Scouting Video & Evaluation: Muhammad Ali Abdur-Rahkman

Dylan Burkhardt

Muhammad Ali Abdur-Rahkman is planning to take an official visit to Michigan this weekend as John Beilein and his staff look to fill the vacancies left by early departures.

Abdur-Rahkman is an athletic combo guard checking in at 6-foot-4 that averaged 23.6 points, 6.2 rebounds and 4.1 assists per game while leading Allentown Catholic Central to a 29-1 record. Abdur-Rahkman also played on the Nike EYBL circuit last summer, where he averaged 6.1 points and 1.9 assists per game for Team Final.

We were able to mashup various video clips from games and highlights on the internet to scout Abdur-Rahkman. Watch over eight minutes of footage in the embedded media player below or find a scouting report after the jump.


Abdur-Rahkman is an explosive guard that loves to play down hill with the ball in his hands. He’s a great full-court player and his passing ability, along with his finishing, shines in transition. He dominated the ball offensively for Allentown Catholic Central, but he didn’t hog it. That’s a key distinction and his ability to see the open man is certain to be a critical evaluation point for John Beilein.

Abdur-Rahkman showed off his bounce at the rim, but he also moves very well laterally and could get to whatever spot he wanted on the floor. He hit a number of impressive pull-up jumpers, but could use slightly better decision making when driving into traffic – something that might be more a product of his team. Abdur-Rahkman also has great size and length for an off-guard and looked more than capable of guarding all three perimeter positions.


Abdur-Rahkman hit plenty of threes in the footage we watched, but he averaged 1.6 made threes per game as a senior. His shot looks to be improving (he made five in CC’s season-ending loss to Neumann-Goretti, the first game in this video), but he’s still streaky. He made 14-of-28 threes in his last four games, but made just 9 threes in the eight games before that.

His handle can be a bit loose at times and he has the tendency to dribble himself into trouble as well. His vision in the half court isn’t quite as impressive as it is in full court situations, but he still made a number of impressive passes.

Bottom Line

Abdur-Rahkman might not be the traditional Beilein wing, but he would bring a lot of things to Michigan’s backcourt that are currently lacking. He looks like a natural fit to play the two-guard spot, but down the line he could potentially slide to the three or the one. Michigan’s inability to contain dribble penetration last season was no secret and Abdur-Rahkman might be able to shore up some of those concerns – especially down the line. He’s already physically mature (he’ll turn 20 in September) which means he could be ready to play at a college level, but also that he’s been able to bully younger players at the high school level.

Caris LeVert is an early-entry candidate after this season and Michigan doesn’t have much backcourt depth in the immediate future. Abdur-Rahkman could provide an insurance policy this season and as cover for the class of 2015.

(H/T to Raw Sports for video footage)

  • kam

    Good slasher, solid passer and a guy who can defend 1-3. I’ll take that for a guy off the bench. It will help especially with spike in. Do the little things his freshman year. We dont need more shooters. People who can attack and defend will be nice. Wouldn’t mind getting him.

  • kam

    Does anyone think Doyle or Wilson get playing time if only Mitch comes back?

    • BlueRev

      One of them would likely play some and the other redshirt.
      Mitch and Donnal take nearly 60 of the 80mpg at 4-5, leaving 20.
      Candidates include Bielfelt and Chatman tho, but you like to have a 5th guy in case of foul trouble, injury, etc–even if they don’t get big minutes. No sense in having a 6th though so one gets rs.
      Wilson could use rs to beef up, Doyle to develop.
      Wilson could add shotblocking and length now, and Doyle more size.
      Even tho they are very different there is no reason to have them both available unless we redshirt Bielfelt instead and those 2 are each in top 5.

    • jkuofm27

      I think Wilson can really help with rim protection. Beilein mentioned that in an interview the other day. With the effectiveness of the offense not much defense is needed, but some solid defense and rim protection would be very helpful. If McGary is there he will help with that and him and Wilson I think would give some very good post defense and lane protection.

