Video: Michigan Basketball Open Practice

Alejandro Zúñiga

Michigan’s first exhibition game is just five days away, but the Wolverines took the floor for an hour long open practice on Wednesday evening. Here’s a collection of video footage from the event which ended with a bit of five-on-five action.

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  • Steve2081

    Zak doesn’t miss.

  • Champswest

    That was fun.
    Can’t wait until Monday.

  • NorthernBlue

    Zak and Caris are looking lethal and don’t think the Spike and Walton combo will disappoint either. Offense will be great again. Hope they can defend.

    • JohnNavarreIsMyHero

      Caris, Irvin, Walton, and Spike all look confident and authoritative out there. Its their team to lead and you can see that from this. We are in very good hands.

  • Dean

    did not see doyle in the 5 on 5 and saw a lot of DJ at the 5

  • Burke_Does_Work

    DJ will not be able to play the 5 this year, and honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he redshirts this year. I hate to make so many assumptions from an 8 min video, but boy did he look passive out there and I shutter to think of him having to box out opposing 5s.

    • Jimmy Johns

      Don’t pass judgement so soon. I can guarantee you that you are wrong on that. DJ Wilson will not redshirt, he might not play the 5, but he will get a sizeable chunk of playing time and help this team.

      • GregGoBlue

        DJ will absolutely play. No question.

    • He could set a tougher screen.

    • GTFOmycourt

      I went to the practice last night. Wilson looks better in person. Chatman is more athletic than I was expecting (looks to be a very good player). Doyle did not seem to be fully participating in the practice for some reason… Wilson has serious potential over the long term in my opinion and my son, who also attended, shared the same opinion about Wilson. I don’t expect a redshirt for Wilson.

    • GregGoBlue

      The kid (who is what, 18?) has been on a college campus for something like three months and he’s been injured for a chunk of it too. Why don’t we see what he looks like as the season progresses and try not to judge him from what we see in 30 seconds of practice video.

    • MChem83

      I don’t think we can afford to redshirt either Wilson or Doyle this year, and it sounds like Wilson will be better anyway. The only way I can see Doyle redshirting is if Beilfeldt ends up being a lot more productive than expected, which doesn’t seem likely. Otherwise, I think we’re going to need all three of Donnal, Doyle and Wilson to patch together passable productivity at the 5, especially given that these guys are likely to experience significant foul trouble. The slight consolation is that we don’t have to replace any productive stars in the front court. Morgan was a solid role player, but no more, and Horford was a minor role player. We’ll get pushed around inside, and our frontcourt defense won’t be that great, but that’s the situation we were in last year, too.

  • GregGoBlue

    Walton is one of the more intriguing players for me this season, wondering where he could improve and what his expanded role will look like. From this video, his defense looks to have improved, he looks quicker, and is more decisive in his decision-making. He also appears more confident. Excited to see how he has progressed when we open up the season next week!