Report: Michigan offers 2014 wing Aubrey Dawkins

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan landed a commitment from Muhammad Ali Abdur-Rahkman earlier this afternoon, but John Beilein also extended a scholarship offer to class of 2014 guard Aubrey Dawkins, who was also on campus for an official visit.

Sam Webb first reported the scholarship offer. Dawkins also has a scholarship offer from Dayton and is planning to visit this coming week.

Dawkins, a 6-foot-5 wing, is finishing up a prep season at New Hampton School, where he averaged 13 points per game. He is the son of Stanford head coach, and former NBA player, Johnny Dawkins.

We posted a scouting video and scouting report of Dawkins’ game earlier today.

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  • Wayman Britt

    This is interesting after MAAR has already accepted. Dawkins does look to be very athletic. If he commits I hope he can play good defense and has good foot speed. It also never hurts to have players whose fathers were in the NBA.

  • Chezaroo

    Very surprised at the offer. Wonder if he’ll take it. Can’t help but wonder if we are looking for bodies in lieu of knowing something about Mitch? It’s hard to understand adding both with all of the 15 guards we are supposedly in on. Wouldn’t any combination of Brunson, Coleman, Dozier, or Davis seem a lot better scenario? Have to trust the coaches though!

    • Mattski

      I wonder if it’s the opposite–Mitch is for sure back and we are surrounding him with players. . . Is that possible? Either way, if coach wants him, he’ll contribute.

      • Chezaroo

        Really difficult IMO, to see either of these kids ( if Dawkins commits ) taking any significant minutes next year. Caris, Derrick, Zak, Spike, and potentially Chatman are all in front of them. This is a down the road and depth issue IMO. Seems like a weird move to me. Guess we didn’t want to go head-head with the other big programs for the acknowledged available talent still out there looking for a change of scenery?

        • Adam

          Transfers wouldn’t help the team next year.. Did you really want to go into the season with no backup guards besides little Spike? That’s a recipe for disaster.. If there are any injuries, foul trouble, off nights

          • Chezaroo

            Agreed, if he can play at this level. Isn’t that really the concern?

    • geoffclarke

      Like Spike in ’12 gave us PG recruiting flexibility in ’15 and ’16, getting one or both of Dawkins and Abdur-Rahkman will give us SG/SF flexibility in ’15-’17. I think they still can accept 2 players at the same positions in ’15, especially a shooter like McQuaid.

  • Ben

    It seems like half of his highlight video was missed jumpers.

    • If you want to watch a highlight video, watch one of these below. That video was every play he was involved in from 2 games this season. Sometimes people miss shots.


      Have you seen MAARs!?? Missed FTs,wide open 3s, and drives to hoop are bailed out by fouls being called, wide open- fast break dunks which won’t be happening here. No idea why we are going for these caliber recruits? Do we just need practice players?

    • Adam

      If you watched a scouting video of Kobe you’d see a ridiculous amount of missed shots.. The vast majority of guys miss over half the shots they take.. It’s the way it works and why these are better videos than highlights because highlights make ever player look like an NBA all star

  • Champswest

    With MAAR in the fold, I would have preferred saving the ship for next year, but I trust in all things Beilein. Maybe they expect to lose LeVert and Irvin next year (and maybe even Walton).

  • Tyrell

    I am hoping he commits to Dayton.

  • Anthony

    I would rather go the transfer route then land him or just bank the scholarship.

  • Mac Bolak

    Did Stanford even offer? Shouldn’t his dad have offered?

  • W3

    What on earth are you guys watching? For a late signee & backup 3 man I would take this kid in a second. I worry about MAAR (inconsistent shot, lacks burst/speed, tweener

  • W3

    But this kid has a shot, can go to the hoop, and is very athletic. Hope we land him. Need depth. This was every play he was involved in, I like him more now.