Video: PJ Dozier Summer Highlights

Dylan Burkhardt

PJ Dozier will visit Michigan officially on September 26th and will make his college choice between Michigan, South Carolina, North Carolina, Louisville and Georgetown. Dozier had a big summer on the AAU circuit and proved that he’s fully recovered from his ACL surgery. Watch footage from Courtside Films in the embedded media player below.

  • I struggle a little bit understanding how it is that everybody doesn’t think this kid is a point guard. His head is up all the time, when he passes the ball goes to spots where it’s easy to use.

    He shows some big stones going to the rim with a brace on his knee.

    I want him, as much or more than Thornton, and I love Thornton.

    • Indiana_Matt

      Agree. Kid really gets to the rim. I want them both!

  • geoffclarke

    (1) The theme of that track is very similar to the BTN The Journey theme. (2) Dozier is severely underrated IMO. He can drop-step and dunk with ease, has PG vision and hesitation moves, wing size, etc. I think future lottery pick and maybe even future NBA All Star. I know we’ve had some good players come through here, but if we can somehow get him, I think he’d be the best. (3) Imagine the creating abilities on the floor if we had JR Walton Jr., SO Chatman, and FR Dozier. Follow up the next year with Thornton and that would be sick. (4) I heard South Carolina offered another guard. This was probably covered on the Forum…on my way over there now.

    • Corn

      Hard to call someone who is essentially a consensus 5 star underrated, but I agree with your general sentiment.

      • geoffclarke

        Okay, maybe not severely, but I do think his composite 26 is too low. I’m thinking top 10-15.

  • Mattski

    This is the most skilled and promising player we’ve been shown video of recently, right? Guy plays with both poise and authority. Can we get him and Leaf? I’m not close enough to all this recruiting to know if they’re even the same year. . .

    • Mattski

      Overcame my laziness and went and looked: Dozier is 2015, and Leaf is a 2016 guy. I know it’s a pain, but I would love it if every article listed their year, height and projected position. . . er, cause you don’t do enough already, Dylan!

      Some really fine players we are in on these days; wow.