting old.

          At this point, I don’t really care WHO they staff recruits as long as they win. But if they miss on big recruits and end up recruiting quirky lower-tier guys, AND fail to win consistently, they shouldn’t be above criticism.

          • havkarl

            Sounds good. Very odd statement to make though. Michigan has the best record in the big ten over the last four years. So I guess what you’re saying is we need to win even more-er?

            That was meant in jest. But along your point, I think some questioning is healthy. In my opinion, the important thing to know is whether there is truly an issue. I mean let’s be real. MAAR, spike, and Dawkins are INCREDIBLE misses from every other program. In top of that, michigan has had the most success in this period with NBA talent among little recruited players.

            If anything, his eye for 4 star talent is superior than any other coach. Just my opinion.

          • Corperryale

            Not sure I agree about the last statement. Wisconsin consistently seems to do much more with less than Michigan does. MSU this year had no stars outside Dawson are they are in the final four. Iowa is not loaded with five stars either. And those are just Big Ten teams.

            I agree that we probably do more with 1-stars than any other team. Although Harvard and Belmont looked pretty good.

            Not trying to be unduly hard on the staff but I don’t think it’s productive to wear rose-colored glasses either.

          • havkarl

            Wisconsin is a great example. And I simply can’t argue how good of a coaching job they have. Despite absolutely hating to watch them win, it is cool for the Big 10 to have several very talented coaches.

            Having said that, time in program is an important factor when comparing against any two teams. The Wisconsin and MSU average ages are much higher than ours. I can imagine that the point value per player projects well over the next three years with the current roster, combined with the staff’s ability to develop talent. When our average time in the program is equivalent to their current level, I would be interested in comparing the statistics against both team’s profiles to see who is better at that juncture.

            Despite having a different view, I do appreciate the discussion with you and your opinion.

          • psickert1

            Great post couldn’t have said it any better. MAAR had over 30 offers and Dawkins had some nice offers as well but pzople coplained about thier rankings and want Beilien to bank the ships. Now everyone is concerned about Duncan Robinson playing 3 D ball.

            People never learn.

          • psickert1

            It’s getting to you but not for me…we have with major talent and lesser talent. We have been to two sweet sixteens, elite 8, a final four and eventual championship game with no so highly recruits. This season we played tough with two guys people complain about because they were added late and a crazy point guard that people were upset about us offering because his only offer was Appalachian State.

            I stand by what I stated. A bunch of recruits slot of people questioned helped us win and compete and we would’ve been tourney bound if Levert and Walton wouldn’t have got hurt.

            It is what it is.

  • Jake

    Do we know roughly when Brown or Wagner will make the decision?

    • bobohle

      Earlier this week it was stated Brown planned on deciding April 1.

      • I wouldn’t expect an April 1st decision. That was something he said much earlier in the process. Before the late visits to UM and Cal.

        With all of the events coming up, presumably sometime in April

        • bobohle

          The signing period starts April 15 this year. Correct?

          • Correct, but there’s not really any reason for that day to be particularly important. Jaylen can operate on whatever schedule he wants.

  • Corperryale

    Will take if he’s the best they can get for next year. (Obviously would prefer Brown.) Looks strong and can elevate. Slow release but I gather he’s not a perimeter shooter. U-M has enough talented young guys not to have to worry about only getting one year out of an experienced guy. 17 and 8 is pretty solid, even for the Ivy league. If he can play a physical GR3-type role that would be great. What would scare me would be for him to take Bielfeldt’s place as an undersized big.

  • Champswest

    It is nice to see that we have some options. It all depends on LeVert and how many scholarships we have to work with (1,2 or 3). Without Caris, there is more of a need for a guard, but if he leaves, we would have at least 2 openings so we could take a guard and a big.

  • Justin

    Well guys first off it makes me sick to see MSU where they are currently, I sure hope UL defeats them tomorrow and I never root for UL after they defeated us in the NC two years ago. Just can’t believe Sparty is here with the current roster of talent. They have a chance to be even better next year with recruits and Eron Harris on board. Izzo is a BOSS.

    As for us…OPTIONS as stated below is a good thing. I look at our current roster and I am really impressed with the development we had during the last two months. If I’m Levert I’m gone but I hope he returns.

    As for the others…I like the future of MAAR, Dawkins, and Doyle. I see them all as valuable pieces for our program moving forward. Doyle just please rebound more, too big of a body not to average 6+ boards a game.

