Class of 2015 big man Mike Edwards hearing from Michigan

Dylan Burkhardt

Class of 2015 big man Mike Edwards averaged just four points per game as junior at John Glenn, but a summer of hard work, a new coach and improved play on the court has yielded him plenty of options at the next level as his senior season draws to a close.

He’s emerged under new John Glenn coach Rod Watts and is now averaging 22 points and 12 rebounds per game. Edwards has picked up high major offers from Georgia, Kansas State and Nebraska in the last month and has started to hear in earnest from John Beilein, Bacari Alexander and the Michigan coaching staff.

“I want to say around December (they started recruiting me),” Edwards explained during a phone interview on Monday night. “I’ve been talking to coach Beilein and Bacari Alexander. They’re both good, I like them.”

Standing 6-foot-10, 222 pounds, Edwards credits his recent improvement to opportunity and hard work.

“Mainly just getting extra work outs in the summer and getting in the gym a lot more,” Edwards explained. “AAU also helped with that, but we also got a new coach (Rod Watts).

“I’ve definitely improved finishing around the basket, running the floor better and crashing for rebounds better.”

Edwards was on campus in Ann Arbor over the weekend to play with the current Michigan team in an open gym and held his own against Michigan’s current team.

“I actually went up there for an open gym workout (over the weekend),” he said. “I got to play with the team and that went well. I definitely kept up with them so that’s good.”

The senior has already been to Ann Arbor for several visits. He’s been to Ann Arbor for football games, basketball games and Michigan’s College Practice Camp, where he first exploded onto the radar.

“That’s when they started getting really interested in me,” Edwards said. “Beilein said he really liked my style of play back then and he just kept following me ever since then.”

Michigan coaches are intrigued by Edwards’ versatility.

“They said they like my potential,” he said. “They like how I can run the floor for a big and how I’m just quick. They just pointed out that those are some key things that could help their team.”

Edwards listed Georgia, Nebraska, Kansas State, Bowling Green and Michigan as the schools recruiting him the hardest. He previous took an official visit to Northern Illinois and is planning to take an official visit to Georgia this weekend. He hopes to make his decision in April and will be looking for the right fit — both on campus and on the court.

“How the atmosphere is first and good surroundings,” he said. “Also in basketball terms what my role will be coming in.

“Coaches have been saying that I can come in and be a stretch four and have an advantage against other bigs because I’m more athletic and scoring more.”

Michigan coaches told Edwards that there’s a possibility that a scholarship could be waiting for him, but that he’ll have to wait while the roster is sorted out.

“(Michigan) said they may have an offer pending,” he said. “But they said they might know in a week.”

The Wolverines currently have one scholarship available and recently hosted five-star wing Jaylen Brown and German forward Moritz Wagner. Michigan could have additional roster spots due to any potential attrition due to transfers or the NBA Draft.

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  • Jonathan Grady

    Dylan, I’ve read a couple of reports that have him listed at 6’8″ and others (like this one) that have him at 6’10″…Is he a legit 6’10”? And for whatever reason, when I watch his film I have a very hard time getting a feel for him. You see him in that clip on the break, with that pretty impressive spin move and think this guy might have a pretty high ceiling. Then at other times, I can’t help but think it seems like he’s so unorthodox. What would you say, in terms of offering some comparisons, that his ceiling and his floor would be at Michigan?

    • He told me that he was 6-foot-10, 222 pounds. Don’t have an official measurement obviously, but going off his word. Looks like his coach told Brendan he was 6-foot-9.

      Tough to say RE: ceiling/floor. I’ve only seen the same film as you. You can definitely see the potential, but still rough around the edges.

    • psickert1

      I Think part of the unorthodox and awkwardness is from the God awful music in his video. He looks like he has a high motor and some skill. He Also has a knack for rebounding . I see A little bit of Mcgary in him. His jumper hit all nets on most of his shot and he has a quick release. Great compliment to our current big men.

    • psickert1

      Oops, I just saw the video without the music. He still talented to me and plays Big. We need toughness.

  • Chris De Sana

    So is Brown or Wagner the pending offer? As for this kid I am all for adding length but the “stretch 4” comment has me wondering as I did not see much jump shooting in highlights.

    • Think he means more that there’s a ‘pending offer’ for him depending on how things shake out with the roster.

    • Webbdog

      Try watching this Video. Yes he was not being checked but he looks to have good form on his shot. Over time I could see him develop that shot with consistency.

      • Chris De Sana

        This video is far better than the game video previously posted.

        • countourzealous

          Ya. I kind of want this kid because I don’t want to have play against him if he chooses another B1G team.

  • A2MIKE

    I know this is going to be met with skepticism, but he reminds me of Laettner, more than McGary. That jump shot can be developed, as he has good form and a quick release. He is not super athletic, but athletic enough that he can compete and probably be effective as a 4. His ball handling is impressive for a kid of that size, and JB was spot on with the quickness quality, all of this reminds me of Laettner at Duke.

    • countourzealous

      You’re not selling him very well.

  • Nick

    So many stretch 4 “types” on this roster already..

  • Champswest

    What’s not to like about this guy? He can move, dribble and shoot and it sounds like he has only had coaching for a year. When I look at bigs, I try to imagine what they can be in 2 or 3 years. Think how much Morgan and Beilfeldt improved over the years.
    I don’t see a problem with too many bigs as we will have 3 or 4 guys spread over 3 years.

    • countourzealous

      He looks like a great player, we just don’t have enough scholarships. It’s pretty unfortunate. Hatch has earned his scholarship, but I think I read on here he might declare a medical scholarship? I’m not sure if that would open up an additional spot on the team. Getting two of these three players would be ideal though, as well as holding onto Caris.

  • Wayman Britt

    This kid looks like he has potential, but I just don’t know. Let’s just not worry if he will turn out to be a star, instead let’s get the known quantity and just get Brown to commit to Beilein. UM needs the one stud player who can take over a game in the last 3 minutes and I think everybody would agree that is Mr. Jaylen Brown.

    • countourzealous

      There’s rumblings that Caris may come back. If we can get Caris and Jaylen on the floor together (ha, Michigan’s next great Jaylen… I know it’s spelled differenty) that would be something else to watch. If we have Brown and Caris, we are legit Big Title contenders. Possibly even a Final Four team. I don’t think I’m being hyperbolic in that assessment.

      • psickert1

        I hope that CARIS does come back. he is still very young for his age and wants to get his degree because of his deceased father would’ve wanted that. He has the option to take the money and run because no-one even thought he would be first round pick, or even drafted period.

        Getting him back is like getting a one and done 5 star. Also we have two potential 4stars coming in as well. ( Wilson and Duncan) .

        We have 3 great options and I hope that we get one or two, especially if Caris follows his dream.

        I wouldn’t touch Sina. No offense. I would prefer Size. I have a felling that MAAR, Dawkins or even possibly Chatman, can be developed as NBA players.

        If you don’t think so, just look at Caris, Darius Morris and Nic. With a camp Sanders dinner session and knowledge of the game. Don’t be surprised. All of our showed flashes of brilliance

        • countourzealous

          I feel like Caris has a solid head on his shoulders. Stauskas will be there in the Summer to train, and I’m sure Caris would love to stay around and train with Nik. He is VERY young for being a senior next year. I’m really surprised how highly ranked he is, however. There’s a lot that needs to be developed in his game. He can do that in the D-League, or he could continue to learn under Beilein and compete at the highest college level AND get his degree. I think he may have a sense of “unfinished business.”

  • He gets out and runs hard, is quick and pretty skilled. He can play for me.