Lindy’s Sports ranks Michigan 24th, sixth in Big Ten

Dylan Burkhardt

Lindy’s Sports has Michigan ranked 24th in its preseason college basketball preview magazine, but the Wolverines are picked to finish sixth in the Big Ten.

Nine Big Ten teams were included in Lindy’s preseason top 10 including Wisconsin (2), Ohio State (14), Nebraska (19), Minnesota (21), Illinois (22), Michigan (24), Iowa (26), Indiana (28) and Michigan State (35).

Arizona (3), Villanova (15), SMU (17),  Syracuse (23) and VCU (33) are Michigan’s potential non-conference opponents ranked in the top 40.

Caris LeVert is rated the No. 12 shooting guard in the country and the best in the Big Ten. Derrick Walton Jr. is rated the No. 13 point guard in the country and also the best point guard in the Big ten.

LeVert is projected on the 2nd Team All-Big Ten team with Walton making the 3rd team.

Kameron Chatman is listed as a Big Ten freshman that will “take you by surprise” while Caris LeVert is picked as the best NBA prospect in the conference.

Zak Irvin is recognized as one of 10 potential breakout players in 2014-15, a list that also includes Indiana’s Troy Williams.

The Big Ten is rated the second best conference in the country, trailing the ACC, and the predicted order of finish is:

  1. Wisconsin
  2. Ohio State
  3. Nebraska
  4. Minnesota
  5. Illinois
  6. Michigan
  7. Iowa
  8. Indiana
  9. Michigan State
  10. Maryland
  11. Northwestern
  12. Penn State
  13. Purdue
  14. Rutgers

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  • jkuofm27

    Illinois and Minnesota? These guys are morons. They each have 3 freshman coming in, but I don’t think they are going to be huge impact players, at least not any more than the UM freshman.

    • Steve2081

      Illinois has 2 freshmen coming in and 2 experienced transfers who give them something they didn’t have last year. Shooters. Starks is Oregon State’s all time leaders in 3 pointers made and Cosby shot 40% from 3 while averaging 12 pts a game as a sophomore Seton Hall. They’ve also each had a redshirt year to get used to Groce’s system.

      Leron Black is also more than capable of making an impact as freshman. He will be a major upgrade over Ekey and Bertrand at the 4.

      • jkuofm27

        NameHt.YearHometownHigh School

        1Jaylon Tate6-3170GuardSOChicago, Ill.Simeon

        3Ahmad Starks5-9170GuardRS SRChicago, Ill.Whitney Young

        10Mike LaTulip6-1170GuardJRArlington Heights, Ill.Prospect

        11Aaron Cosby6-3200GuardRS JRLouisville, Ky.Northfield Mount Hermon (Mass.)

        12Leron Black6-7220ForwardFRMemphis, Tenn.White Station

        13Tracy Abrams6-2185GuardSRChicago, Ill.Mount Carmel

        21Malcolm Hill6-6230GuardSOBelleville, Ill.East

        22Maverick Morgan6-10250CenterSOSpringboro, OhioSpringboro

        24Rayvonte Rice6-4230GuardRS SRChampaign, Ill.Centennial

        25Kendrick Nunn6-3190GuardSOChicago, Ill.Simeon

        31Austin Colbert6-9210ForwardSOChesapeake, Va.Gill St. Bernard’s (N.J.)

        32Nnanna Egwu6-11250Forward/CenterSRChicago, Ill.Saint Ignatius

        43Michael Finke6-10220ForwardFRChampaign, Ill.Centennial

        44Alex Austin6-4185GuardJRChicago, Ill.Mount Carmel

        45Cameron Liss6-6200ForwardFRNorthbrook, Ill.Glenbrook North

        • Steve2081

          Yep. That is definitely their roster. Alex Austin and Cameron Liss are walk ons.

  • BlueBulls

    So Caris is the best NBA prospect and shooting guard but won’t make first team all Big Ten?

    Did they run this preview like group homework where everyone just emails their part to one person and then they email it to the professor without reading it?

