Game 17: Michigan at Ohio State Open Thread


Michigan puts its three-game winning streak against Ohio State on the line in Columbus tonight as the Wolverines and Buckeyes are set from a 7:00 p.m. tip off at Value City Arena.

Mike Tirico and Dan Dakich will be on the call for ESPN. Join the discussion in the comments section below before, during and after tip-off this evening.

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  • skippy

    Irvin is a cancer on this team, terrible passer, no heart, cant finish. Lazy, streaky jump shooter. I really dont care much for his game

    • MAZS

      cancer? no heart? spoken like a true couch expert.

      • skippy

        Wondering why Belein continues to sit him for long strectches; oh perhaps he too is a coach expert.

        • MAZS

          Your comment was ignorant; your decision to defend it idiotic. You literally have no idea who has heart and who might be a cancer on the team—there are zero of the latter. I am convinced you know nothing about basketball and so I will not further engage you. But I hope Dylan takes notice of this unwarranted trolling.

          and I said “couch” not “coach”–and it wasn’t a typo.

      • A2MIKE

        Cancer is harsh but his effort effects this team and he might not know it but you can tell everyone looks up to him

    • Mattski

      “Skippy” thinks a Mr. Indiana basketball player has no heart and is lazy. No doubt “Skippy” is a god in his own right. Mail us your resume, “Skippy.”

  • A2MIKE

    Is Swanigan a lock for Msu?