Michigan not selected for NIT, season over

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan’s disappointing season is officially over. The Wolverines were not selected as one of 32 teams to participate in the NIT and they will not participate in any postseason play.

John Beilein previously told reporters that Michigan would not participate in the CIT or CBI this season.

The Wolverines were thought of as one of roughly ten teams competing for the final five spots in the NIT, bracket but missed the field with a .500 record.

This marks the first time that Michigan won’t participate in the postseason since it finished 15-17 (7-11 B1G) in 2009-10. The Wolverines reached the NCAA tournament during in each of the last four seasons with trips to the Elite Eight and Final Four.

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  • Neatnate

    Hate to see this. An awesome group that I’m excited to see grow into a competitive squad next year.

  • Tony DeMaria

    Disappointed but not unexpected. If we foul at the end of the Northwestern game we are probably in. Can’t wait for next year.

    • David

      Plenty of statistical analysis on the foul-up-by-3 discussion, no advantage to fouling. We missed the NIT because of injuries and a late-blooming team. We’ll be much better next season.

      • geoffclarke

        We had A LOT of winnable games that we lost DESPITE the injuries and late-booming team. I think those are definitely factors, but I think it was simply the fact that we couldn’t finish strong in tight, winnable games. You can reasonably point to youth as one factor in this inability to finish, but on the other hand, our past two teams were quite young and they did very well at finishing close games. It’s just something these kids haven’t learned yet, and the first sign was Villanova early in the season.

        • GoBlue0915

          Well granted we definitely should have won at Illinois and Northwestern but this team did finish strong beating Ohio State at home, not losing to Rutgers to end the season, and beating Illinois on a neutral court so that 3-0 streak before running out of gas against Wisconsin I would say was a pretty good finish. Should we have won at least @UI and @NW? Absolutely. But I like the momentum and direction the last 2 weeks of the season.

  • Corperryale

    Not unexpected, but disappointing considering that garbage teams like Illinois and Alabama (who fired their coach) got in. Also disappointing in light of the favouritism shown to other big-brand programs like UCLA and Texas which did not deserve NCAA at-large bids. Lastly, disappointing because they were one or two ridiculous choke jobs (take your pick: Illinois, NW, NJIT, EMU) away from being selected.

    Oh well, I am expecting a deep run in the real tournament next year and will save any real disappointment for failure to do so 365 days from now. In the meantime, I will cheer for Steve Fisher’s Aztecs, plucky teams like Gonzaga and Wyoming, and whoever plays Wisconsin.

    • JohnNavarreIsMyHero

      Yeah what in the world is Alabama doing in it. Fire your coach, then hey, here’s another game for your coachless team.

      Illinois being in is a joke as well.

      I thought they would look beyond the numbers a bit, but apparently they did the same old thing as just based it a better record as opposed to who was playing better overall.

    • bird

      Look up the NIT sponsors. Don’t patronize them, largest alumni base in the land.

    • RC

      Oh no wait, Illinois is a garbage team but they finished the B1G season in front of you. So do the math: If IL=gbage and IL>UM then UM = the pond slime under the gbage. Take it!

  • Wayman Britt

    A 500 record is not going to get you into the NIT. ASU had the worst record they were 2 games over 500 and Bama was next with 4 games over. Getting ready for next year begins tomorrow.

  • GoBlue0915

    Given our attrition to NBA/transfer/overseas play and injuries to Derek and Caris, as well as #7 SOS in the country and beating OSU and Illinois to end the season as well as playing a tied game with 5 minutes to go against Wisconsin, I thought we would be selected for the NIT. Very unfortunate to not get in but Meyer, Bacari, and Beilein should help the team utilize this disappointment as motivation to strive for improvement in the offseason and compete for the Big Ten title next year.

    Regardless of LaVert’s decision on the NBA, we should be one of the top 5 teams of the B1G next year *if healthy*. Assuming continued development and consistency of high level play for Irving, MAAR, Dawkins, Doyle and if Chatman can build on the February/March he just had, I really like our chances next year when we add in DJ Wilson and Duncun Robinson. As for Spike, just keep doing what you’re doing, get the surgery/treatment for your hip/leg and come bag more conditioned for 25 min/game. Hopefully, Walton can get back to 100%.

    Given the seniors gone on Wisconsin/MSU, it should be a wide-open league next year. I like our chances. Go Blue! #Team100

    • JohnNavarreIsMyHero

      Apparently the only number that mattered was record. I mean us compared to Illinois, we proved on a neutral court we are A LOT better.

    • RC

      The B1G title…..what a wonderful dream you, have but pinch yourself. Is there anything of substance that logically brings you to that conclusion? Hope is not a strategy and Michigan’s task got much harder with Maryland, Nebraska, Pedophile State all joining the B1G party.

  • Stephen Chang

    Very disappointed to see the season end like this. Hopefully next year we bring everyone back, but I think Levert might leave for the NBA. This year was very tough to watch but I like what Coach Beilein and the rest of the coaching staff with MARR, Dawkins, Doyle. I think next year is where I see this group will not only improve defensively, but offensively as well. I will keep an eye on them and Go Blue!

  • Indiana_Matt

    If you want to cheer for guys in the Big Dance we recruited way back in the day: Larry Nance, Jr. and Wyoming and Dominic Pointer and St. John’s.