Wednesday Bullets: Former Wolverines start NBA training camp

Dylan Burkhardt

The NBA season has gotten underway with the start of training camp and various media day events across the league. Here’s a rundown of former Michigan players and their start to the 2014-15 season including several media day video interviews.

  • Kevin Durant praised Mitch McGary and his enthusiasm: “He was on the other side of the court, screaming: ‘Good shot, Kev!’” Durant said, shaking his head in delight. “I’m thinking, this guy’s an All-American type of teammate right there.”
  • But big man Serge Ibaka didn’t even know who he was: “Ibaka was asked if he’s had a chance to play with Mitch McGary. “Mitch McGary? Mitch McGary… McGary?” Straight up didn’t know who he was.”
  • Nik Stauskas is learning to shoot more often in training camp as well as dealing with the physicality of the NBA:  “I’m used to when I get a step on a guy, I think I going to get to the rim,” stated Stauskas following the fourth day of Training Camp. “The next thing you know, they (the defender) give you a forearm to your side and you get bumped off your line. I’m not used to having that happen – [I just need to] adjust to that and embrace the physicality.”
  • Tim Hardaway Jr. had a very successful rookie season and is focused on improving his defense this year: “Just try to find easy ways to get steals and deflections. I know with the new staff that we have, Derek Fisher is going to help us out with that,” Hardaway Jr. said. “I think I could be more effective talking on the defensive end, just being in the right spot at the right time. My rookie season I wasn’t really good at that at all, so just trying to enhance that any way that I can and just improve on all aspects.”
  • Carl Jr.

    Looks like Ibaka is worried about job security. As long as KD knows your name you will be fine. I’m sure KD will be thankful when McGary is laying the wood on some tough screens.

    • Kenny

      average 15.5 pts and 8.8 rebound, Ibaka has no worry about his job security. But not knowing your team’s 1st round draft pick, does reflect very bad on him.

      • Carl Jr

        I was just kidding Kenny. I’m highly aware of how good Ibaka is and means to Oklahoma City’s success and Spain in FIBA.

  • DavZ

    Funny how the nba players the reporters compare mitch with are nick collison, david lee and kevin love

  • MGoBlueAdam

    Love these updates on our NBA guys.. Finally have enough of them in the league to make it worthwhile

  • tim

    Darius Morris was signed to the Portland trail blazers too.

  • jakelam2116

    The Burke thing is silly. Wonder why the photos were leaked. The Ibaka thing is straight-up ridiculous. No idea of your teammate? Who do you think has the biggest season? I’m going Stauskas.