Scouting & Video: Eron Harris

Dylan Burkhardt

Eron Harris has visited Purdue and Michigan State in recent weeks and plans to visit Michigan this weekend before announcing his transfer destination. The 6-foot-3 West Virginia transfer is regarded as one of the best available transfers and will have two seasons to play after sitting out the 2014-15 campaign.

We put together a scouting highlight video of Harris focusing on some of his strengths, mostly his ability to shoot the ball off the catch and dribble and pick his spots and get in the lane. Watch the video below and read some scouting thoughts after the jump.


Harris is a proven shooter at the college level. He’s an elite-level three-point shooter and is capable shooting off the catch or off the dribble. He does a great job of playing off of screens and moving to get open off the ball. He has range well beyond the three-point line and he doesn’t need much space to get his shot off. His favorite shots are above the wings from the free throw line extended up.

Harris also grades out as an above-average scorer off of ball screens (preferring to shoot when defenders go under the screen) and off of isolation sets. He’s still a bit unproven in those situations (20.4% of possessions), but his numbers show a lot of promise. He does a great job of using his shooting threat to attack off of the dribble against poor close-outs.

His excellent free throw shooting (86% ranks 55th nationally among qualifiers) is also a very good sign, especially if he can become more aggressive and get to the line more often.


Harris is purely a scorer at this phase in his development. He has very low assist numbers (1.6 per game) and several of the assists that he did pick up were simple passes around the perimeter rather than drives and dishes. As a 6-foot-3 player, that’s an area of his game that he’ll have to improve if he wants to play at the next level. Harris isn’t the sort of free-flowing offensive creator that Michigan fans have watched in Nik Stauskas and Caris LeVert — he’s much more of a traditional two that can do just enough off the bounce to be dangerous.

There are also some concerns on the defensive side of the ball. Harris played in a poor defense – West Virginia’s defensive efficiency ranked 154th nationally – but he didn’t appear to help the defensive cause much. Harris graded out in the 30th percentile nationally defensively, per Synergy Sports.  He did a good job of defending ball screen guards, but struggled to stick with jump shooters and in one-on-one isolation situations. It’s tough to say what percentage of his poor defensive grades are due to his team’s struggles or individual issues — most West Virginia players graded out poorly — but wherever Harris ends up he’ll have a year to improve on the defensive end.

  • Brad S

    He really does seem like a perfect fit for our offense. Definitely needs to work on vision and finishing at the rim, but a year with our coaching staff should remedy that. If he comes to Michigan, he could have a huge 2015-2016

  • Steve2081

    Jalen Coleman or bust.

    • geoffclarke

      Disagree. I think worst case with Harris is you get what you see in this scouting video/report. Best case is he develops some creating skills and works on defense and you have a more complete player. But I don’t think you pass on someone with elite 3-point shooting, especially Michigan. I’m sure the coaches are doing their normal background check to try to make sure chemistry is good.

      • Yeah… On paper, it’s tough to complain by getting a proven shooter. A lot of times when a guy puts up big scoring #s he’s not the most efficient player, but Harris was pretty damn efficient for a 17/night scorer. With a year to work in the system, he seems like an ideal insurance plan for Caris LeVert->NBA possibility.

        • BlueRev

          Definitely want the kid! And if LeVert came back there would still be 15+ minutes off the bench for a year before he would star as a senior.

          Admittedly you might think a guy like that would want a guaranteed starting spot, but he had that in WV. He would be a winner here for sure and if he starts then he has a good shot at the NBA like most of our recent starters.

          • MAZS

            He ain’t coming if he thinks he’s only getting 15+ minutes a game in 2015-16. Nor is he coming to star 3 years out. I suspect he too is planning on being a 1 and done ( or 3 and done, if you prefer).

          • countourzealous

            If we get him, he will absolutely start. Pick’n’roll for days!

    • David Remmler

      JC should be our #1 priority but Harris would be a great addition for 2015. I think Brunson’s a long shot and will likely go elsewhere. Brunson’s the real deal and likely a one and done but I think JC has a great all around offensive game with a high ceiling and will probably be just as good or better than Brunson. I think we will have room for at least 2 more in the 2015 class (another guard and post player) even if we take Harris. Besides JC, Davis would be comparable in the 2015 class.

      It would also be nice to get Harris to keep him from ending up at MSU.

