Michigan offers Ohio forward Seth Towns

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan head coach John Beilein extended a scholarship offer to Northland (Columbus, OH) forward Seth Towns today.

Towns tweeted news of the offer this afternoon. Towns is a 3-star prospect from Columbus and he attends Northland High School, the same school that produced former Wolverine Trey Burk.

Best known for his shooting ability, Towns is a versatile wing forward with a lot of skill to his game. He has visited Michigan on nearly 10 different occasions for football games, basketball games, camps and unofficials. He’s also hearing from Dayton, Xavier, Virginia Tech and others.

Towns had previously named Michigan his leader and has grown fond of the Wovlerine program.

“I really like their coaching style and playing style,” he said. “How it’s a really spread out offense and the players — it’s not like a Princeton offense where it’s ran through (set motion and cuts) — they have freedom and they like being able to get out on the floor and show what they can do. It’s kind of like an NBA style team. I really like that aspect.”

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  • Brandon

    I know this guy is about as ‘off the radar’ as they come, but if the staff wants him this bad early on, I’ll bet he’s going to be a good one

    • DingoBlue

      don’t know if he is “off the radar” per se. He’s not as highly touted as some of the other offers out to 2016 prospects right now, that’s for sure. However, I bet he ends up in the top 100 consensus when it’s all said and done. Maybe no higher than Nik though.

      • AADave

        Yeah, he could be just another scrub like Nik, lol. I love these early offers to under the radar guys. Beilein probably knows more about evaluating talent than all the scouting services combined.

        • DingoBlue

          Heh, that was my point in referencing Nik specifically (not top 70 to most sites I believe). I do have faith in the coaches’ scouting of Towns. Although I agree his shooting form is not nearly as perfect as Nik’s.

        • geoffclarke

          While basketball talent is where the coaches start, they’re evaluating a lot more. Seems like this kid has all the off court intangibles. And the combined, or composite, of the scouting services is probably better than any individual site.

  • Chazer

    Look for OSU to offer soon….LOL!

  • Wayman Britt

    I agree will definitely need help on raising his release over his head.

    • A2JD

      Body-wise, he looks like the exact same body-type Jalen Rose had in his Freshman year.

  • Webbdog

    Ok, now this Kid is nice!