Mitch McGary NBA Draft Workout

Dylan Burkhardt

Mitch McGary is working out again and City League Hoops was on hand to catch McGary in the gym. Watch McGary in action in the embedded media player below.

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  • Madrox

    Thrilled for McGary that he is looking closer to full health, but this video makes me depressed over what could have been.

    • Fab 5 Legends

      exactly my thoughts…with mitch on our team, we would be a top 10 team all year long with levert, Irvin & Walton…but it is what it is, our frontcourt will have their growing pains

    • David

      Agreed completely. It’s almost not fair we only got to see Epic-Mitch for a handful of games during the Tournament. The thing that really keeps my head up is knowing that we have probably one of the best/most awesome coaches in the country with a whole new crop of young guys. I am excited to watch them grow. That being said, a 6’10” big man running the break with an okie-doke splitting 2 defenders cupping the ball finish…. there won’t be many more like him.

  • A2JD

    If he keeps looking like that in workouts, he may jump back into the top 20.

  • Pnickel

    He reminds me of David Lee & Kevin Love somewhat. I wish he were coming back, oh well! He will be drafted late in the first round. OKC or the Spurs have a knack for getting great late round talent.

  • EchoWhiskey

    Looks like they took that video down for some reason. Anyone know where to find another copy?