2015 Big Ten Tournament bracket finalized, Michigan to open against Illinois

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan will open the Big Ten Tournament on Thursday at noon against No. 8 Illinois (BTN).

The Wolverines are the No. 9 seed in the tournament and split the season series with the Illini this season. If Michigan beats Illinois, it will face the outright conference champions, Wisconsin, on Friday afternoon.

Here’s the full bracket:

  • ChipperFliet

    Just about everybody i would rather see UM play is on the other side of the bracket. Except for Illinois, they just don’t match up well with Wis, Purdue, or Iowa. Good Luck Mich. Go Blue.

    • ChipperFliet

      Maybe they should have the managers suit up again. Worked last time!

    • Corperryale

      Nobody matches up well against Wisconsin. The others are doable if they come out swinging.

    • I don’t really think matchups are the issue for Michigan as much as depth. This team plays essentially 6 or 7 guys and rarely goes to its bench. Winning multiple games in back-to-back days will be very tough.

      • A2MIKE

        It depends. If we are really going to go ‘ALL OUT’ and try to win this thing (which other than 2010, we have never really tried in the sense of doing everything and anything needed to win), then JB should contemplate different lineups. For instance, a guard heavy lineup that sees Chatman absorb 20+ minutes on Thursday, but a “big lineup” on Friday that sees Bielfeldt, Doyle and Donnal all play 20+ minutes between the 4 and 5. It would be really helpful if Walton could just give us 10-15 minutes each game, but not worth the overall risk if he isn’t healthy.

        • A2MIKE

          Also, need to play lots of zone. No point in playing man to man and chasing teams all over. I would love to see us go 2-3 exclusively on Thursday.

          • John

            Our zone has been ugly lately. I would not mind seeing it from time to time but we have really kind of got destroyed in zone. Illinois came back against us from like 9 down in two minutes against the 1-3-1.

  • Amaizeman

    Dylan, under different big ten tourney outcomes, what do you think are the chances of UM making the NIT?

    • I think they have a decent shot if they win 2 games. Think it would be a long shot if they only beat Illinois.

      • John

        I really disagree here. I think the NIT wants competitive teams. Michigan is certainly that with a certain additional appeal of young, exciting players and a program that has gone deep into the tourney the last two years. I think the NIT will go out of there way to get Michigan in. I believe a win against Illinois seals it, and I think they will go deep into it if they get a bid, probably to MSG.

        • Worth noting that the NIT is now run by the NCAA so it’s not just the Gazelle Group picking the teams that would be good for TV ratings.

          #1 seeds that lose conference tourneys get auto bids (there are already 3 of those) and then the other teams are selected by a process more similar to the NCAA tourney.

          • John

            I think Michigan gets in on merit, anyway. While OT v. Wisconsin and Michigan State and a heartbreaker against Nova obviously do nothing for an NCAA bid, I think they mean something for the NIT.
            I also think the question when it comes to non-auto NIT bid becomes more “can this team win it-can this team beat people” more than “does their resume warrant it.” I would stunned if we beat Illinois and were left out of the NIT.

          • Lose on Thursday and I think definitely out. Win one and they have a chance I suppose.

  • p

    we have lost 7 games in the past 3 years DIRECTLY RELATED TO INBOUNDS OR GUARDING THE INBOUNDS PLAY… when is Coach Beiline going to bring awareness to this… almost embarrassing to watch struggle and usually having to call a timeout. really not that complicated most of the time. Spike should not being throwing the ball in… he is the guy we want to end up with the ball. and on guarding the inbounds… why are we the only team that can’t put a big guy on the ball to make it difficult to throw the ball in?

  • Mattski

    Get past Wisconsin, and I think we’re in pretty good shape.