Report: PJ Dozier plans to announce college decision Saturday

Dylan Burkhardt

Class of 2015 guard PJ Dozier has finished his five official visits and plans to make a decision Saturday.

Dozier took official visits to Michigan, North Carolina, Georgetown, South Carolina and Louisville this fall.

Dozier will meet with coaches from all five schools before making a decision Saturday, according to Phil Kornblut.

Michigan is expected to be conduct an in-home with the Dozier family on Monday, ccording to Phil Kornblut, and coaches from the other four staffs on Dozier’s list are expected throughout the rest of the week.

“This week isn’t going to go fast enough,” Perry Dozier told Sports Talk SC.  “It comes down to a point on he’s going to have to figure out which way he wants to go.   Does he want to go ahead and leave town and do it from there or stay here.  I think all the schools are great and it’s just him trying to figure out which way he wants to go.”

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  • Webbdog

    I love our chances. Will step right in if LeVert decides to go Pro. Could we Take both he and Jaylen Brown?

    • Kenny

      We can absolutely take both. Bielfeldt is likely to move on after this year.

    • subject or object of a sentenc

      Could we take both him and Jaylen Brown?

    • MChem83

      If we take Dozier, that fills our last open spot for 2015, and that’s with Bielfeldt already counted as being off the roster. Unless LeVert (or someone else) announces early that he’s leaving, we won’t know if we’ll have any more open spots until late April, as has been the case the last couple years. Not sure that Brown would wait that long for the chance to commit to us.

      • Coach Jordan HS teammate

        You keep sayin we only have open spot….Look we had nine scholarship offers 7 have committed elsewhere…the last two remaining offers are PJ Dozier & Caleb pretty sure if they both committed (which i doubt) they’ll both be able to go….So where are u getting 1 open spot from….So we have the spots players are just going to other schools.

        • MChem83

          Not sure what the mystery is. We have a full 13 scholarships this year, and for next year, only Beilfeldt is scheduled to leave, which gives us one open spot for 2015-6. Dozier would fill that one spot and bring us back up to the limit of 13.

          Any other spots would not open up until and unless someone declared early for the draft at the end of this season, but we probably won’t know if that’s going to happen or not until well after signing day.

          • Michigan could sign two in the fall with Bielfeldt leaving and the Big Ten allotted one spot for over-signing. That being said, that is obviously unlikely given other circumstances, but there is room.

          • MChem

            Technically yes, but if another spot doesn’t open up at some point, then one of those signees would have to be ditched to bring us under the limit for next year, so we’d have to cross our fingers that someone leaves early. Not too much of a stretch in LeVert’s case, but by no means certain at this point, either. If the coaching staff knew they were going to put Hatch on a permanent medical waiver, that would give them an out, but I don’t see that happening until Hatch has at least had a redshirt year to try to work himself into better playing shape.

          • Coach Jordan HS teammate

            Like I said if we had 3 commits from 2015 & LeVert leaves…Lets jus say Duncan Robinson takes his spot…Max B, Sean Lonergan, Austin Hatch would be forced to make the team….Which we know any recruiting we got from 2015(which we didn’t) would be better then any of them…So their is know mystery

          • Coach Jordan HS teammate

            Oh yea I forgot about Andrew Dakich…So that would make 4 spots….So who you think makes the squad? Those 4 players or the 4 recruits we whiffed on…I dnt think they would offer 9 scholarship with one spot to fill…Come on dude use ur head

          • MChem

            Every team sends out more offers than they have spots to fill, dude. It doesn’t mean they can accept commitments from all of them. At some point they have to tell people, Sorry, full up.

      • swinawer

        Brown is planning to decide in the spring. He might want to see who’s going to go pro and who’s going to stay first.

  • Mattski

    Paragraph three appears to contradict paragraph four?

  • gobluemd16

    Did we officially offer Dozier a scholarship? Could you provide any estimate on our chances?

  • Micah says Michigan’s chances are not good. Based on the 27 “experts” 48% have him choosing South Carolina, 44% North Carolina, 7% Louisville, 0% Georgetown and Michigan. Copy/Paste link for more info.

  • zeroskie

    I hate to rain on the parade, but our chances are not good for either Jaylen or PJ. We’re longshots for both of these recruits. Be ready for the possibility that we don’t get anybody for 2015 (except D. Robinson, of course)

    That being said. I think Michigan will be OK even without them. We had a big haul this past recruiting season and we’re poised for another one next season.

  • Jake

    Really want this kid, would be an early Xmas present if he does commit.

  • A2JD

    Michigan’s in okay shape as far as wings go but PJ looks like a special talent. I hope he says “Go Blue!” on Saturday.

  • Indiana james

    Did we even offer a scholarship to Dozier?

  • Leslie Hoerwinkle

    I’ll bet Dozier ends up going to college.

  • Jeffrey Riley

    It’s either going to be Louisville or he’s going to stay home and go to USC. Everyone at 247 is trending Louisville right now and Pitino isn’t visiting Perry this week. That says to me that Perry has already told Pitino that he’s coming to UL. That’s why Pitiino isn’t seeing him because he knows a last minute visit is unnecessary.