Recruiting Notebook: Michigan showing late interest in five-star wing

Dylan Burkhardt

According to a report from On the Radar Hoops, a Michigan assistant coach was in to watch class of 2015 five-star Jaylen Brown yesterday. Brown is the No. 2 prospect in the country and this is the first reported interest from Michigan.

Brown’s recruitment is already at a very advanced stage. He’s taken official visits to Kansas and Kentucky and is also planning to visit UCLA and Georgia on officials. His fifth remaining visit has yet to be determined and, according to this report, North Carolina and Georgia Tech are the primary schools trying to earn the final visit.

Where will Jaylen Brown take his fifth official visit? “We haven’t decided on the fifth visit yet,” his mother said. “We’re just going to leave that open for now, and see how things go.”

Jaylen recently told reporters that he is considering an official visit to North Carolina after coach Roy Williams flew to Atlanta a couple of weeks ago to observe his workouts. Georgia Tech, which was the first school to offer Brown, may also be a contender for that fifth visit.

Is it fair to say that Brown will decide between North Carolina and Georgia Tech for that fifth visit? “That could possibly be it,” his mother said.

The news of a Michigan visit was described by Scout analyst Evan Daniels as “beyond random” and is surprising given how far along Brown is in the recruiting process.

Thornton adds big offer

Derryck Thornton added a scholarship offer from Duke last week. Since adding the Duke offer, the Blue Devils made a run in the 247 Sports Crystal Ball. Michigan, Kentucky and Duke have all emerged as the favorites, according to popular opinion, landing 40%, 24% and 24% of Crystal Ball predictions respectively.

Thornton also didn’t make it to Kentucky’s Midnight Madness event, opting to reschedule his next visit to Lexington for January 12th through 14th. While he didn’t trip to Kentucky, Thornton made the trek across town to UNLV for its Scarlet and Gray game over the weekend. Thornton plans to trim his list soon. Kentucky, Michigan, Duke, Miami, California and Louisville are some of the schools recruiting the five-star point guard the hardest.

Dozier continues visits

PJ Dozier has now visited Michigan, Georgetown and North Carolina with official visits to South Carolina (October 24th) and Louisville (October 30th) to come.

“It’s all about the feel for PJ right now, getting on the campus and see how it feels,” Dozier’s father told Sports Talk SC after the North Carolina trip.  “There’s no favorite.  Everybody has their perks and their pluses.  It’s hard to say what’s going to be the final decision until he takes all five visits.”

Dozier is also planning to announce his decision on one of ESPN’s television channels.

Battle sees Kentucky

Tyus Battle visited Kentucky for its Big Blue Madness activities which included a visit from Drake. Battle’s father told Zags Blog that Tyus enjoyed the trip.

“It went very well,” Gary Battle, the player’s father who did not make the trip with Tyus, told “Tyus said Big Blue Madness was awesome and Cal and coach [John] Robic were very excited about him and how he may fit if he attends the school in a few years. Ty stated that he could see how Coach Cal gets some of the best talent year after year. It was a great event.”

Battle plans to cut his list in December.

Other notes

  • Dylan, in your personal opinion is there a chance greater than 5% that Jaylen Brown is even considering Michigan?

    • Northern Blue

      Might have just been to gauge interest. Longshot to say the least.

  • jkuofm27

    If I found a genie bottle in the next couple months, my three wishes would be Thornton, Battle and Leaf.

    • zeroskie

      i don’t think anyone would disagree.

    • MChem83

      If we got even one of those guys, I’d be delighted. In the real world, we will probably have to settle for guys a tier below this..good to very good, but not great.

      • Dean

        Why don’t you believe we can get one of those guys? We are an elite program that has been able to acquire 5 star talent. Also their is always a couple of average teams (LSU #1 recruit) who get top recruits. There is more to recruiting than having the name Kentucky and Duke. Obviously that doesn’t hurt but it also does not hurt for us to be Michigan.

  • geoffclarke

    “Brown is the No. 2 prospect in the country and this is the first reported interest from Michigan.” I could have sworn I read Brown and Michigan in the same sentence several months ago. I’m probably wrong.

  • Ben Sheler

    With Caris leaving it would be a great opportunity for a guy like Brown

  • Kenny

    the timing is kind of odd. I doubt that it is serious. Jordan might be in the area for other business and had a few hours to spend.

  • jkuofm27

    Does this mean anything for Dozier? Or maybe preparations for an Irvin breakout year?

  • BigHouseBoyz

    How telling is it that Thornton did not go to Kentucky’s Midnight Madness with his friend Battle?? Did he want more personal attention, or is he just not that interested and just drove across town to UNLVs event to have something to do? We probably will never know, but I find it intriguing.

  • MrLG

    Jaylen Brown sounds like a one-and-done to me. I prefer guys who will stick around for at least two years.

    • geoffclarke

      Personally I’d like all the guys to stick around until they graduate, but if they want to win us a championship then make millions in the NBA, I’d be fine with that too.

  • Wayman Britt

    Now on every national televised UM basketball game, the announcers are going to talked about UM’s joke of a football program and it will lessen the great accomplishments the basketball program has had over Beilein’s career at Ann Arbor. The downfall of the football program has embarrassed the whole university.

    • David Remmler

      I disagree. I wouldn’t be surprised if some sleazy announcers pull that bs. Unfortunately, I doubt anybody will call them out on it. But I don’t buy into all this bs about something tarnishing “the whole university.” Every student or athlete at UofM can be proud of the university and their accomplishments which benefit society and others. Besides, UofM has just lost a few football games. There are much bigger things than winning or losing games. And almost all the football players are good citizens, work hard on and off the field and play cleanly and honestly.

  • L. Jordan high school teammate

    Funny thing is we dont have a single recruit, when we been to national title game & elite eight plus two BIG chips in 3 years. Beilein & staff to change recruiting strategy. There’s no way we should be sitting on ZERO recruits when teams like Texas A&M has 4 TOP 100 & Nebraska, Penn State have multiple recruits multiple in TOP 100 smh.

    • David Remmler

      Yeah, it’s mind boggling. As you point out, we’re close to whiffing on all 9 offered recruits so far. But I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad recruiting strategy. It’s probably just randomness combined with mixed up priorities for recruits. Beilein runs a clean program and I would guess recruits cleanly as well. This isn’t the recipe for pulling in all the elite recruits a la Calipari.

  • MChem83

    Well, not quite true. Duncan Robinson is basically a class of 2015 recruit, since he has to sit out a year. Besides that, though, we only have one other open spot for 2015, so I’m not sure what you’re expecting. It’s not going to be a big class for us this time..some years that happens.

    • L. Jordan high school teammat

      Wrong my friend, we have 2 because we offered 9 scholarships & 7 have already committed elsewhere. Jalen Coleman, Jalen Brunson, Luke Kennard, Eric Davis (from state of Michigan) just to name a few. With the success we recently had we should of swing atl least 1 or 2 of them it comes down to recruiting. Prince Ali, Danjel Purifoy, Trevor Manuel (Another Michigan recruit) . To be on National Chip status recruiting has to stay consistent. Oh yea the other 2 are Caleb Swanigan, P.J Dozier prolly wont get either of them. You should expect better too Js.

  • gobluenyc

    Is it possible Michigan is looking at one of Jaylen Brown’s teammates? I would guess his team has other players being looked at by D-1 schools.