      • geoffclarke

        (1) I would probably prioritize Coleman over Harris, but Harris is deciding much sooner. I’d still take Coleman, but I could easily see Coleman drifting away if Harris commits (heck, he might be already). (2) I also like Brunson (A LOT), but I’ve written him off a while ago. If I’m wrong, I’ll be pleasantly surprised. As good as I think he is (could be the best freshman PG in all college basketball next year), I would not call him “likely a one and done”. (3) Although we’ll probably end up with a couple more spots for the ’15 class, we probably won’t know until next spring, after most of the “tier 1” recruits have already decided, and I think it’s rare that Beilein makes offers unless he *knows* a spot is available. And next spring I think he’s more hesitant to dole out offers than he was this spring.

        • David Remmler

          I agree with your thoughts. I think we have the same feeling regarding Brunson. As a top 15 ranked and 5 star player, he doesn’t fit the mold of players Beilein has typically reeled in. GR3 ended up at #12 but he was only a 3 star when he committed. McGary was the exception. I don’t think this is a bad thing. Although they’re not necessarily one and done, they are more likely to be since they’re ranked at the level of a lottery pick. I think the sweet spot in recruiting is #25-50 ranked players (Irvin,Walton, Chatman, Coleman, Davis) or even #50-100 players(Stauskas, Darius Morris, DJ Wilson) who often have similar potential but are more likely to stay 2-3 years.

          • geoffclarke

            Actually, I don’t think we’re thinking along the same lines regarding Brunson. (1) he’s not a one-and-done candidate; ranked 24th composite; 6’1″ players rarely are. (2) He is definitely someone Michigan could get, and I think would get, if it weren’t for Derrick Walton.

    • Kenny

      Coleman will be a great addition, but I would prefer Harris over Coleman for several reasons.
      1. Harris is more proven at the college level,
      2. Harris will have one year to practice with the team and learn the offense and more ready to contribute in 2015.
      3. Harris has at most two more years after 2015, and it will play well with 2016 recruits.

  • rick dunaway

    i think we got harris. its looking good right now

    • BlueRev

      because… ?

      • rick dunaway

        we get the last vist, and thats the way he wanted it. this is a done deal

        • BlueRev

          Hope you’re right–save the best for the last!

    • Northern Blue

      What he wanted in a coach and a system seems tailor made to what Michigan has to offer. He won’t be able to play point guard anywhere really, but letting him play pick and roll all day probably gets him most prepared to handle the ball at the next level whether its NBA, D league, or Europe.

    • Frank Chuck

      Rick Dunaway, you have a history of being overly optimistic.

      I hope you’re right about this.

  • TF

    Very happy to see him get out of East Lansing still looking to visit Ann Arbor. Austin Grandstaff’s commitment to OSU while in Columbus had me nervous.

  • ajerome33

    If he ‘goes Blue’ with his decision, the sky is the limit for him within Beilein’s offensive system. Going from Huggins to our coaching staff will immediately impress upon Harris that he made a great decision choosing Michigan. Crossing fingers and hoping the visit goes well for him.

  • mikey_mac

    Wow, elite catch-and-shoot. Looks like a good candidate for Camp Sanderson, honestly … Let’s get that vertical improved. Kind of like a righty Zak Irvin right now, really, minus a couple inches, plus a handle you have to respect defensively.

    • geoffclarke

      There’s this: Plus, Zak Irvin is a righty Zak Irvin.

      • mikey_mac

        Yeah, I think of Irvin as a lefty because he favors his left side. Count how many times he dribbled the ball with his right hand all of last season. You will only need the fingers on your right hand!

  • JohnNavarreIsMyHero

    I feel like we are the favorite and the best option. Beilein is the best coach of the three options and his offense is perfect for this guy.

    • countourzealous

      Harris has enough experience under his belt to understand NCAA competition, but Beilein can fit him into our system to so well. After he sits out a year, I would not be surprised at all if he becomes a lottery pick under Beilein, Bacari and Steven Fisher.

      I’m sure you won’t read this, Eron, but Michigan fans would cherish your presence. Legit final four team after these new guys get some more experience under their belts.

  • beeceeinla

    i hate to say this, but he’s a perfect fit for izzo’s system: undersized SG who can hit from the arc playing off the ball. the only question is whether MSU would be stupid enough to start listing his height as 6’4″