Video: Caris LeVert NBA Scouting Report

Dylan Burkhardt

Mike Schmitz of Draft Express compiles some of the best video scouting reports in the business on a consistent basis. Schmitz put together a 12 minute breakdown of Michigan junior Caris LeVert, profiling how his game translates to the NBA level. Draft Express ranked LeVert as the No. 2 NBA prospect in the Big Ten and has him projected at No. 18 in the 2015 NBA Draft.

  • Wayman Britt

    This video in awesome – incredibly done. If you never saw one game of LeVert this video tells his whole career, both his strengths and weaknesses. I got to think that if LeVert watches this it could help him focus on what he needs to develop for the next level.

    • Yep. I love Mike’s videos. I tried to make a couple of them last year and they took an astronomical amount of work. The number that he’s able to crank out is beyond impressive.

  • JohnNavarreIsMyHero

    This is another reason why Beilein is the best in the Big Ten. Keep pretending otherwise media…..

  • Chazer

    Thanks guys, great content!

  • 3s

    Good video, but why isnt there more of the Big Ten regular season or the NCAA tourney, thats when Caris was at his best!