Caris LeVert mulling future as recovery continues

Alejandro Zúñiga

CHICAGO, Ill. — Caris LeVert hasn’t made up his mind quite yet.

Michigan’s guard, who is projected as a first-round pick if he were declare for the NBA Draft, says he’ll wait until the April 27th deadline to decide whether he’ll return for his senior season.

In the meantime, LeVert is weighing the pros and cons of both, talking to Mitch McGary and Glenn Robinson III “like every day” to ensure he makes the proper move.

“Coming back next year would definitely be very fun for me. Very beneficial for me, and the team as well,” he said. “Going to the NBA would also be fun. That’s a lifetime dream. It’s definitely going to be a tough decision.”

LeVert, who has been sidelined since January with a broken bone in his foot, says his recovery is progressing on schedule, though he’s not sure if the injury will heal quickly enough to compete in front of scouts before the draft deadline.

“I think I’ll be back in a couple weeks from now, but I won’t be comfortable playing for a couple more weeks after that,” LeVert said. “I think that’ll weigh into my decision a little bit.”

Until then, the guard says he’s working out with strength and conditioning coach Jon Sanderson to ensure a smooth recovery, and relying on coaches and family for support as he considers his future.

“Everyone is really different,” LeVert said. “Not everyone is going to be the same. You just have to make the decision that’s best for you.”


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  • jblair52

    If that foot isn’t ready to let him perform in front of scouts, I think his stock will drop majorly and thus strongly affect his decision.

  • Bailor

    Is he really first round material? Don’t get me wrong I love LeVert, but how is his stock higher this year than it was last year?