Video: Oklahoma City Thunder introduce Mitch McGary

Dylan Burkhardt

Mitch McGary was introduced by the Oklahoma City Thunder this afternoon. McGary will wear No. 33 and reports that his back is doing well and he plans to try to participate in the NBA Summer League. McGary watched the draft at home in his garage with around 40 people. Watch the full video below.

Watch Glenn Robinson III’s introduction in this post from earlier today.

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  • joos

    Thunder fan here.
    Most are assuming McGary will play both PF and C but will primarily be a four, as Nick Collison is getting older (just had a terrible playoffs) and is regressing. McGary is similar in style, though his rebounding should be an upgrade from Day 1.
    Sam Presti mentioned that our other draftee, Josh Huestis out of Stanford, would likely be spending some time in the D-League, but did not bring that up in regard to McGary. Not sure if that means anything. The team intended to send Steven Adams to the D-League last season but he won a rotation spot during training camp. I imagine the same opportunity will be available to McGary.
    Happy for the draft. If you happen to read any Thunder blogs, don’t worry about the negativity. The fanbase is rarely happy about who the team drafts and then changes their tune eventually. Also many will be forever scarred by the bust that was Cole Aldrich. Mitch was drafted in an area where we’ve had success previously (Serge Ibaka at 24 in 2008, Reggie Jackson at 24 in 2011), so I’m fairly optimistic.

    • DingoBlue

      Thanks for the perspective.

  • crh

    Happy to see Mitch have a good end to his college career after some unfortunate happenings with health and ncaa rules. He deserved to be drafted by such a class organisation and hearing Sam Presti talk about Mitch last season reminds me of the things that Coach B looks at and appreciates in his basketball recruits. Mitch might finally feel relieved that him forgoing last years draft didnt end up to be a bad thing after all!

  • Indiana_Matt

    Mitch is awesome.