Game 14: Michigan at Purdue Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan’s first road game of the Big Ten season tips off at 2:15 p.m. today on the Big Ten Network. The Wolverines will be looking to make it four straight wins at Mackey Arena, but are hoping to not fall behind early this time around. Purdue’s heavy reliance on post-up offense should be a difficult challenge for Michigan’s below-average post-up defense.

Join the open thread in the comments section below before during and after the game.

Pregame Reading

  • Fresh

    Long story short is we dont have any creators other than caris and it obviously was a rough day for him. When you dont have creators and you struggle shooting this is how things go. Good teams are versatile and we are not. Team is young, hurt and just not that good. This is how the season will be this year.

  • Jack Simms

    i know michigan has lots of troubles—-but an additional one i wondered about is are any of michigan’s six freshmen playing better than one-time-recruiting target vince edwards??

  • jr_ewing93

    I have read most of you all comments and its mostly complaining how bad they are. This team is one of the youngest teams in college basketball. Walton and Irvin are struggling thats true but to say they are terrible and awful. Dang you supposed to be fans are terrible. The team will struggle this year, i dont know who told yall that they would be contenders. The team is struggling right but lets say he sit Walton and Irvin, we will be the same way. STRUGGLIN! Spike played good today but remember he has struggle d the last 5 or 6 games. Lets be supporters not whiners.

    • Steve Feller

      I completely agree, however, it is tough sometimes. It was said earlier on the thread today – around game 20 if you can see development it will be encouraging and that is the end goal with this team.

      • jr_ewing93

        You right!

    • Indiana_Matt

      While I think that it is ok to discuss the struggles guys are having, it would be nice if the general tone here would lead one to think that we all like these players :)

      • jr_ewing93

        Well support the players then. All I here is most of you guys talk about how terrible the players are. How can I get out of a funk if I have my so called supporters saying I’m terrible. I’m going to say this, if you put half of us out there and would play the same dang way.