Game 5: Michigan vs. Villanova Open Thread

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan’s first four games haven’t been flawless, but the Wolverines have been good enough to win thus far. Tonight the Wolverines enter the fray as an underdog for the first time this season against Villanova. Tip-off is tentatively scheduled for 10:00 p.m. at the Barclays Center and you can join the discussion in the comments before during and after the game.

Pregame Reading

  • BigHouseBoyz

    Tremendous game for November. I will take the fight we showed any day. Go Blue!

  • Justin

    I liked the refs…let players play…it was physical…I enjoyed it…Donnal needed to pass ball…Bigs costs UM… Donnal, Doyle and umm obviously MAX.

    • jemblue

      Hmm, I don’t know if I’d describe this crew as letting the players play. Maybe at the very end, but there were lots of cheapies called most of the way.

      • DetroitDan

        Yeah, Michigan got a lot of touch fouls, while horrendous hacks by Nova were not called. Walton got clobbered on late drive that would have iced it for Wolverines. I thought the officiating was extremely one-sided…

        • ryanb

          Walton was definitely fouled on the last drive but the “touch fouls” were a result of missed box outs and UM’s young bigs playing defense with their arms instead of their feet. The staff will fix it.

  • Justin Harbin

    Why on earth would you have Max B playing in this type of game… Extremely disappointed with this one

    • Chris De Sana

      Fouls trouble by other bigs

    • Justin

      Horford left us…No other choice…Blame it on TITO.

  • jemblue

    Great effort, but hurts to let this slip away when we led 51-43. Too many empty possessions after that point. A learning experience.

    • Truth

      Reminds me of several games in 2012 and 2013 where foul trouble combined with overcautiousness on offence led to stagnancy late in the game. I am thinking of Tennessee, the win at Wisconsin, etc. Either we are staging a furious, inspiring comeback or letting a lead slip away.

      • jemblue

        It does seem like there’s been a lot of games where we struggle in between the 5:00 and 1:00 marks in the second half.

  • AADAve

    Tough loss but great comeback. Outplayed Nova except for some freshman mistakes. Just one clutch free throw from a win. Should help this team in the long run. if they face again, I’d bet on Michigan.

  • Truth

    All the bigs made mistakes but the trope that Doyle is somehow the rawest of the three was completely invalidated tonight. He is their best big right now, bar none.

    • Chris De Sana

      Probably true if not for just the fact the others seem to trust him more by getting him the ball.

  • mjsb2

    Two massive mistakes by the big men in the last 40 seconds was the difference.

    We all knew the bigs would cost us some games this year, but can’t say I expected them to do it like that.

  • MGoTweeter

    fun enjoyable game for an early season mistake filled game on both sides. Both teams made their big runs and both teams responded well. Nova just made a couple more plays in the last minute to take the win. Certainly did not help that Michigan had to use three timeouts in a row early in the second half, when they really needed an extra one late.

    I am definitely higher on this team coming out of this game than I was going in to the game. Despite all the issues they have, there is a lot of talent and the team showed a lot of poise when things looked very bleak. It is going to be very fun watching this team improve as the year goes on.

  • Truth

    I am totally OK with this loss as long as we beat Arizona.

    Good night everyone!

  • DetroitDan

    I thought the referees decided that game. Michigan was better, but for some reason the referees gave it to Villanova. That’s college basketball. It’s just a game, and that was entertaining.

    • Indiana_Matt

      Is it true we only shot 5 free throws all night? Amazing.

      • DetroitDan

        Yeah. WTF? Michigan would breathe on a Nova player and a foul would be called. I’m okay with with a “let them play” attitude, but this was not it. No worry. Michigan is the better team and I’m confident this will play out over the course of the season…

  • DetroitDan

    On plus side, LeVert, Walton, Irvin, and Albrecht were good, and if officiating had been decent, we would have won the game. There were some extremely questionable calls, but that’s college basketball.

    Also on the plus side, Chatman and Doyle showed some freshman talent, and Donnal will get a much needed kick in the ass. We were definitely the better team, in my opinion.

  • JohnNavarreIsMyHero

    Missed FT and a pass to Spike at the end away from winning this one. Valiant effort against a veteran team. We did not get a lot of calls late, but we will be fine going forward.

    I saw flashes of a brilliant team for a long stretch there and Nova looked out of whack. Its about getting to that consistently.

    This was a game against the #12 team in the country, not some game against some school from the middle of nowhere.

    We will continue to get better.