  • AADave

    I would put Michigan third in the Big Ten behind Wisconsin and OSU and 15-20 nationally. But rankings don’t really mean anything in basketball at this point.

  • geoffclarke

    I find it somewhat surprising that they are picking Walton over Ferrell as the best PG and much more surprising that they are picking the team with the best PG and SG to finish 6th!

    • BlueRev

      reply to you GC and BlueBulls–exactly, how do you have the best back-court in conference alongside one of top potential breakout performers and one of the top frosh and a respected coach and get picked in the middle? Maybe they expect absolutely nothing from our center position? Even if our bigs disappoint from simply filling their role this season, this team has got to be top 4 conference on paper, imo likely finishing 2nd-3rd. Now, I won’t argue much with #24 nationally (imo upper teens) as it may take time for us to gel, but I like our chances to be sweet 16 or better come tourney time.

      • Northern Blue

        Exactly, I am not arguing with the national rank, just the B1G. I think they may have an adjustment period in non-conference but by time B1G season rolls around this team will be much improved from first game of season, and there are still guys on this team that know how to win in the B1G (Caris, Derrick, Zak, Spike)

  • Cory

    I quit reading after I saw Minnesota at 21st in the country.

  • BlueRev

    Did Lindy’s acknowledge our trip to Italy? Just wondering if they have no clue or at least a little. Thanks for the news–love to see other hoop junkies predictions.

  • Chazer

    This is great motivation for a youthful team and excellent bulletin board material. Regardless where they finish in the B1G this team will be very good in March….back courts win tournament games.

  • Northern Blue

    Just trying to figure this all out. They ranked UM as having top point guard and shooting guard in conference, and they have finished no lower than 2nd the previous 3 years and they rank them 6th. Makes sense…. Luckily, these are predictions and mean nothing.

  • Mattski

    Would love to know how accurate Lindy’s and these other rags have been year to year. . . At some point after Beilein keeps surpassing expectations they have to start handing him coach of the year awards on the regular, though. . .

  • JohnNavarreIsMyHero

    Aside from the confusing and contradictory breakdown, Michigan should be in the top 4. The schedule is very favorable and it seems like that is being ignored in these rankings. Levert and Walton are both the best in the conference at their respective positions. Minnesota and Illinois will both be improved, but Michigan is still a better team than both.

    They have the correct teams in the top 6, but the the order should have Michigan in the top 3. I would round out the top 6 with Nebraska, Minnesota, and Illinois.

    After that there is a clear dropoff.

  • John

    MSU #9? Wow. I like these predictions for another reason..less expectations. Its a young team that nobody thinks is going to be that good. Irvin is right now under the radar. He is because he didn’t play that much last year.
    Doyle/Donnal is a good combination and then throw in Chatman and you have a nice roster. The reason UM is picked low IMO is that Irvin isn’t factored significantly in the assessment.

    How about another way of looking at it. If Irvin was assumed to average 14 pts per game this coming year, what do you think the UM rank would be? Probably higher than Illinois and Minny.

  • I get the angst here but …..

    And while I share the opinion that we have the best backcourt in the conference, it is also true that our entire front court has 0 starts, four of our five top guys there have 0 appearances in a game. In a preseason poll which MOSTLY rightly rates individual teams on the players they have coming back and their abilities as demonstrated in games they have actually played in at this level, I’m putting us somewhere between 5 and 7 as well.

    i know you can look at the big class coming in two years ago and point out a top 5 national ranking on the strength of that class, but a widely acknowledged 5 star big man coming in does change things some. This is B Ball, size with mad skills matters.

    I also suspect that John Beilein is divinely inspired as a basketball coach and can possibly walk on water as well, but looking at our roster coming back and some of the other rosters coming back, I can’t get too insulted over this. I might be a little crabby if I were Sparty.

    The only poll that matters a damn bit anyway is the one at the end of the season that we call Final Standings.

    • mdtreat

      best backcourt in the conference?

      • Absolutely, nobody has demonstrated better guard play as a group in the conference than have Walton, Levert and Spike. I might hold a different opinion by the end of the season, but before the bell, it’s us.