  • guestavo

    He’s 20?

  • jkuofm27

    Dylan, I am assuming that you went through all of that entire game footage that was out there on Youtube and spliced just the parts that included Rahkman. Thank you for that. That is beastly work.

    • Yep. Didn’t think anyone else wanted to watch a couple hours of game footage.

      • jkuofm27

        I thought about it last night, but decided against it.

  • rick dunaway

    not a big 10 player. lets pass on this kid. go hard after the overseas kid

    • guestavo

      This guy looks solid. Ukraine kid might prep next year. Still think a 5th year big might help, as well.

      • Chezaroo

        Alvin Ellis III is dead on, IMO. We desperately need depth.

    • kam

      I’ll trust the staffs opinion on whether he’s a big ten player. He looks pretty decent. Spike and caris were not supposed to be big ten players either

    • jkuofm27

      I think his handles and court vision are solid. He could be a hedge against not getting a top pg in 15′, especially if Levert goes and/or Walton blows up and goes. I would like him or Harris and assuming we have a second spot (GRIII and Stauskus) I would like a bigger guy like Shayok or Obi. Shayok seems like a perfect fit for Beilein. He is definitely a 2-4 and possibly a 1 like Levert. Obi would be interesting. Assuming BA would love to have a “true” post player to work with.

  • W3

    I’m not feeling him Dylan. I could be proven wrong in the future, but I like the potential of Dawkins quite a bit more. Longer, better shooter & *looks* more explosive. MAAR looks ok. I didn’t think anything stood out. Not very explosive off the dribble. Didn’t get by his man much, instead had to stop and take a mid range J that May or may not go down. I’m actually suprised he’s visiting. This is the first recruit in awhile I’m not a fan of. Probably a really good HS player, I don’t see how he projects against bigger/stronger players. Thanks for putting this footage together.

    Anything coming out about Marial Shayok? Really would like to land that kid

    • jblair52

      I like Shayok too but struggle seeing what need he meets for us.
      He’s a 3/4 guy…which we basically got out of Chatman and Wilson. Plus we have Irvin. In JB’s system he seems more like a 4 which we really don’t need right now from this class.

  • guestavo

    “Finkelstein also reported that U-M is observing Fork Union (Va.) Military Academy small forward Tavarius Shine”

    “Shine is a long wing that is very efficient. He runs the floor well on the break and moves well without the ball in the halfcourt offense. He has very good shot selection and makes plays with short quick straight line drives or slashes to the rim and range”

  • kam

    what are the chances we offer Marial Shayok??

    • kam

      id really like to get him


    I watched the kid since 8th grade. My family and kids attend/attended his Catholic High School. This guy is a pleasure to watch.

    The news just broke in Allentown about his visit to Michigan. The city is going nuts over this possibility.

    This guy improved every year. His shooting , his dribbling, his ability to see the game as it is and anticipate , got better each and every year.

    Every team that played against Central Catholic, game planned, to stop this guy. They were not that successful. He has never been a “me” player. he passed when necessary , dribbled to set up his shot, set picks and did everything asked of him by the staff.

    As for the 19-20 year old issue. Yes he is 19/20 in September. His father held him back a year when they lived in DC. This was done for basketball reasons and nothing else. This is a common practice , from what I have been told.

    This is a great player, but even a better person , who comes from a good family. Grades will not be an issue with Rahkman. He is an exceptional student , who is being recruited by the likes of Harvard, VCU, Richmond, Rice,Lehigh, Penn State,Pitt and a few others. He is a quiet kid , but when you get to know him, he is a great kid.

    I know I sound like his “agent” , but I only speak from experience with him over the last 4 years. If you guys get this kid, I promise, he will have a great career and represent the Wolverine tradition in a way that will make you proud.

    Here is some more info on this player.,0,2497329.story


      Mohammed is a Wolverine !!!!! You guys will love this “kid”.