Video & Quotes: John Beilein recaps home loss to Michigan State

Alejandro Zúñiga

At times Tuesday, John Beilein wasn’t quite sure what his players were thinking defensively.

Michigan allowed 1.4 points per possession in an 80-67 loss to Michigan State, and, after the Wolverines fell behind early, they couldn’t get the defensive stops they needed to mount a comeback.

Watch what Beilein had to say about the game, and check out notable quotes below.

Opening statement: “They’re really playing at a high level. I think you all look at them and see they’re going to be very good down the stretch in February and March because they have really good players, a really good coach, they have a great system. They certainly showed that today.”

On defensive issues: “They got an awful lot of layups. I mean, 62%. It might have been a little bit closer game but Trice came out and hit those threes to start the game. There was two plays, all of a sudden the shot clock is going off and they’re laying it in because guys just went and did something. I can’t explain what we do sometimes when we just leave a guy or two guys guard the same guy. I think a lot had to do with Dawson, if there’s a miss he puts it in. He did a tremendous job of that.”

On stopping Denzel Valentine: “He was going to pick us apart because of the way he sees the floor. … He had six points. They had 80. Sometimes, it’s not him scoring the points. It’s the assist or the assist that leads the assist.”

On Glenn Robinson III and Nik Stauskas being in the NBA: “I’m really happy for them. I hope they have incredible, long NBA careers. It’s an opportunity for some freshmen to play early. It wasn’t the plan, but the plans change and we have to adjust. I’m not bitter. It is sweet for them. We just have to retool again. I was thinking about that today. You’re building this house, you’re building this house, and then all of a sudden the ivy, you have to replace the ivy. All of a sudden the screws are coming loose and you have to rebuild it again.”

On Muhammad-Ali Abdur-Rahkman being aggressive: “He got in foul trouble again with them, and that’s tough for us right now — and God bless our guys that come off [the bench] there. I love the way he came out in the second half, but he couldn’t be aggressive in the first half. He only played a few minutes. We did go against our rule and play him with [two] fouls there just to try to keep it closer, but it’s tough. He’s still learning on the fly, too, for all the good things he’s done.”

On Derrick Walton’s potential return: “You all know, I am not a doctor. He’s been trying, but it hasn’t gone as well as we’d hoped.”

On positives: “We’ll try to find every silver lining we can in this.”

  • JohnNavarreIsMyHero

    The most likely scenario was that GR3 would be a second round pick. Even to the minimally informed fan, that was obvious. He was. When you are building a program like ours, you can’t have guys leave for the NBA with two years of eligibility left to be a second round pick.

    Dawson will never be anything other than a second round pick. He stays.

    Stauskas and Valentine were both similar level recruits. I believe Valentine was higher ranked. One guy dominated a single season and left for the NBA. For whatever reason, at the first sign of any success, our guys go to the NBA. Its great for them, but it kills our momentum.

    Now people continue to talk about Levert likely leaving. He wiill have missed half the season. He didn’t dominate and there is a chance he leaves. On the flip side, it doesn’t sound like Valentine is even considering leaving and he has done a lot more than Levert.

    Beilein got burned trying to rebuild this thing on the fly and banking on our top guys not getting hurt.

    • Let me know when you see Denzel Valentine on a NBA draft board.

      (BTW I love his game, but it’s a silly comparison to make RE: LeVert)

      • To expound on this… Michigan wanted Valentine. He was their priority in the class. They offered Stauskas after they missed on him. Just funny how things work out.

        • JohnNavarreIsMyHero

          This site has helped me learn more about who we are recruiting and stuff like that. Back when that McGary announcement happened, I started to follow things a lot closer. I do recall you saying that Valentine was a target. But I believe he was from the Lansing area and with comments like “I couldn’t go there” (I saw that in one of the articles here), makes me think that he was a MSU lock all the way.

          I still wouldn’t trade Stauskas for him though. Championship Game appearance, Final Four, Big Ten Title, and Player of the Year versus a solid player who may eventually be a late 1st rounder at best.

          I guess its tough for me to swallow. I wish we had that Florida or Wisconsin mindset – to make one last run at it before heading to the NBA.

          • Mattski

            Don’t want to be too critical but “that Florida or Wisconsin mindset” doesn’t amount to much more than us remembering a few guys staying here or there down through the years. And gone guys notwithstanding, we are still remarkably competitive if Walton and Levert remain uninjured. Everyone is going to be scrambling for reasons now but. . . other than wishing that Beilein had kept MAAR in last night, I’m not sure there’s a lot of blame to throw.

          • JohnNavarreIsMyHero

            I am guilty of trying to put this all into words. I just hate the fact that we got so ravaged by injuries that we don’t have experienced bodies.

      • JohnNavarreIsMyHero

        I actually haven’t, but I assumed he would eventually be. I can’t stand that guy (I mean look at his face), but he is a pretty solid college player.

        Somehow Izzo has figured out how to get guys to be solid college players (but not ones that the NBA salivates over) and get them to stay 4 years.

        • And when Beilein recruited Nik and GR3, he thought they were those type of guys, read his quote above.

          • JohnNavarreIsMyHero

            So essentially Beilein is a victim of his own success. If he were lesser of a coach, both guys might still be here, but since he is one of the better ones, he developed them faster than anyone could have expected.

            I fight this after every game though. Sorry, I don’t mean to be a pain in the neck. I think we both know what Beilein is capable of and its painful to see him so undermanned.