Recruiting Roundup: January 29th, 2015

Dylan Burkhardt

Our regular look across the country at how Michigan recruiting commitments and targets fared across the country including statistics, updates, videos and photos.

Jaylen Brown visit postponed

The nation’s No. 2 overall recruit was originally set to visit Michigan for its game against Wisconsin on Saturday, but was forced to reschedule his visit due to a change in his high school schedule.

A new visit date has yet to be set officially, but Brown still plans on making the trip.

“We have a game that got rescheduled for (that weekend),” Brown explained to ESPN. “It was a snow day or something like that so I had to miss it. But I’m looking forward to getting up to Michigan pretty soon and I talked to coach Beilein and he’s ready for me to go so I’m ready too.”

Brown was also asked about the importance of attending an adidas-affiliated school. Of the schools he’s considering, Michigan, Kansas and UCLA are sponsored by the three stripes. While he called an adidas sneaker affiliation a benefit, he insisted it wasn’t the driving force in his decision.

“It doesn’t (matter). It’s a benefit (because) I played on the adidas circuit so going to an adidas school I already have a relationship with the reps,” he said. “But it doesn’t matter for me. If a college in Switzerland was the best fit for me, that’s where I’m going.”

Brown was also selected for the McDonald’s All-American game and has been throwing down posterizing dunks like this throughout the year.

Beilein watching Rapolas Ivanauskas

John Beilein is expected to watch class of 2016 forward Rapolas Ivanauskas today, according to Prep Bullseye.

Ivanauskas is a 6-foot-8 forward from Barrington, IL and a four star prospect ranked 122nd nationally according to 247Sports Composite. He holds offers from Iowa and Northwestern, but Michigan has not yet offered.

Levi Cook hearing from Michigan

Michigan has started recruiting class of 2015 big man Levi Cook. Cook stands a massive 6-foot-10, 300 pounds and he’s had a solid season at Hunting Prep. Cook, a former West Virginia commit, has offers from Virginia Tech, Pitt and Drexel and reports that Michigan wants to see his transcripts, presumably the first step toward a scholarship offer.

“Michigan’s involved now, and I’m sure some more new schools will get involved,” he said. “Pitt, Virginia Tech, Drexel, and have all offered me. App. State and East Tennessee State have offered and are recruiting me hard too.”

Michigan: “The thing about Michigan is that they called my coach because they need to see my transcripts, but they’ll offer within the next week or two.”

Jon Teske solid for Medina

Jon Teske is Michigan’s only commitment in the class of 2016 and the junior big man is having a solid season for Medina.

Teske recently had 11 points in a 69-57 loss to Mentor and was also solid in a 70-68 loss to Warren Harding.

“He is near 6-foot-11, runs the floor great, has a nice touch out to 17 feet, and has very good hands,” wrote at Dunk 4 Diabetes. “Teske needs to continue to rebound better and play tougher on the interior, but his skill was apparent, and there is no doubt he is just scratching the surface physically of what he will be in college.”

Cassius Winston visits

Cassius Winston was in Ann Arbor for Michigan’s narrow loss to Wisconsin and he’s made frequent trips to both in-state schools this season.

Winston has been putting up massive scoring performances early in his junior year including 31 points and five assists in a 56-42 win over DeLaSalle on Tuesday, 30 points against defending state champs Milan and 33 points in front of John Beilein earlier this season.

Mick McCabe profiled Winston and his game in this Detroit Free Press feature earlier this month.

Josh Langford stuffing stat sheet

Langford is the highest-rated prospect to have visited Michigan this season, a trip which he said covered everything, and he’s one of Michigan’s top wing targets in the class.

Langford recently had 27 points, nine rebounds, three assists and three blocks in a 72-64 loss in front of Oklahoma State coach Travis Ford. Kansas, Michigan, Michigan State, Alabama, Auburn, Boston College and Oklahoma State are among some of the primary schools involved his recruitment.

Seth Towns posting big numbers

Seth Towns has been putting up monster scoring totals at Northland this season. The 6-foot-7 junior broke the 1,000 point scoring plateau this season, netting 22 points in a 43-42 victory over Columbus East.

Thad Matta was in the gym on Tuesday watching Towns while John Beilein has also been in to check on the versatile wing scorer.

Towns went for 47 points and 37 points and 20 rebounds in back-to-back games this season and has been one of the top players in Ohio. Towns’ latest list includes Michigan, Ohio State, Iowa, Purdue, Harvard, Stanford and UCLA. He’s only visited Ohio State this season, but Michigan continues to be near the top of his list according to an interview with

Here are some highlights of Towns in action this season

Beilein checks in on Tyus Battle

John Beilein stopped by the check in on five-star wing guard Tyus Battle when the Wolverines traveled to New Jersey last week to face Rutgers.

