Video: Spike Albrecht, Caris LeVert speak at Michigan banquet


Spike Albrecht and Caris LeVert both spoke briefly with the media at the annual Michigan basketball banquet on Wednesday night. Albrecht talked about filling the leadership void next season with Jordan Morgan, Jon Horford, Nik Stauskas and Glenn Robinson III leaving. LeVert talked about his own NBA evaluation process and confirmed that he is returning next season. You can watch both interviews using the embedded media players below.

Albrecht after the jump.

  • kam

    “i’m 100% coming back”-Caris

    • kam

      I live in OHIO and everyone here knows caris’ favorite player is KD. I’m glad he worked hard and gets the opportunity to go to his camp.

  • sshow

    It’s fair to say I am reading too much into it, but Albrecht’s response regarding McGary’s return was not optimistic.

    • kam

      both him and caris didn’t say mitch’s name when talked about next years players. either they HONESTLY forgot, They didn’t say him because they didn’t know OR because they know he’s gone. I’m guessing one of the last two

      • JohnNavarreIsMyHero

        Was feeling good that McGary was coming back after not announcing with the other two. Now started to worry after these comments popped up.

        Now I am thinking – It could be that these guys don’t know for sure (McGary is still deciding) so they are only talking about absolutes for next year.

      • MAZS

        or they are just respecting Mitch by not commenting one way or another

    • BlueRev

      Is Spike older than Mitch. Seemed like Caris left him out too.
      Still hoping Mitch back tho, but can’t say that made me feel more optimistic.

      • Burke_Does_Work

        That’s just the thing, McGary is older than Spike (albeit by only 2 months), so that does not sound promising for Mitch to be coming back. I thought he was originally 50/50, then because he didn’t announce with Glenn and Nik, I was feeling good about him coming back (maybe 75/25), now it seems like it’s more of 40/60, if not worst. BTW, Mitch and Spike will both be turning 22 over the summer, meanwhile I am a rising junior just like them and will only be turning 20 over the summer. Those guys are really old for their class.

    • nevin

      I’d say they omitted Mitch because they don’t know if he’ll be back or not. Lets hope he’s back regardless.

  • gobluemd16

    I didn’t know there was even a question with Caris that the media is publishing now about him being “100% back.” Worried big time about Mitch even more now..

    • kam

      ya. Caris checked to see where he stood apparently but i think we all knew he’d be back