Video: Sacramento Kings introduce Nik Stauskas

Dylan Burkhardt

Nik Stauskas was introduced by the Sacramento Kings this afternoon after he arrived in Sacramento on Friday evening. Stauskas was the eighth pick in the draft and will wear the No. 10 jersey for the Kings with No. 11 retired. Watch his full press conference in the embedded media player below.

Mitch McGary and Glenn Robinson III were introduced by the Thunder and Timberwolves on Friday. Watch McGary’s press conference here¬†and Robinson’s here.

  • Gordon

    Nik is saying all the right things. He seems to have the right attitude despite being drafted into a relatively undesirable organization. I think he will be successful even if the team isn’t.

    • MAZS

      I am not so certain that this is a undesirable organization any more. The Maloofs are gone. The new owner Vivek Ranadive is extremely engaged and has surrounded himself with pretty smart and respected guys. And, of course, picking Nik reinforces this ;-)

      • A2JD

        Yeah, it was cool to see how genuinely excited the front-office and ownership were to get him. Hopefully, Cousins keeps maturing and that team starts to find some success.

      • Gordon

        I do think they’re moving in the right direction, but the new ownership is the same group that traded for Rudy Gay this past season… Side note: as a Bulls fan, I hope you’re right because if the Kings can get out of the bottom-10 of the draft in the next few years, the Bulls get the Kings’ first-rounder.

        • MAZS

          I get it–and, of course, they still have the Cousins roller coaster

  • jakelam2116

    I have no doubt that Nik will continue to play with a chip on his shoulder.

  • A2JD

    That was about as polished as I’ve ever seen a rookie-to-be sound in a press conference. Very impressive.

    It stings a little bit that he got taken in the spot where the Pistons would’ve been picking had Cleveland not gotten lucky once more. Detroit is in need of a player like Nik.

    I haven’t followed the Kings much since the Webber-era but I’ll be tuning in now.

  • Found it interesting that they drafted him the year after they picked Ben McLemore. Probably says something about McLemore, who is basically more athletic but more one dimensions version of Nik if I remember correctly.

  • Wayman Britt

    Mr. Coleman, Thornton, Battle and Leaf:

    I would assume you watched the NBA draft on Thursday. If you would like to be called to the podium someday, might I suggest you play for Beilein and his assistants – they will elevate every facet of your game for the next level.

  • Indiana_Matt

    Nik is awesome.