Battle has been sidelined with a foot injury this season:

The New Jersey basketball scene is still waiting for Gill St. Bernard’s guard Tyus Battle to make his junior season debut — a foot injury has kept him sidelined through the first five weeks of the season, and there’s no word on when he’ll be ready to play. But the Knights have fared well without their best player, though they have taken some tough losses.


Michigan slipping for Derryck Thornton

Michigan was once one of the leaders for five-star point guard Derryck Thornton, but the two parties have seemed to drift apart in recent months. Thornton recently visited Kentucky and his next trip up appears to be Duke. The other trips on the docket are Louisville and Arizona.

Thornton didn’t mention Michigan in a recent update and his father recently reported that he “hasn’t heard from Michigan as much” in recent months.

Jamal Murray considering reclassification

Canadian guard Jamal Murray has been on the Michigan radar for quite some time and the combo guard is now considering reclassifying. Currently a member of the class of 2016, Murray could graduate early and join the class of 2015.

“It’s still in the mix, it’s out there, but we’re not putting any emphasis on it right now,” the elder Murray said of reclassifying. “We are going to see how the season ends and where he is at and where he feels. If it’s a good situation where it makes sense, then obviously [we would reclassify]. But he’s in no rush.”

“Wake Forest and Maryland offered a month ago,” Murray stated. “Illinois, Louisville, Michigan, Oregon, Missouri, Wake Forest and Maryland are staying in contact.”

  • MAZS

    My take from Cook’s own comments is that we are much further away from an offer than he thinks. First, he hasn’t been on campus, which we all know is a prerequisite for Beilein. Second, asking for his transcripts is more likely a preliminary step to determine whether we should even spend time recruiting him–not the final step before an offer.

  • AC1997

    Dylan – I love the update on recruiting periodically, but I wanted to make two suggestions for you to consider in future posts:
    1 – Always, always, always list a prospect’s position, year, and preferably size (though that last part isn’t as critical). I don’t know most of the names on your list so I often find myself wondering what year they are, what position they play, etc.

    2 – Could you have a quick primer in any recruiting post about the general expectations for future classes? For example, in most posts you read about football recruiting you’ll read one sentence about the overall number of recruits and maybe something about the types of positions the coaches are looking for. In Michigan’s case we have 1 scholarship for next year it seems and are really targeting 2016 for a big splash.

    Finally, this is perhaps a topic for a separate post, I would love to see you discuss the overall state of recruiting with Michigan. I know we have total faith in Beilein and he’s a great coach for finding and developing 2-4 star recruits. But looking ahead to next season we will have seen Michigan sign more 2-star players than 5-star players over a 4 years period that coincides with arguably the best era for the program in 25 years. Why is that? Why hasn’t Michigan capitalized on any immediate impact players? Do they even want that type of player? Why has there only ever been one recruit who was in the top 25 ranked players when we started pursuing him?

  • brooklyn_guy

    I’m encouraged that UM is staying in contact with guys like Murray and Towns. I just wish there were more visits happening… It’s easy to see why some people are down on recruiting when it seems like we aren’t getting many guys on campus during the season.

  • JVS

    Cook makes me think of Josh Moore from the little I’ve heard/seen of him. Probably not fair, but he does seem a bit overstated in his “they’ll probably offer next week”.

    I’m much more a supporter of a multi-year PG strategy, so a Winston-Langford/Battle-Towns-Teske outcome would be my ideal scenario. Show Cassius the love and we should have a nice deep and experienced core in 16/17 given the number of 3/4 year guys

    • 93Grad

      I’m more hopping for Oliver Miller.

      • Chris De Sana

        I like that comparison as well.

  • Corperryale

    Michigan needs to pull out all the stops for Brown.

    Obviously a good problem to have, but I wonder how a one-and-done Brown affects Chatman and (to a lesser extent) Irvin next year. Talk amongst yourselves.

    As for the others, I would take any and/or all of them, especially Langford. Haven’t been blown away by Winston’s film and afraid he might end up as a Brundidge. Murray is the real deal.

    • Corperryale

      Also, this is very MGoBlog of me, but the idea of a 300 pound centre is very exciting indeed. Can’t help but remember the late, great Robert Traylor.

