Video: Jon Teske Scouting Highlights

Dylan Burkhardt

Class of 2016 big man Jon Teske pledged to John Beilein and the Michigan Wolverines last night. The Medina, Ohio big man was Michigan’s first commitment of the class and provides a legitimate 7-footer to anchor the Wolverine defense for years to come. We compiled a quick scouting video made up of clips from Teske’s sophomore season during games against Warrensville Heights, Shaker Heights and Mentor.

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  • sane1

    Thanks for putting that together, Dylan. You can’t evaluate a young 7 footer like other position players. Just growing into their bodies. What you have to like is his mobility, getting up and down the court and moving his feet, especially on defense. Most kids that tall don’t have those attributes. His shooting form looks good, just needs to put up shots in the gym. The glaring issue is strength, of course, but you have to factor in what two more years of physical maturity will look like, and then Camp Sanderson after that. Put some muscle with that mobility and you’ve got something. Kind of the opposite progression to JMo, who had to drop the baby fat. If Teske works like JMo did, and I expect he will, we will have a really nice post player on our hands.

  • A2JD

    Obviously, he needs to get a lot stronger but I really was impressed with his lateral movement and it looks like he has decent touch. He’s still a kid and still 2 years away from hitting campus so it will be interesting to see how he develops in the meantime. Hopefully, there will be move video to look at.

  • AADave

    Hard to predict how good he’ll be since he’s still young, still growing and raw. The video also doesn’t really show you his offensive skills. As other point out, he does seem to have good mobility.

    Others here liken him to Ben Cronin but I don’t think such comparisons make any sense unless you think all really tall white dudes are all the same. He could end up as good as Kaminksy at Wisconsin (who was an underrated recruit but now is NBA caliber) or just be a role player/shot blocker. Either way, if he stays healthy he should be a great asset to the team.

  • Ben

    Who is on a recruiting visit today? Saw Beilein and the three assistants with somebody in the Diag. His Dad was wearing a maize shirt, so that’s probably good.

  • Updated the video with a few more clips in case you guys are interested.

  • Kenny

    He will be an elite defensive stopper, and once he adds strength, his offensive game will follow too.

  • Northern Blue

    What a change having all these talented big men solidified for next few years, with guard play being the fan base’s concern. Hopefully not a concern for too much longer. It is nice to know we will have size in the future to better matchup against teams like this year’s Kentucky.
    JB and staff often times talk about setting out a road map for players. I wonder if Donnal’s road map includes playing the 4 down the line. Time will tell. I would think in scenario’s like against this past years Kentucky team Mark would come in handy providing size while still being able to play the 4 out 1 in style.

  • I don’t know how you can ask much more from a 7 ft. tall 17 year old kid in terms of athleticism.

    This could be real good. That little bit of spaz near the top of his shot will be long gone by the time he gets here, and ain’t nobody gonna stop him from taking that little jump hook.

    The thing I really liked though was that little extra he handed out to some kid he was setting a pick on. They’re gonna have their heads on a swivel when our ball handlers start bringing them into the middle on the screen and roll.

    • Mattski

      Yes. How a seven-foot sixteen-year-old could be more coordinated or–indeed–run the floor better, I don’t know.

      • Champswest

        I was going to say the same thing. I have seen 6’4″ sixteen year old basketball players falling all over themselves just trying to run the floor. This kid looks like he could mature into a real stud. I don’t think he is going to become LESS coordinated as he matures. Great addition for UM.

        • TR

          It’s almost shocking how good this kid looks. Huge, athletic, and relatively skilled…yes please

  • jblair52

    0:55 mark…runs the floor off a rebound, gets rewarded with an easy dunk. instantly starts sprinting back on defense.

    Thought it was McGary for a second!

  • A2MIKE

    I don’t see the Cronin comparison at all. Way more mobile, looks to have decent touch and has good lateral quickness and a good 2nd jump. A couple times he challenged a shot and was still able to get some lift for a rebound opportunity on the second jump. This could be a real game changer down the road.

  • BlueBear_E

    I see a lot of upside. If Teske stays healthy and has the work ethic that Beilein values in recruits, he will have a top 40 class ranking in a couple publications.

  • GTFOmycourt

    I am very impressed with his coordination, agility, touch, activity level and quickness. I am very excited to see this young guys game grow over the next 2 years.

  • Frank Chuck

    According to 11Warriors (an Ohio site), Teske measured in at 6’11” without shoes.

    Also, Brian Snow of said Teske will be ranked a 4 star in the next update.