Michigan among final seven schools for five-star guard Tyus Battle

Dylan Burkhardt

Five-star wing guard Tyus Battle has trimmed his list to seven finalists.

The 6-foot-5 guard from New Jersey is now considering Connecticut,Duke, Louisville, Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio State and Syracuse.

Battle visited Michigan last June, and was offered shortly after. He had plans to visit again over the weekend for Michigan’s win over Ohio State, but weather forced him to cancel the trip.

Duke (April) and Louisville (March) could be the first two official visits that Battle takes, according to Scout.com. There’s also a chance that Battle could accelerate his college decision.

“As soon as possibly, we aren’t going to have a long recruiting process,” Battle’s father told Scout. “Tyus doesn’t really enjoy the process. We aren’t in a rush, but he’s not the kind of kid that is going to wait just because.”

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  • A2MIKE

    Which schools missed the cut?

    • Florida, Kentucky, Miami, Villanova and Virginia were cut from his list in November.

      • A2MIKE

        maybe I am crazy, but I feel like we have a chance with him, mostly because of his parents, which fits with our past recruiting success in that all of them have very strong parents.

        • gpsimms

          Agree that I like the sound of his parents and that it should help. A kid who doesn’t like ‘the process’ is much more likely to appreciate and choose Michigan than, say, Devin Booker, who said he wanted to see “who would show him the most love.”

          If a kid has a Kentucky offer, and wants ‘love,’ Beilein loses that kid to Calipari 110 time out of 100.

  • bobohle

    Dylan; Any chance Jaylen Brown can make it in for the Rutgers game?

  • David Remmler

    I hate to sound pessimistic but I don’t think things are looking good for us with our top targets once again in 2016. Look at our offer list: TJ Leaf already committed to Arizona, Derryck Thornton is trending toward Duke or Kentucky, Quinton Goodin has us third behind Louisville and Kentucky, Tyler Cook appears headed to either Kansas or Missouri, Cassius Winston is projected 100% to MSU by 24/7, Josh Langford appears likely to head to Duke with MSU, Florida and maybe Kansas in the running, Seth Towns is projected as a Michigan lean but is an Ohio kid, an OSU fan and has an OSU offer (per rivals) and Tyus Battle has us as only 1 in 7 with Duke apparently out in front.

    Odds are that we miss on all these top targets and then pick up 2-3 under the radar or second tier targets. Of course, we seem to have a legitimate shot at Thornton, Winston and Towns. If we pull the upset and reel in one of these guys, it might help us with others.

    • psickert1

      You never know. I believe that we have better chances than you think. No matter what I am confident that we will find very talent players anyhow. Besides if everyone stays, we will have a veteran roster. People forget about Wilson and Duncan Robinson. They are basically first 2015 and we can add a recruit… that’s even better.. I have a GOOD feeling about 2016 …I am extremely confident in our coaching staff recruiting and 2016 has a bunch of good players. We will get sole good players and we already got one of our top targets – a very talent big man with potential named Jon Teske… don’t dismiss current players just yet. Look at the development of our current player (vets) and realize our current ffreshman and underclassmen can have the same development.

      • David Remmler

        I hope you’re right. But I’m also optimistic that we’ll have a very good team in 2015 and/or 2016 with or without our top targets. By very good, I mean sweet sixteen caliber or even a little better. With Beilein, the Final Four is still realistic without the most highly regarded recruits but it’s less of a sure thing and building toward that goal will take a little longer. And it is preferable to have players who aren’t superstar one and done players anyway.

    • Wayman Britt

      Ouch, you may be right on this, but I got to believe we get at least one of these recruits, at least I hope or it’s going to be a long time before UM gets to the elite eight.

      • David Remmler

        I hope we do too. I think Beilein will get us back to the top again regardless but it will probably take less time if he has more success with his top targets.

        Just imagine how good we’d be in 2015 if we had picked up 1-2 of our top targets in both 2014 and 2015. I think we’d probably be a favorite for another Final Four run in 2015.

        • Daniel My Brother

          It seems that Langford is becoming much more of a priority based on the most recent recruiting notebook. The optimist in me believes that the interest is mutual as he has also stated that everything he wants is at Michigan and Beilein seems to be reciprocating that interest and then some

    • bobohle

      I think we are pretty near the top of the list with Battle , Langford and Towns. If we can just get the first to commit others may follow.