Notes, quotes from John Beilein on Big Ten teleconference

Alejandro Zúñiga

Michigan coach John Beilein spoke briefly with Big Ten media on Monday morning to preview the Wolverines’ game against Iowa. He also discussed his team’s injury situation.

On the transition without LeVert: “We have no other choice, so I think we have to trust that we have really good kids of high character. They’re all about the team. As a result, they’re in there, they’re getting valuable experience and they’re getting better because they’re getting actual playing time. You can’t do it if you don’t have the right young men on the team that will really buy into the team concept. We’ve been able to do that without LeVert.”

On what he sees from an Iowa team that has lost three in a row: “There’s not going to be many teams that beat Wisconsin this year. There’s not going to be many people that win at Purdue. As a result, it’s a little bit about a glitch in their schedule. They’ve played some really tough teams. They have a lot of talent; they have a great coach. I was late to the conference call because I was watching the Michigan State game to make sure I can make many adjustments. I’ll move onto Iowa later today.”

On whether Derrick Walton had an operation on his foot: “No. Just rest. What he needs right now is rest.”

On closing out games without Walton or LeVert: “If you look at some of our really good comeback wins, LeVert and Walton were instrumental. When you’re going toe-to-toe at the end of a game and one stop or one score can change a game, when you’re missing those two it does affect us. But we’ve got to try and find other ways.”