Video: Muhammad Ali Abdur-Rahkman 2013-14 Highlights

Dylan Burkhardt

Muhammad Ali Abdur-Rahkman committed to Michigan on Saturday during his official visit. The 6-foot-4 guard should add athleticism, playmaking ability and depth to Michigan’s backcourt next season. We posted a full scouting video last week, but here’s a more traditional compilation of Abdur-Rahkman highlights from throughout the season.

  • Quick Darshan

    I think we’re seeing the benefits of having a coach that’s worked his way up from small schools.

    Players like Albrecht, Levert and (hopefully) this kid would usually go to small schools and become stars. Beilein seems to able to supplement his 4 stars with these kinds of players.

  • Mattski

    Curious what his coach meant by the idea that he’s “just a guard,” not a shooting guard or a point guard. Looking at this I’d say. . . not necessarily a specialist, but a pretty capable all-arounder? I’m also wondering, given the notes of at least mild disapproval from the fanbase, whether the fact that they’re both supposed to be strong defenders may be motivating the staff a little. There have been times when we just couldn’t get stops in the last two years. . .

  • Quick Darshan

    His stroke seems fine. I wonder if his 3pt% is low because he’s shooting off the dribble a lot. Wonder what his percentage is on catch-and-shoot opportunities.

    He only made 1.5 3s a game, so I’m sure the scouts are not way off. But, there’s nothing glaring about his mechanics.

  • UM2K14

    Senior Highlight video

    Nice Court Vision
    Dribble Drive Ability
    High Arc Shot

    Dribbling Skills

  • Roanman

    He looks like a point guard to me.

  • Jake

    He looks more suited as a distributor and can create his own shots.

  • Wayman Britt

    I wonder what the talent level was of the league Allentown CC played? Are they in a basketball rich league? Sometimes a H.S. players stats can be over inflated if they in weaker league, but not sure about Alentown, PA.

    • Ex Kobe Hater

      Very good talent level in the Lehigh Valley Conference. Only area in PA that is definitely better year in and year out is Philadelphia. Pittsburgh and Harrisburg area are also good so depending on the year the LVC is either 2nd, 3rd, or 4th best region in the state.

    • CT42

      League is good not great, but MAAR put up 33 on Trenton Catholic, head to head vs Cuse commit Richardson, and 30 vs Neumann-Goretti, likely PAs top team. His scoring avg could have been higher but he was a true team player.

  • Paul

    He sort of reminds me of Gary Harris

  • Dustin Stone

    Nothing really jumps out at you in my opinion…Seems to have a solid all around game. Definitely someone Beilien can put under his tutelage and see how he improves.

  • Champswest

    Looks like a solid addition to me. Good handle (with either hand) and can finish with either hand. Has good court vision and a decent shot. Will give us back up at the 1, 2 or 3 next year.

    • GregGoBlue

      Really? Looked all right to me. (Arrested Development reference completely unintentional)

  • geoffclarke

    Thanks a lot, Dylan! He definitely doesn’t have the best leaping ability, but boy does he seem to be able to get from A to B quickly. Sometimes I think the video is sped up! I think he’ll be a great addition to the team.

  • Mike

    I think he has a chance to make Stauskas and LeVert type gains. JB and staff gave a pure shooter handling skills and strength and leaping ability, and an athletic defensive guy scoring and decision making. MAAAR can give us the ability to go big at the point and SG. I think it all comes down to his work ethic and drive for self improvement. It’s not easy putting in all the work Nik and Caris did. I know highlight tapes show the good, but I think his outside shooting has potential. We space very well and get many open looks. His drive ability should also help that out. Like I said before if he puts in the work we could have a great player.

    • Nick

      Nik could ball when he got here. Just took time/opportunities before he could fully showcase his skills.

      • GentlemanScholar

        Agreed. People were sleeping on Nik, but he had handles and shooting ability when he got here. Where he really improved was his strength and explosiveness. I’d also credit some of his court vision to the scheme Beilein runs, but also to Nik’s abilities.

    • Kenny

      I won’t hold him to such a high standard, if he has Novak/Stu kind of numbers and stays for 4 years, I will be very satisfied. At his point, MAAR is a poor man’s Devin Booker.

  • jblair52

    I see ENERGY.

    McGary-like energy. I think he’ll be a nice player primarily on doing the little things.
    Assists, transition points, defense, tipped passes, diving on loose balls, steals, etc.

    And looks like he’ll be a great teammate.

  • Webbdog

    Also reminds me of a CJ McCollum/Khalif Wyatt Type Player. Great get IMO.