      • Indiana_Matt

        Robert Traylor was beautiful. Remember that rain of glass after breaking the backboard at Ball State? Or when his shorts fell down while scoring on Purdue? He had amazing footwork and touch.

  • Bill

    So…should we be concerned about 2015? Do you think they’ll take a commit or two no matter what, or are they really okay with at least the possibility of banking every scholarship for 2016? The last couple years, they seem to be operating on 2-year intervals (6 one year, then 2, then 6 again, and now zero), but that’s kind of left them in a bind this year.

    • JVS

      Donnal being in this year’s class, also means that a redshirted Wilson is in next years with D.Robinson, so actually it has netted out to be 5/2/5/2/?, not in terms of eligibility in Robinson’s case, but in terms of new blood to integrate. Seems depending on departures that we could absorb 4-5 between an additional 15 and the total 16 class counting Teske as one of them. Personally i’d rather save the slot to 16 given how young the team is unless there are transfers or we get Jaylen Brown.

  • Bursley_Fab_5

    Dylan, any thoughts as to why the coaching staff has “cooled” on Thornton?

    • MAZS

      I’m guessing it was simply reading the tea leaves. They did the same thing with Blackman and Coleman—once they felt the interest wane, they decided not to invest good time after bad.

  • A2MIKE

    Dylan –
    Do you think Brown’s recruitment hinges on whether or not Caris goes pro? I could see how he plays alongside Caris and they could both excel, ala Stauskas and LeVert, but some kids that high on the recruiting boards want to be the go to guy.

    • MAZS

      “go to guy”—yet that doesn’t seem to hurt Kentucky….and others.

  • Justin

    I’m not a fan of michigan recruiting period. it’s frustrating to see us swing and miss at so many guys. Yes we develop but I don’t see us getting back to the final four anytime soon. People have said it was a fluke we got their in the first place, I disagree but man we could hit some home runs with some of these potential recruits instead we are hitting lots of singles and the occasional double. Would love to see us pull in top talent and develop that even more.

    • A2MIKE

      Somewhat disagree. Unless Michigan wants to get their hands dirty, we are going to have swings and misses more than we hit homeruns. All that being said, last year’s class was lacking star talent and that has shown through this year. The 14 class had 3 top 100 guys, and has produced a solid B1G pg who will develop even more as an upperclassmen and a scorer, even if Irvin’s role would be better served as a sixth man, he is still someone that can get you 20 points and play 30 minutes a night. The 13 class was loaded and doesn’t need explaining.

      So really, we have had one “poor” class in the last 3 years. We are not Kentucky, so we need to blend talent with those that have that proverbial “chip” on their shoulder ala, Hardaway, Burke, and Stauskas. I think we may have a couple guys like that with RAHK and Doyle.

      We had 5 early entries in the last 2 years, and Beilein saw the roster turnover so much that he needed more roster balance. Hopefully this freshman class will stay mostly intact and give us opportunities to get a homerun like Brown, Murray, Winston, etc.

      I think recruiting will be just fine, let’s revisit this after 2016 before we fully degrade the recruiting as being poor.

  • Slacks

    I am not sure if we are still recruiting him, but I have been keeping up with Moritz Wagner. He doesn’t see much playing time with the Alba Berlin senior team, but he plays for their under 19 youth team and a lower level regional affiliate. He took part of the U19 league All Star game and gave an interview to this podcast. The podcast is in English. His part begins at 34:05.

    For those that don’t want to listen, he basically refuses to answer anything about if he is going to play in college or in Germany. He also seems to want to play the Small Forward position rather than Power Forward or Center.

  • Wayman Britt

    I thought I heard rumblings about Thornton looking else where, well full court press on Winston and Brown.

  • Mattski

    Really jonesing for some MSU skinny now–checking the site every couple of hours! Noticed that they rolled NB, that OSU pantsed MD. . . suddenly felt less puffed up about us.

  • Bursley_Fab_5

    We really need to secure a commit from a McDonald’s All American to take that next step recruiting wise. Top echelon players will take notice to that. When’s the last time Michigan got a McDonald’s All American? Hopefully, Jaylen Brown can be the one to trigger a domino effect.

    • MAZS

      McGary was effectively a MacDonald’s All-American—-ranked between 10-25.

  • Chris De Sana

    More video of Rapolas, strange release.

  • Wayman Britt

    Chris – thanks for the video. I would pass on Ivanauskas.

    • Chris De Sana

      Not a huge fan either but based on his 2016 status maybe worthy of keeping an eye on.

  • Chris De Sana

    Just not a fan of Winston.