    Walton needs to be the Walton that everything thinks he can be, right now he is solid but has not played to the level of Travis Trice or Monte Morris (many people don’t see this guy play in B10 country) but I work in the B12 and I have seen him in person the last 2 years 6 times…He is a baller and has an assist to turnover ratio that is extremely impressive. Plus he is a bigger guard can finish at the rim and also shoot over the top of defenders with both the mid-range game (i.e. Texas win) or 3’s.

    Irvin made progress, want to see more of it. Spike is what he is a crafty undersized guard, love to have him on the team, great IQ and look forward to his senior season.

    Wilson we shall see, hopefully can be a defensive stopper. Duncan well I’m not even sure what to expect here. A d3 transfer to a high level d1 program, that almost never happens. Maybe he can be the next Smotty on our team.

    Chatman…he has a lot to improve on to live up to his expectations coming in as a freshman. I feel next year he will be a different player…Let’s hope its more than wishful thinking.

    Donnal…I am not a fan and would love to see transfer down to a MAC school, I think he is that kind of player. Not much better than Blake McLimans. I mean he is soft and doesn’t do any one thing really well. Doyle is better and Max was too, that says enough for me. 2 years in the program, I would like to see him move on ASAP. I would take Kenny Kaminski (former MSU Spartan and now Ohio Bobcat) over Mark Donnal in a heartbeat.

    Let’s see what the recruits do here in 2015 and 2016…Need better ones, could always use a solid grad transfer. Maybe Eric Davis comes available with Barnes firing at UT. Need a big bounce back year. Below I put down some guys I could think of that we recruited, man I wish we would have had 2 or 3 we could have had this year especially Jalen, Monte and Kevon.

    Anything less than a top 4 finish in the B10 and a sweet 16 appearance next year for UM would be a disappointment in my eyes. We need high expectations because without them you are not a big-time program. The year after we need to make another run at the Final Four.

    Monte Morris So. (Iowa State)
    Demetrius Jackson So. (Notre Dame)
    Jalen Reynolds So. (Xavier)
    Devin Booker Fr. (Kentucky)
    James Blackmon Fr. (Indiana)
    Trevon Bluitt Fr. (Xavier)
    Kevon Looney Fr. (UCLA)
    Vince Edwards Fr. (Purdue)

    • michaeltheoriginal
      • psickert1

        T is guy would be a great get and add a much need size. He can play the 1, 2 or 3.

    • psickert1

      I hope our current staff and players see what Michigan state is doing right and realize the importance of rebounding and defense not just offense. The play as a team and had great leadership. Toughness not just finesse.

      I root for Michigan but since Until didn’t make the tourney…I root for state. IZZO is a great coach. HE GETS THE MOST OUT HIS PLAYERS AND HE RARELY HAVE GOOD PLAYERS LEAVE.

      They can even more potent next year. We need to get playing big ten ball. I miss the toughness Jordan Morgan and will wish the toughness of Max.

      Gotta salute MSU. Our time will come again once we realize that rebounding and defense is just as important as offense. That’s why I want more height on our roster.

      Height is not overrated like some say around these parts. We have to get post players not just three point shooting. Hopefully will have Spike and Caris around for senior leadership .

      I have a feeling that we have another post player possibly two alone with Duncan can and Wilson. We might have a 6ft8 version of Forbes.. we just need our player with energy like Dawson.

      I just hope coach sees what it takes to win and sustain long runs. Defense and Rebounding is very important.

      Meanwhile if state beat Duke or Gonzaga. I have by multiple rounds of drinks and wings lol or vice

      This is why I would perfer a very good 3 year player as oppose to a one and done. But Hey that just my opinion. People tend to beat you for having a opinion around these parts lol.

    • psickert1

      We can’t worry about who we missed on. Derrick Walton is a good player. Good rebound er and ball handler. Morris is a beast too. I’m not concerned about who we don’t have. I like our current players.

      As for Duncan Robinson while is everyone so concerned about him transferring from a D-3??!! Would it make people Happy if did another year of prep school?? A good player can ball anywhere and he can ball.

      D3 IS NO WORSE THAN HIGH-SCHOOL…just because a player play D3 doesn’t mean he can play. Slot of very good players get overlooked and weren’t only team who was after Duncan Robinson.

      I Just don’t why people belittle our recruits before they play and Yes I will bring up MAAR and Dawkins again if people like it or not…. enough said.

  • Chris De Sana

    Not a big enough upgrade for me to bring this player on board. Why take away valuable minutes from our younger guys unless he is a major upgrade?

  • Leslie Hoerwinkle

    This guy has some pretty big hammers for being 210 pounds.