NBA Roundup: Trey Burke heating up

Dylan Burkhardt

With five Michigan players drafted in the past two seasons, we’ve created the NBA roundup to track their progress throughout the season. Here’s the latest on Trey Burke, Tim Hardaway Jr., Nik Stauskas, Mitch McGary, Glenn Robinson III and Jamal Crawford. 

Trey Burke is starting to get on a roll in Utah. Burke is averaging 17.8 points, five assists and five rebounds per game over Utah’s last five and he’s starting to turn around his season after a disappointing start.

Overall, he’s averaging 12.7 points and five assists per game this season while shooting 42% on twos and 31% on threes.

Burke is still struggling with his efficiency — both from three-point range and at the rim — but the turn around in play has been encouraging. HoopsHabit writes that it’s time to accept Burke as a scoring point guard.

Here’s Burke’s shot chart from this season (via Shot Analytics), which helps illustrate some of his struggles.


Here are some recent highlights of Burke’s 28 point, six assist performance against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Tim Hardaway Jr. slumping

The New York Knicks are a mess. They’ve lost 15 straight games and traded away J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert. That move left Tim Hardaway Jr. as one of the Knicks only shooting guards and he’s struggled a bit to pick up some of the slack.

Hardaway is just 4-of-24 from three-point range since the Knicks dealt Smith and Shumpert. Knicks head coach Derek Fisher says the issue isn’t about hard work, but rather finding consistency.

“I just try to encourage Tim to continue to build consistent habits, a consistent approach, a consistent mindset,’’ Fisher told the New York Post. “Tim is a second-year player, he’s not going to have all of what you need to be consistently successful at this point, but he’s doing well.

“He’s having a rough patch right now, but he works hard every day. He’s the first one in the building most afternoons.’’

Hardaway’s shot chart shows a player that is struggling with his jump shot and isn’t finishing as well at the rim. He’s averaging 23 minutes, 11 points, two assists and two rebounds per game.


The Post also points out that former Knicks shooting coach Dave Hopla’s absence could be another reason for Hardaway’s struggles as he was fired this offseason along with the rest of the Knicks coaching staff.

The Knicks are currently in London where they’ll face the Milwaukee Bucks this afternoon.

Nik Stauskas learning on the job

Former Michigan guard Nik Stauskas hasn’t had the most productive rookie season in the NBA, but he’s embracing the opportunity that he has playing professionally. The adjustment from his involvement in the offense at Michigan compared to in Sacramento has been difficult.

“Everyone comes into the NBA from college and they’re used to being the man on their team,”Stauskas told MLive. “They’re used to getting the ball every time down the floor. For a guy like me, who likes to shoot the ball, sometimes I come down the floor three, four, five minutes and I’m not getting a shot up.

“For me, sometimes it’s tough to stay in rhythm and stay ready when you’re not as much a part of the offense as you’re used to.”

Overall, Stauskas is averaging 16 minutes and four points per game for the Kings and is shooting only 27% from three-point range. His shot chart is a surprise given how well he shot the ball for two years at Michigan.



In lighter news, a high schooler asked Nik Stauskas’ girlfriend to prom and the 6-foot-6 guard is also battled Peja Stojakovic in a game of HORSE.

Mitch McGary still injured

Mitch McGary just can’t stay healthy. The big man has been struggling with injuries for several years now and has only attempted one shot during his rookie year in the NBA.

After missing time with a foot injury, McGary was sidelined for 2-3 weeks with shin inflammation. Reports are that McGary returned to practice with the Thunder this week, but in a limited fashion and no timetable has been set for his recovery.

Other notes

  • Glenn Robinson III has played in 17 games this season and is averaging 1.3 points per game and shooting 35% from the floor. His Minnesota Timberwolves squad recently snapped a 15 game losing streak.
  • Jamal Crawford is still one of the NBA’s best sixth men and is averaging 16 points per game. Ball Is Life put together this documentary on Crawford’s career.
  • JVS

    Darius Morris has also carved out a role with the Nets with Deron
    Williams out indefinitely with a rib injury. Jarret Jack still taking
    the majority of minutes, but an extended showcase for Morris who hasn’t
    gotten consistent minutes in the league since he was with the Lakers. Since the start of January he’s averaging 13.3m while scoring 5 points and putting up 1.8 assists.

  • jake

    manny harris seemed to have a shot at an NBA stint this year with the big d league numbers he was putting up, but he opted for europe.

  • Looks like Nik Stauskas could be on the trading block

  • John

    Does anyone every wonder how Trey would look on the Pistons? Running the pick and roll with Drummond seems like it would have been a good fit.

  • Wayman Britt

    I wonder if GR3 length in the NBA would have been longer if he spent one more season in college. The way things are going he might not last past this season.

    • Corperryale

      It seems to be verboten to say so, but it does make one wonder about LeVert’s own prospects in the league. (Note to flamers: I’m not saying he isn’t very good, or that he doesn’t have the qualities that the NBA likes, or that he shouldn’t take the money and run. Just that if Nik and GR3 are struggling, draw your own conclusions…) Which is a long-winded way of saying: Stay and play with Jaylen Brown!

    • JohnNavarreIsMyHero

      This was my take on it as well. You can get to the NBA now or have a NBA career. Staying and refining your game will help you have a career. I think this is something Beilein is going to have to tell Caris Levert. Because we haven’t replace all these guys with NBA level recruits, Beilein needs to be selfish for the sake of himself and the program to maintain success. I just think we are far too long into the Beilein tenure to be having a rebuilding.

      I wish Caris Levert would say right now that he is coming back next year. Caris you are young for your grade and we need you. The NBA will be there, maximize your value, get your degree, and go out on top.

      I think once he came back for his sophomore year, he already had it in his head that he was headed to the NBA once the season ended. I cherished all his contributions and his athleticism he brought, but felt like there was alot more he could accomplish at the college level. He could be helping this team immensely.

      Its not good to get lost in the shuffle early in your career. I don’t understand why these guys just can’t wait and refine their game while in college. No loans, access to tutors, etc can get your through the school thing, I think these guys pass up the long term health of their career.

  • Chazer

    Good to see D-Mo get minutes, I think his contract is now guaranteed at 700k for the year. Not a bad pay day!

  • Chris De Sana

    Great tribute to Jamal

  • Justin

    How about the irony of putting Beverley in the pic with Burke. As we all remember he picked the hogs over us. Mcgary needs to find a way to stay healthy

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    people honestly watch that scripted nonsense?